Confessions evolved from a role play. Clees and Line were playing… well… you’ll read it in the introduction to Confessions, anyway. Admittingly, it doesn’t have much plot, because it’s mainly us studying the characters. Well, go ahead and meet Nature Boy (aka Heero Yuy), Mr. Nose Bleed (Wuffi-kins), Shinigami-stop-Heero-Maxwell (Duo), Star-boy (Trowa Barton), Music-shounen (Quatre) aaaaand… Mr. Dream! (Treize Khushrenada)


If you run through Confessions and The Next Morning (needs some condition, I admit), the fun part Gundam Island is awaiting you. Don't read it before! Seriously. Oh,... and careful: It's hentai... *nose bleeds*


Clees & Line
It seems to be a pause in the war, the Gundam pilots are taking a rest on a colony in a safe house.
Time for Love?


Excuse me... I didn’t split it up into parts yet. All in all it’s 60 pages (just to shock you)
I’ll make smaller chunks as soon as possible. Here#s what they’re going to be:

Part I: An Ever-Teased Wufei
Part II: Can One Release the Weight of Love?
Part III: Ponderous Interactions
Part IV: Programs, Insects and Dreams
Part V: The Power of Music
Part VI: A Mission, Two Lovers Found
Part VII: Almost Suicidal Misconceptions



The Next Morning
Clees & Line
Four Gundam Pilots found love last night... but what about the fifth?

The Next Mornings – Confessions II


Gundam Island
Clees & Line
Gundam Transmission. Hentai.

Mission 1
Mission 2


Truth Revealed - the Honesty of Friends
Clees (with some contributions by Line)
The morning after the missions, Duo eavesdrops on a conversation between Relena and Heero... Heero says he loves RELENA???






Big Fat Trukey Day

Big Fat Turkey Day


How the three couples celebrate Christmas





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