The Next Morning: Reflections of Love


((Line: Yes, my hentai-friends, we left the middle part out on purpose!!! This is a romantic story.... um.... novel. But yeah, there will be dirty stuff coming up once our friends are chilling out in their Gundams ... you’ll see.

This is, by the way, not part of the roleplay  anymore... I freakin’ did NOT wake up undressed on a naked Clees!!! I don’t long for that much character-identification.

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            Sunlight warmed the closed eyelids of the boy, urging him out of sleep.  He blinked emerald eyes before sleepily running a hand through his tousled hair.  He had had a wonderful dream.  He blushed lightly; a very detailed dream, but wonderful none the less. 

            He looked about.  It was pretty dark in the basement, but the sun’s light shone through a small window above him.  Trowa shivered, and then realized why: he was naked. 

            Something soft shifted on his chest.  The European looked down to find some messy blond hair.  Carefully, the boy gently smoothed some of the almost-curly strands back and an angelic face was revealed. 

            All of last night came flying back to him; the vows of love exchanged, the first soft kiss, and then... things spiraling out of control...  Trowa blushed.  Yes, he could feel his body’s contentment now, the strange feeling of being loved and loving in return... but it was a pleasant feeling.  He smiled down to the blond boy in his arms.

            Quatre was truly even more beautiful in his sleep.  The small boy’s pale skin was glowing in the sunlight and even in the darkness of the basement.  Trowa kissed the other pilot's forehead gently.  Yes, now that he knew the taste of that soft skin, he’d never be able to live without it.  He thirsted for it; the tastes that only intimacy can reveal. 

            Trowa marveled in silence as the sun made those pale eyelashes glitter like flecks of gold.  Quatre was too beautiful for words. 

            The taller boy slowly became aware of the smaller’s arms wrapped around his waist and his legs tangled with his.  He sighed happily; it was pure bliss being allowed so close to the Arabian.  It still amazed him that someone so special had chosen someone as empty as himself.  But he had.  And Trowa wasn’t about to turn his back on such a warm offering.  He loved Quatre with all his heart, with all his being.  For whatever ill or good the small boy wanted this ghost for, he would not turn him away. 

            Trowa felt almost full again.  Full of what?  Full of happiness, full of love, full of hope and full of another’s love; both emotional and physical representation of it.  And he was at peace.  The wandering ghost found a reason to be again, another reason than killing.  He would survive for the one who loved him.  The one who loved him...

            Trowa smiled down at the pretty Arabian and continued to hold him tightly and tenderly as he slept.  He knew someone might walk in on them at any minute, but he didn’t care; all that had ever mattered, and all that continued to matter, was in his arms.  And he would never let go.  So he didn’t wake his delicate lover, just watched his radiant face and lightly stroked a hand up and down his pale back  in a loving, comforting gesture.   


            Quatre stretched an arm as he softly returned from a peaceful sleep. He hardly moved feeling his own body intertwined with Trowa’s. He smiled to himself – it was a wonderful feeling to have the tall European so close and to lie on his chest. Here, Quatre felt safe and protected, he wasn’t alone. He kept his eyes closed. The moment was too blissful to just completely wake up.

            It was not easy to really understand all that had happened yesterday. It didn’t matter how miserable the day had seemed to be at the very beginning. What matter was the big change, the first kiss on his head and the moment he had eventually managed to confess his feelings for Trowa. Then everything seemed to have bean a dream... Trowa pulling him close to a kiss… Quatre was joyfully aware of the fact that all this was true and no dream.

            The emotion of the sparkling evening was still floating in his body, even though it was much fainter than the night before. It didn’t leave, it made room for something much greater, much stronger than that. The feeling of belonging to someone, the feeling of share love and adoration for one another.

            How had the strong and almost dark European ever ended up loving him, Quatre? Someone so different? But did that really matter right now? Could he even ask something like this when he himself didn’t know why he had fallen in love with Trowa? But whatever had made the choice, it must had had a good heart at that time because Quatre was allowed to be loved in return with the same intensity!

            Not being able to really understand what was happening in his seemingly small life, Quatre cuddled as close to Trowa as possible, shedding a single tear onto the other’s chest; a tear of joy. Quatre was so filled with relief, joy and infinite trust that he didn’t really know to express himself other than letting it float out of him. He wouldn’t move, just to hold the moment...

            Trust – it was an emotion which had always been closely connected with Trowa. And Quatre had not been mistaken, he could trust the beautiful pilot completely. And Trowa could trust him… Quatre hoped Trowa knew this and if not he would let him feel he could.

            And while all these emotions and thought like a calm and waving mist welled up and down inside him, a hand was softly caressing his naked body. He had only partly been aware of that – he was not really awake yet. Now, he felt it’s soft tingling with pleasure and concentrated on the soft touch. So Trowa was awake. And Trowa still loved and cared. This was a good feeling and Quatre let it run through him, as freely as it wanted to.

            He smiled and let his own hand, which was softly cuddling his lover’s waist, move over the warm, sweet skin to let Trowa know, he was awake as well, and still full of growing love of him

            Ai shiteru, Quatre thought by himself, but now I can say it without fearing your answer. Ai shiteru, Trowa. Quatre couldn’t help but smile.


            Trowa smiled.  The blond was awake.  Trowa leaned away a moment to grab his turtleneck from off the floor were it had been carelessly thrown in... um... the heat of the moment.  He laid it softly across the blond’s back, knowing that it was cold in the basement.  He didn’t want the precious boy to get a cold. 

            He nuzzled Quatre’s hair fondly.  “Anything you want?”  He started when a loud, annoying bird popped out of a wooden birdhouse.

            “COOO COOOOOOOO!!!!”  A digital voice followed the bird’s exit.  “Es ist dreizehn Uhr.  Haben Sie einen schönen Tag!”

            Trowa blinked before chuckling.  “That was most unexpected.  It said it’s one o’clock.  I’d love to stay here, mizu me, but the others...”  Trowa slid a hand along Quatre’s tempting side and down his hips.  “We should probably make an appearance and check if there is anything going on we should know about.  Then we can switch rooms, hopefully, and spend time alone together...”.  The European kissed the top of his koi’s head.


            Quatre looked up in two beautiful emerald eyes as Trowa was speaking to him, blinking. It took him a little to understand the sense of the words Trowa had said. He smiled and kissed the beauty’s chest. ... and started to giggle.

            “Trowa, you’re sweet,” he said and fished for the buttoned shirt on his right, “and unfortunately right,” he added with a sigh. He slid up some to nuzzle Trowa’s cheek, and then look closely into the other’s eye. “Ai shiteru...” he whispered softly and kissed the soft skin. “I can’t tell you how happy I am.”

            Then, he forced himself to roll away from Trowa and slid his arms into the pink shirt he had carelessly lost the night before, still smiling.


            Trowa sighed dramatically and picked his turtleneck up again.  It would have been so nice to take advantage of the darkness and the exquisitely nude boy beside him... But, no, they would have that night to return to darkness and affection.  And every night, from now on...

            The European smiled giddily to himself as he dressed. Whoops, he should probably take a shower... Trowa ran a hand through his messy hair and managed (after a few moments) to get it back into order.

            He smiled over to the barely visible beauty across from him.  With the stealth of a sneaking panther, he crept over before lightly tackling the blond, grabbing him from behind in long wiry arms.  He covered the pale neck with light kisses before kissing his ear.  “Ready?”


            Quatre smiled at the gentle touch and leaned back against Trowa’s chest, letting himself being kissed for a while. It was such a wonderful feeling to hide his own body in the taller one’s but at that time it was impossible to cuddle up in the way, Quatre would have liked to cuddle… He snickered a little. Unbelievable that all this had seemed so unreachable before... and unbelievable he let himself think about such things!

            “Trowa,” he said eventually, “we’re both really smelly,” and laughed.


            “Mmm... But I like the way you smell.”  He stepped around to be in front of the boy and picked him up, hooking Quatre’s separated legs around his waist and holding him with his hands clasped and hooked under the Arabian’s cute little bottom.  He smiled slightly and walked to the door, kissing the small boy lightly on the forehead.  “Besides, I don’t think any of the others will recognize it...”.


            “I don’t care about your smell, either,” he answered and swung his arms around Trowa’s shoulders, enjoying being carried. He lovingly kissed back between his talking, “but I feel like taking a shower.” He wiped one of the other’s brown bangs out of his eyes and caressed Trowa’s nose with a light kiss. He didn’t really want to let go of him.


            Trowa gently lowered him back to the ground when they reached the top of the stairs.  The two stood in silence for a long moment.  Trowa longed to just hole up in the cool, sweet darkness with the blond god and totally forget the others.  But he couldn’t; and he knew the blond couldn’t either.  So, he opened the door, kissing the Arabian chastely on the cheek.  “See you after showers.”  He smiled slightly.  “I’ll be thinking about you every minute, koibito.  Ai shiteru.”  Trowa forced himself to leave, knowing he very well might just have slammed the door shut, locked it and grabbed his lover in a passion filled embrace, but he knew that then they’d have ended up in the basement all day...  And he felt bad enough about Wufei’s condition to spare the Chinese having to look for them and then the bleeding immediately following once he found them.


The sun was shining brightly through the window of the small house, Duo remembered being stationed at. No wonder he couldn’t really see - the light was too intense to not hurt the still sleepy eyes. But he could smell and feel. And there was a scent - a most wonderful scent in his nose. Something was tickling him, almost making him sneeze, as well.

And that was the moment, when the sweet sensation returned to his brain. Could it be true, that he was smelling Heero, and that his hair was tickling Duo’s nose so carelessly? Duo sighed, unsure whether or not to try and open his eyes. This was most wonderful and most real. No, no way this could be a dream! How cruel it would be if this was a dream... He carefully reached out an unsure hand to brush - well... anything, afraid that he could eventually touch nothing but his own skin. But alas - he touched skin and it was not his own! A slight shiver ran through his body - if this was really Heero, everything would have changed!

He forced his eyes open only to be pressed back into his pillow with the very unromantic feeling of bright sunshine stinging in his eyes. Hey! He protested to the sunlight, I want to see him! I want to see it is true! While he tried to slowly adjust to the sunlight, his hands moved upwards some. A spine and a neck... and short hair right under his own chin. A breeze was coming through the window picking up the scent of the one on Duo’s breast. There was no question! It must be Heero - it was the same sweet smell. Then all of what he remembered was true. No wonder it seemed so real, then.

Duo jerked his eyes open, no matter how painful it would be and found the pain bearable since his eyes had almost adjusted to his light surroundings. Almost breathlessly he dared to look down on himself. And there he was - Heero Yuy - sleeping with an almost peaceful expression on the usually so dark and concerned face. He looked even more beautiful this way. Realizing that all this was true caused Duo’s body to increase it’s heart beat. He hoped it wouldn’t wake Heero and tried to breath without moving too much, so the Japanese could sleep soundly.

The idea of Heero sleeping seemed so unfamiliar to Duo. He could hardly remember seeing the pilot sleep - really sleep. Heero always was the last to go to sleep and the first to wake. As if he was afraid of being found sleeping in such a weak and innocent manner. However, now it seemed as if Heero trusted Duo just enough to lay down peacefully in the American’s arms and just sleep, no matter what happened to the world. Seeing that was sweet and amusing at the same time.

What did I do? Duo asked himself, looking down at the sweet curves and muscles on Heeros’s body of which the downer part disappeared under a blanket. And he was so close! But having Heero close was not painful anymore. It was wonderful - a miracle. Duo was anyway worried. If it was true that Heero had had no real idea about emotions of that kind, maybe it was wrong to do what he had done. But Heero had asked for it! Heero had asked for more and Heero had behaved as if he was comfortable with sharing all that love. And, Duo admitted to himself, he could not possibly have resisted such a sweet offer - not from Heero!

He settled these uncomfortable thoughts aside and enjoyed the closed eyelids and the dark, a little messy hair that rested on Heero’s forehead. He enjoyed seeing the muscular back that laid curved upon his own naked body - and it was better than any dream! Heero’s right arm was almost tucked under Duo and covered by the chestnut hair that was spread everywhere around him. Heero had definitely enjoyed to see it unbraided and Duo did not regret that he had to expect a long and painful procedure to bring the strands back in line.

He softly let his hand slide along the light-colored skin down the line of Heero’s spine and smiled. He longed to kiss his koibito’s forehead and hold him tight but he wouldn’t try to wake him. If Heero for once could sleep soundly and peacefully, he should profit from it as much as he could. Duo, for his part, was satisfied with just watching and slightly touching the beauty in his arms.


Heero blinked dark blue eyes slowly, sleepily.  He felt so delightfully sluggish.  It was a weird feeling, but interesting and pleasant.  Normally he woke up all at once, that is, whenever he slept.  Which was not often.

            Groggily, the boy soldier tried to take stock of his surroundings.  Whatever his head was on, it was moving and there was a beating noise coming from it.  It was also firm but soft at the same time.  Skin!

            Why would he have a pillow made of skin??  Oh, no, wait, the beating noise...

            Heero flexed his left hand slowly.  A body... yes, he was laying half-on a body. 

            Was it someone he killed?  That’d be weird...  Why would he sleep on a dead body?

            Heero took a deep breath and his eyes blinked back the strange, sleepy feeling as best they could and focused.  That smell...  He was laying on Duo.  Duo...

            He tightened his grip and wiggled up closer to the American, rubbing his cheek on the firm chest below it.  Yes, that mouth-watering smell was the baka himself.  A weird feeling in the pit of his stomach sparked as he realized he and the boy under him were both naked.  What had lead to this wonderful happening?

            Last night... yes, last night he had nearly left on a suicide mission because he loved that crazy boy, but then he found out Duo felt the same... and then he had been carried to Duo’s bed... and then... Heero blushed some.  And then he was in the most intense pleasure he’d ever felt in his short life.  Nothing could ever compare or begin to touch the sensations of what Duo showed him last night.

            Heero yawned uncontrollably.  He blinked.  He had never yawned before.  Strange. 

            But then again, his life wasn’t really considered normal to begin with.

            Heero softly kissed the chest beneath him.  There was a lovely taste.  He nuzzled the damp skin gently, curling up more around Duo’s body.  The Japanese breathed in deeply, the enticing scent of the other everywhere around him.  He felt a light touch on his back and he sat up some to look down into Duo’s face.  He yawned again, letting his eyes close.  He blinked them open and rubbed an eye sleepily.  Smiling with heart-stopping sweetness, he said simply:



            Duo smiled down on the Japanese as he woke up and watched the unique process of different emotions running through his face. Confusion, to begin with, a yawn and finally a simple but nice “good morning” from his lover’s blushed face.

            He softly placed a kiss on Heero’s blushed forehead.

            “What? Remembering last night?” he smiled, “Or why would your cheeks be so innocent and red?”


            Heero felt the intense urge to laugh and didn’t turn it away.  He laughed, carelessly and happily, for the first time in perhaps his entire life.

            “I can’t hide it, yes.  But my face is red?  Is that supposed to happen afterwards?“  He touched his face curiously before sliding up from the bed with considerable grace and looking in a small mirror on the piano.  He looked at his reflection in wonder, hoping it didn’t stay like that for long.


            Duo mercilessly laughed into Heero’s face. It was good, it felt really good, to see him so happy.

            “Nope,” he answered flatly, “you are embarrassed, koibito. - There’s no need to be, though. If the others see you like that, they’ll become pretty suspicious and ask for the reasons for your strange behavior. Then I will be blushing.”

            “ Hm.“  Heero turned and looked back to the still covered boy on the bed.  He leaned back on the old piano in one of his usual stances, watching his lover’s eyes.  After a moment, he walked back over to the bed and slid under the covers, straddling Duo’s lap.  He leaned down and kissed Duo passionately.


            Duo enjoyed the other one’s care for a while but the sun shone brightly and it told him that it was quite late. If Quatre - wherever he was - required to get into his room now, he could not refuse him. A strange image of Wufei looking through the window and getting a nosebleed popped up in his head.

            “No... no...!” he protested weakly, “We need to get up, Heero.”


            Heero looked at him blankly before kissing him again, his tongue finding Duo’s.  In between kisses, he murmured out a, “Why? I want you,“  he stated in his deep voice.  He didn’t let the braided one end the kiss, sucking lightly at the other’s tongue in a way he had found to be very effective in coaxing his lover into loving him.   


            Duo could hardly resist returning all of Heero’s love in the same, caring way but - it couldn’t be - not now. He softly pushed Heero away from him, although he regretted it as he did so. What had he done to the cute Japanese? He was more longing than Duo himself - and much more careless...!

            “The others will wonder what we’re doing and besides, this is also Quatre’s room.”

            Duo kissed Heero’s forehead before getting himself out of bed and picking up his clothes. His long hair fell around his shoulders - in knots and slopes. He expected a lot of fun tearing these apart... Maybe, after all, he shouldn’t have let Heero open the braid.


            Heero fell back to the bed with a thump and watched Duo.  He was disappointed and wondered for a moment whether Duo just didn’t want to make love to him anymore.  The soldier didn’t understand.  The boy shook the normally messy black hair out of his eyes and watched Duo dress.  He regretted losing the lovely sight of a naked Duo to black cloth, but the more he thought about it, it did make sense. 

            Heero picked up his clothes and put them on in less than a minute and was tying his shoelaces when he looked up to see Duo just picking up his shirt.  He couldn’t resist a slight twitch in the corner of his mouth.  The boy finished tying up his shoes and grabbed a brush.  Once Duo had slipped the shirt over his head, Heero gently pulled the long strands out from under the shirt and began carefully, but effectively, brushing out the knots.  Heero loved the long, shiny chestnut hair.  It was just as soft as it looked; a real treasure.  He brushed, taking any excuse he could to just get his hands on it.  And he finished in record time; he was the Perfect Soldier.  Of course he was effective and fast, ne?

            He snatched up a rubber-band and braided the hair quickly and tightly - how he knew Duo always had it.


            Quatre let his lover walk away, trying hard not to hold him back and pull him inside the bathroom. Unfortunately, he let reason win over emotion and crossed the corridor to his and Duo’s room.

            Duo will be suspicious about me being away all night… How am I going to explain?

            He gently laid his hand down on the knob, took a deep breath and... found the door locked. Nani? Why would Duo lock him out of his own room?

            “Duo?” he whispered, wondering whether he was still sleeping... Maybe he was just changing right now. Quatre shrugged and waited.


            Trowa looked out the window.  No, Heero wasn’t on the balcony... Oh well, Heero could take care of himself.  The tall European picked up the clean set of clothes he had gotten out and went into the bathroom recently discovered upstairs.  He forced himself under the shower’s water, a bit reluctant to wash away the proof of their love, but he knew it was necessary.  He showered quickly and dried off.  Dressing, his mind was completely gone on Quatre.  He still couldn’t get his lover’s perfect form out of his head.  


            Duo closed his eyes while Heero brushed his hair. It was unbelievable how careful he went to work and how effective. Duo would have yanked on the strands for a long time but Heero seemed to run through them as easily as he could take off his clothes.

            When he felt the moving stop, he opened his eyes to find himself in front of the mirror with a tight braid and the rubber band in his hair. It was over already? How disappointing. He wouldn’t have mind Heero to brush his hair for the next three hours - well, he probably wouldn’t have resisted kissing him that long.

            Resistance... This would be a long day, Duo was sure of that. And he wondered how he was supposed to act towards the others. Should they know or shouldn’t they? What would Heero want?

            “Arigatou,“ he said and thanked the Japanese with a kiss as someone pushed down the latch of the door.

            “Um... coming, Quatre.”


            Heero nodded, slipping back into his I’m-going-to-kick-everyone’s-ass-and-you’re-gonna-deal-with-it-mode.  It was easier for him than being himself, which he was slowly discovering when he was with Duo.  The emptiness inside him was starting to fill, but he was not exactly sure how and what would become of it.  But as long as Duo would stay by his side, he knew it wouldn’t have to be a painful experience.

            The Japanese sat down at the computer and began checking the mail.  He grunted when he saw the one Duo had sent, but didn’t make any other noise than that.  He resisted the urge to kiss the braided one for his concern in taking such action.  Instead, he checked the new mail and found no new emails from the scientists.  Apparently they hadn’t looked at their mail yet. 


            Duo unlocked the door, smiling. “Hello, Quatre!!!” he said happily, almost ready to hug the innocent, blond Arabian. Quatre threw him a startled look and wondered whether Duo was alright. But then, after all, Duo was naturally strange.

            Quatre passed Duo quickly picking up some clothing from the board. He noticed Heero on the computer, checking his mail. He was glad none of them asked where he had been. Before leaving, he absent-mindedly opened a window - the room was sticky and warm. Finally, he locked himself in the bathroom, undressed and showered. It was a pity to wash anything off that still had bit of Trowa on it, but he had to get rid of all the sweat, and really needed to wash that greasy blond hair.

            His mind set on his koibito, Quatre cleaned and washed himself, not noticing that the time he spent under the shower was quite long... ((Line: This was not meant hentai! He just lost track of time, all lost in his thoughts))


            “Will you get out of there someday?” Duo called through the bathroom, assuming, Wufei took an extra-long shower to tease him. He heard the water stop running.

            “Sorry, Duo, I’ll be out in a minute!” Quatre’s voice came from inside.

            “Okay. Tell me, then. And don’t let anyone else inside!!!”

            So it was not Wufei? It was almost two o’clock by now... where was Wufei, actually? And he hadn’t see Trowa, either.


            Trowa came almost bouncing down the stairs, a slight smile on his lips.  He stopped at the end of the stairs and stretched his arms over his head, a bit sore from sleeping on the cement floor, but he was pleased by this.  He had mostly served as his lover’s pillow and cushion when he finally fell asleep, and so he could safely assume only he got the cramps from the hard floor.  He yawned lightly, covering his mouth politely with a hand before blushing a faint pink.

            Duo was in the hall, next to the bathroom and looking at him with a single, questioning eyebrow raised.  Trowa smiled a little half-smile at him and earned an even more confused look.  He silently nodded his chin upwards and headed for the kitchen, intent on making some breakfast er.... late lunch type-meal.


            Heero stood up and casually looked down at the bed.  Well, there were some fresh and rather nice memories.  He ran a hand through his normally messy hair and glanced about.  He’d hate to leave such a wonderful setting, but he had to.  It was all so sudden and strange...

            In one night, the ache and confusion he had been suffering under for many months ended and new feelings were found.  Happiness, completion and even for that brief night, Heero was relieved of the pressures of having to be a robotical and Perfect Soldier. 

            Heero smiled his rare smile, the one he now reserved for Duo alone. 




            Wufei blinked his black eyes open.  He breathed in deeply.  He had had a most strange dream.

            The pilot ran a hand through his disheveled hair and swallowed an impending yawn.  Weird, his hair was out of it’s usual ponytail.  It must have snapped off during his sleep.  He glanced about, coming back to consciousness quickly.  He tended to be a light sleeper, as all strong warriors should be.  But something was amiss...

            Wufei normally slept in night garments; baggy, white drawstring pants and a short-sleeved, white shirt.  This was the style he had grown up with, and had continued to keep as a sort of remembrance to his home colony.  But now he had awoken to find his garments on the floor below.  The room he had chosen had a single bunk-bed, and were only large enough for one person in each bed to comfortably stretch out on.  He had slept on the top, and as he blinked down at his discarded clothing, he couldn’t think of a single reason for them being not on him.

            And wait... that smell...  It was the smell from his dream.  Wufei’s brow furrowed in confusion.  Everything was set up like it was in his dream... 

            Cautiously, Wufei spread out his arms and legs, seeking something, anything.  But no, he was alone.  The Chinese pilot rolled onto his back and hugged himself.  He tried to pretend it was those other arms around him and not his own.  But that was foolish and for the weak-hearted....

            But he couldn’t help it.  His dream was so... so strange, but he longed for it to be real.  Wufei was at odds with himself; how could he have possibly wanted to be with his sworn rival and enemy?  He recognized his enemy to be strong, cunning, worthy of his time and extremely attractive.  But to dream of him...?  And in such a manner...

            Wufei shivered.  Part of him wanted this dream to be true, and the other part of him loathed the idea.  Now was not a time to be weak...  He would kill his enemy for the unjust actions he had done, he would pay.  But how could he kill him when that other part of him wanted to forgive him and just start over?  To find love in this brutal war would be surely a miraculous thing.  Wufei’s heart throbbed painfully.  And what about finding love in the one your fighting war against??

            Where was the honor in that?

            In the end, the pilot could not deny his dismay at finding his bed empty, to find that the dream had been simply that; a dream.

            He sighed and hoisted himself up, sitting with his bare legs dangling from the top of the bunk.  The smell in his dream was everywhere, at least he believed he imagined it to be.  In his dreams, his forbidden and hated rival was his salvation from being consumed in hate; his lover and comforter.  He jumped to the floor, giving one last look at the empty, warm bed. 

            Oh Treize, my body acts as if there was more to this strange dream, but my mind tells me there is nothing.  But I long to tell my mind it is wrong...

            Sighing in sorrow, the boy went about getting dressed.    


            Quatre let Duo take the shower for himself, bouncing out of the bathroom and piling up the dirty clothing in a suitcase. He now wore a light green shirt instead of his favorite pink one and beige pants. He smiled out of the window, still in remembrance of Trowa and what had happened the night before. Sure, sleeping on the stony ground was not one of his favorite pastimes, but he had had the loveliest pillow of all.

            Quatre couldn’t resist the urge to go and look where his lover was by now, and sauntered through the corridor, following the clattering noises from the kitchen. He poked his head through the door and smiled.

            “Trowa.” He narrowed his eyes in a full-face grin and stretched out a lovingly waving hand.


            Trowa looked up at the name and smiled some.  It was the cute little Arabian himself.  “Mizu me.” The tall boy crouched and sought out the pan that was evading him.  “Are the other’s upset about us being asleep so long?”

            Finding the elusive pan, he took it out and stood back up.  He set it on the burner and turned to the slices of cheese and bread awaiting him.


            Quatre entered the kitchen, intending to distract the handsome European from making food. He swung his arms around his hips from behind, cuddling close to him, placing his cheek on a warm back, smelling the freshness of a recently cleaned body.

            ”I don’t know, it almost seems as if they had slept as much as we did. Duo was just getting into the bathroom to shower and Heero checked his mail. I didn’t see Wufei at all. Hope he isn’t angry – still.”


            “True.  Hmm, probably not.  Wufei tends to hold grudges...  I wonder though, why would they sleep so late?  I thought there was almost a contest between Wufei and Heero to see who could wake up the earliest.”  Trowa deadpanned, extremely distracted by the sly Quatre.  He leaned a little back into the smaller boy’s arms, his own hands intertwining with the blond’s.  “I was going to make grilled cheese sandwiches for everyone, but I’m afraid you’re going to make it difficult to concentrate, hmm?”


            Quatre smiled some, rubbing his cheek on Trowa’s soft shirt with closed eyes. “That’s what I intended to do,” he admitted, but then he pulled back from him, letting his own arms sliding out from under Trowa’s. “I just wonder what the others will think if they find us like this…” He walked next to his emerald-eyed koi on the counter to cut of the edges of the cheese. “Let me at least help you with this.”


            “I cannot deny you anything, even though I’d rather you didn’t do any work.”  Trowa smiled slightly and poured some cooking oil into the pan, and turned the burner on.  He turned back to the contents on the countertop and began spreading butter on them.



            A set of cold eyes watched a careful distance away through binoculars.  Under the eyes’ scrutiny, a Chinese boy buttoned up the front of his same ethnic-styled, white shirt.  The boy then brushed his fingers through liquid black hair, pulling it all back into a tight, little and neat ponytail at the nape of his neck.  The Asian sighed and looked out the window a moment before regaining his proud composure.  He closed his eyes and touched the top bunk in his room before shaking his head and leaving the room.

            “Yes, my little dragon, if it is easier for you to accept things if you believe they are only dreams.  But I know it is real, and every moment I steal to be with you, I cherish.”

            “Commander Khushrenada?”

            Treize sighed before answering the voice.  “Yes, Lady Une?”

            “You should not venture out on your own, sir, without letting someone know and escort you.  We would never be able to afford your demise.”

            “I am aware of that Une.  But, sometimes...” the leader of OZ looked back to the now empty room he had stayed the night in, “...sometimes the needs of the heart are more important than logic.”


            “Never mind.  I’m returning now.  And don’t worry Une, I know how to fight in an MS.  I am not a weakling commander.”

            “Yes sir, we await your return.”


Part II             


            Duo stepped out of the bathroom, stretching and yawning, his dried hair falling down his shoulders and his back. Such a pity, Heero had braided it all for nothing, but if his hair needed a wash, it needed a wash – no matter what. At least he hadn’t had any difficulties brushing it, not after Heero had rid him so carefully of all the knots. He let placed himself in front of a long mirror and let his hands separate three strands – the usual routine.

            But what if....? Another thought popped up in his mind. Duo raised an eyebrow and decided to let his hair stay the way it was, just to see a few reactions on it; especially Heero’s. The Japanese was nowhere to be seen, and even though it ached Duo to run right into his arms, he forced himself to accept the Japanese’s privacy if he wanted some. The only place to go, then – so his stomach told him – was the kitchen.

            He found Quatre and Trowa preparing something to eat, and hoped instantly they weren’t only thinking about themselves while doing this. He sniffed cheese and bread in the air.

            “Hey, that smells good, can I have some of that?!” he asked cheerfully.

            Quatre hadn’t noticed Duo entering and was happy he had only silently prepared the cheese standing next to Trowa – not, of course, without sending a loving glance every now and then at the beautiful shape next to him.

            “Sure,...” he replied absent minded, “but only if you... Duo?!” Quatre had just turned around to see Duo standing in the door, his chestnut brown hair covering most of his black shirt. He couldn’t remember having seen Duo without braided hair, not even before he went to sleep.

            “What?!” the American replied, as if everything was perfectly right, but secretly he enjoyed Quatre’s startled reaction; it amused him.

            Trowa looked over at Duo upon hearing his lover’s exclamation and nearly dropped the bread he was painting with buttery goodness.  Instead, he calmly and softly decided to ask him.

            “Duo, your hair is down,” he stated, raising an eyebrow slightly.



            Wufei bumped into Heero in the corridor.  Literally.  He looked up from the floor and quickly put his normal scowl in place.

            “What’s going on?”

            The stoic pilot just looked back at the grumpy Chinese.  “Waiting.”

            The black-haired pilot nodded.  “Think we’ll be getting a mission soon then.  Hm, good.”

            Heero looked questioningly at him, but kept his observations to himself.  He saw something different in Wufei this morning.  He couldn’t place it, but there was definitely something.  It was odd; he had seen this difference a couple of times before.  The other boy would seem flushed, a bit more on edge than usual and almost dreamy at the same time.  His posture was a bit more relaxed than normal and whatever weight that was on those proud shoulders slumped a little heavier.

            Heero didn’t comment as Wufei stalked past for the kitchen.  It wasn’t his place to question, nor was it any of his business.  It was on these strange mornings he respected Wufei even more and remembered there was much more to this pilot than there seemed.

            His stomach growled and told him that while Duo was quite delicious, he wasn’t considered substantial food.  So the Perfect Soldier followed his grumpy teammate to the kitchen.


            “And?” Duo asked, and started chopping some of the bacon that he found next to Quatre’s cheese. He stuffed a piece of it in his mouth, secretly pleased with himself. It was easy to startle these pilots, and quite funny, too.

            Quatre watched Duo with suspicion. What had happened to him? He used to be so protective to not let anyone see the braid open, and all of a sudden he intended to display it to all of them? Quatre had to admit, that the freshly washed and silky hair looked quite nice on Duo, even though it took a while to get used to it. Was it just the prank of the moment, Duo was displaying here, or would he wear his hair like that in future, too? It was not really very practical.

            Duo felt Quatre’s gaze upon him. The Arabian was standing there, open-mouthed. Duo had a hard time to behave normal. He tried not to grin – or worse – burst out laughing. It worked so far.



            “What’s that-Duo!?” Wufei raised his eyebrows in surprise.  “You look like an onna.” He snorted before taking out some plates and glasses.  He left a moment later to set the table, and ignore the others.

            Heero entered a moment later.  His expression didn’t visibly change when his dark eyes fell upon Duo, but there was a slight quirk of the corner of his mouth.  Trowa nor Quatre would be able to notice, but he knew it was enough to let his lover know he was surprised and pleased.

            The stoic boy went over to Duo and hugged him from behind, burying his face in those silky strands.

            Trowa, being the ever calm person he is, just quirked an eyebrow before smiling slightly to himself.  Looks like him and Quatre weren’t the only ones to find love.  He continued cooking the grilled cheese, flopping a finished sandwich on to a ready-standing plate.  He was just secretly glad that Wufei had left the room and was too involved in his own world to take notice of this.  Trowa wasn’t looking forward to having to clean up any blood today...


            “Uh... Heero?!” Duo gasped in shock. He hadn’t expected the sweet boy to take such action in front of others. He definitely enjoyed it thought and smiled, letting himself be hugged. He let go of the knife and the bacon and brushed his fingers over the soft skin on Heero’s arms.

            Quatre was even more surprised by seeing this. He had had no idea of either Duo nor Heero’s feelings for one another. He decided to be happy for them. So, if this was the case, and the grumpy pilot named Wufei, who certainly would not appreciate such lovely news this morning (or afternoon), was anyway outside...

            Well, then, we’re happy, too, he thought and grabbed Trowa’s cute hips, forcing him to turn around, so they could face each other and their eyes could meet. He couldn’t stand that beautiful gaze for long and instantly cuddled the other pilot, kissing his chin, and giggling slightly.


            Trowa smiled slightly, and kissed the top of the blond’s head.  “Mizu me, though I’d love to let you distract me from the food, it’d be unwise to leave flammable things unattended on the burner...”.  Despite his soft words, the pilot didn’t disengage himself from his small partner.

            “Hn.” was all Heero’s reply.  He kissed Duo’s neck gently before stepping back to retrieve something to drink from the fridge.  Taking out some bottles of stuff with German all over it, he opened their lids and sniffed.

            “Mineral water and apple juice,” Trowa supplied.

            “Hn.”  Heero nodded in approval, then paused only a moment to register Trowa and Quatre were a couple now as well.  Smiling inwardly to himself, he joined the Chinese boy in the dining room.

            Trowa smiled slightly over at Duo.  “Is it safe to assume you woke up as late as we did?”

            Duo grinned knowingly. “Yes, we did. And as far as I see it, even for the same reason. I am happy it worked out like this, even though you both did not believe the good and wise Master Duo.”          He made a serious face, only to burst out laughing right after that, and brushing his hair behind his ear before it could fall onto the bacon.

            “Oh, sorry Duo. I should’ve listened to you. It would have spared us both a lot of pain,” Quatre replied, giving his koibito a last kiss before disengaging himself. “Heero’s wise, though. I should go to the dining room, before the food will burn. We can’t really work in the same room, Trowa.” He winked nicely and followed Heero out of the kitchen.

            Duo watched after Quatre. The boy was really a cute one, no wonder Trowa liked him so much. And Quatre’s choice didn’t seem less intense. Trowa indeed was an adorable character, so the only thing left to do for Duo was to be happy for them. And as the Arabian had left he sent a slight glare at Trowa.

            “How come...?” he simply asked.

            Trowa shrugged, letting the glare slide off him.  “Our own business Duo.”  He sent a slightly sardonic, but otherwise expressionless look at Duo.  “It couldn’t have been any easier for you and Heero.”  He flipped over the sandwich in the pan, sighing inwardly.  Well, he resigned himself, I’ll take this one.  Who knows, maybe he liked some things burnt beyond recognition after all.

            “No, it wasn’t. I’ll keep it to myself for a change, though.” Nobody needed to know about Heero’s intended suicide mission and whatever happened afterwards. He brushed another strand behind his back to keep it off of the food. He would never be able to keep his hair open, it would always be in the way. At least Heero could enjoy the full sight of it in the evening.

            “Mind if we switch rooms, though?” he asked, smirking.

            “Not in the least.  Actually, I must confess, I had forgotten to ask you the same.  I’m pleasantly surprised to see that there shouldn’t be any complaints from you or Heero’s part.”  Trowa flopped the finished sandwich onto the plate and started another.

            Wufei stalked in a moment later, and picked up the salt and pepper.  He left in almost the exact same moment.  Trowa glanced over at Duo before turning his eyes back over to the sandwich.  “Is it just me, or does Wufei seem different today?  He didn’t lecture us on our sleeping in, so he must have just gotten up as well.  Strange... don’t you think?” the observant pilot flipped the sandwich over, careful to not burn himself with the frying oil.

            Duo shrugged. “Dunno. Maybe he picked up what was going yesterday,...” he displayed his patent smirk again. “Nooooo... he can’t. I don’t think we’ll find out, though.” He grinned slightly, Heero popping back into his mind, and chopped ... the skin on his finger.

            “Damnit! Stupid Japanese...”, he closed the kitchen door to open the first-aid box, holding his finger to his mouth and tasting blood.


            Meanwhile, Quatre was setting out the plates and searched for something to put the hot pan on, roaming through the cupboards. “I am sure I have-” he couldn’t finish the sentence – it ended in a loud and hearty sneeze. “Oh, no...” He fished for a tissue in his pocket and blew his nose. The last thing he needed right now was a cold. “I’ll... make some tea,” he said, resigned.


            Trowa smiled slightly.  He finished the sandwich and started another.  Hmm... he was curious though.  He, like Heero, had observed strange behavior in Wufei on certain mornings.  Though it worried him, Trowa knew better than to try to talk with him.  Trowa wasn’t big on self-preservation, but he wasn’t that eager to get brutally killed.

            He glanced up when Quatre entered.  “Hey mizu me.”


            Heero and Wufei finished setting the table and sat across from each other, and took up glaring at the other to avoid boredom.

            “You were faint yesterday.  Better?”

            “Fine.  When do you think we’ll get assigned a mission?”



            “Hn.”  An then the glaring contest resumed.


Quatre looked up at Trowa, still having some tears in his eyes, which had come with the sneezing. “Hi...” he started and just had time to grab the tissue again and hold it in front of his mouth before he sneezed again. “... Trowa....”, he finished the sentence. He silently poured some water in the boiler and switched it on. He growled slightly… resting on the floor had maybe not been the best idea of the year.

Duo had eventually fumbled a band-aid out of the little box and tried to put it on his finger with one hand. “What do you think about Wufei’s latest behavior, Quatre?” he said, one side of the band-aid between his teeth.

“Hm,” Quatre said, sniffing a little, “he has been like this from time to time lately. I wonder what’s wrong.” He held his breath, waiting for the next sneeze to come but it didn’t, and so he packed the tissue away, swearing silently.


“You noticed it too.” Trowa stated quietly, flipping the sandwich over.  “I don’t think he’d do anything more than try to do bodily harm to whoever tries to talk with him about it.”  He was silent a moment.  “Do you think it has anything to do with Treize?”  He looked over at Quatre as he sneezed.  “Oh...  Anything I can do to help?”


            “No, thanks...a... lot...!” Quatre said, preventing another sneeze. “The floor might have been too cold... Treize?” he asked, measuring the tea-leaves in a net. “What makes you think so?”

            “Well, as often as Wufei is babbling about Treize, not to mention their numerous fights...” Duo answered, finally having managed to stick the band-aid to his finger. “It’s very well possible that something’s going on we don’t know.”

            Quatre thought for a moment, he even stopped making tea. Yes, true. Wufei used to behave strange when Treize’s name was mentioned. It was very well possible that this didn’t only come from complete hate against this enemy. And there was no question at all, whether Trieze found Wufei attractive. If not, Wufei would have been long dead by now…

            “You might actually be right,” he concluded loudly and ... sneezed.


            “Hmm...” Trowa flopped the sandwich out and put the last one in.  Then, perhaps something had happened last night when the other’s were... urm... occupied.  “I can’t help but wonder... if we are correct, what must it be doing to Wufei?”  They all knew the Chinese had only his pride and honor to hang onto, with his home colony destroyed.  But how much of those two simple things were being compromised due to any involvement with Treize?  Especially if it turned out to be the romantic kind...  The European softly remarked, “I have even more respect for him now...”.

            The voice of the topic yelled loudly from the dining room.  “Is the food ready yet?”


            Duo took some of the food and left the kitchen. Carrying some of the food outside was a good excuse to get back to Heero. “I’d be interested to watch it a little,” he said while leaving, motioning to the dining room, where the voice had come from.

            “Pretty smart, Trowa,” Quatre said finally, “you might be right… As far as I know him, he would be pretty upset with himself to notice that he finds him so attractive.” He sneezed again. “Damn, I can’t get sick. I want to be fit tonight.” He winked. “I’ll come to eat when the tea’s ready, okay?”


            Duo smiled friendly at Heero, trying to break the staring contest with his open-haired presence, slowly setting the food on the table between Heero and Wufei, his hair sliding down his back as he bent down. Duo used one hand to put it back where it came from, smiling some as he plopped down onto a seat, brushing some crumbs off his black priest-outfit. Smirking, he took his hat, which had been dangling on his side till then, and placed it on his head, covering his purple eyes in shadows.

            Heero’s attention was successfully diverted from Wufei to Duo.  He openly stared at Duo when he sat down and flopped his hat on.  But his stomach soon noticed that there was food now close at hand, and he retrieved one of the sandwiches and began eating it, his blue eyes focusing on the plate and sandwich under his nose.

                        Trowa, meanwhile, nodded to Quatre.  He was concerned, but the blond was more than able to take care of himself.  So, he forced himself to turn and leave.  He sat down at the table next to the seat usually taken by Duo.  He fished out the burned-to-a-crisp one and started eating it stoically.  He gave up after about three more big bites, discovering that no, he did not like grilled cheese in that manner.


            Wufei, as soon as Heero looked away, looked down at his plate sullenly.  The European diagonal of him noticed.  Normally, Wufei would have a little smirk at the small triumph, and proudly seized one of the sandwiches for himself.  But the boy was just gazing downwards.  After a moment, Wufei looked up, placed his chin in his palm and leaned an elbow on the table.  He looked out a nearby window dreamily, lost in his own thoughts.

            Trowa’s eyes narrowed slightly.  He was worried about the boy.  Wufei wasn’t one to moodswing, but lately...  Something was going on.  But Trowa would his observations to himself and not ask Wufei about them.  It was his business; if the boy didn’t want to talk with anyone about it, then there was nothing to talk about.  Trowa knew very well how important privacy can be, and everyone has secrets they would rather not speak aloud.  Whatever it was hung heavy on Wufei’s soul, and if he didn’t want help, then that’s his choice to make.

            Heero noticed Trowa’s minute facial movement and followed his un-obvious gaze.  Hn, so Trowa noticed it too.  Well, that’s no big surprise.  If anyone would notice ANYTHING, subtle or tiny, it would be Trowa.  The pilot’s instincts were amazing.  Heero focused his sight on the usually grumpy pilot across from him and watched.  He was curious, but like Trowa, he would not approach or breach Wufei’s privacy to find out what it was.


            Duo noticed the general attention was drawn to Wufei and watched from the corner of his eye. He was very well aware of Wu-man’s latest changes. None of them was stupid enough to overlook this, except maybe Wufei who didn’t seem to notice that he was behaving differently. Duo grabbed a sandwich, focusing on Heero, now, waiting for the other’s eye to contact his, so he was able to throw a questioning look at him.

            The silent chewing on the table was only broken by Quatre’s light sneeze as he entered the door and almost dropped his tea. “Excuse me...” he said lightly, setting down the teacup and digging for his tissue again. He sat down next to Trowa. He didn’t feel hungry at all and only warmed his hands on the hot teacup, waiting for it to become cool enough to drink some.


Trowa smiled to the blond.  “Would you like one?” he asked softly, referring to the sandwiches.

Heero glanced over at Duo and noticed his silent question.  Heero glanced back at Wufei.  The boy was turned a little to face the window and was avidly staring out, a wistful expression on his face.  One hand, the one his chin wasn’t occupying, was drumming it’s fingers gently on the tabletop.  Heero looked back to Duo and shrugged slightly.  He finished his sandwich and picked up another.  He eyed the mountainous pile of sandwiches.  Looks like they’ll all be here a while to finish all of them off.  Usually it was all out war to get something, since Wufei and Duo had the biggest appetites out of the five.  But with Wufei’s mind obliviously occupying another galaxy, Heero doubted even Duo could eat enough to get rid of all these sandwiches.


Quatre needed a while to pick up Trowa’s question and looked at the sandwiches and then down into his teacup. “No, thank you, Trowa,” he answered quietly, feeling uncomfortable on the silent table, when everybody was watching and thinking about Wufei. “I don’t feel hungry,” he added, to break that damned silence, but the timid words just seemed to echo away. He took a sip from the hot tea, his elbows resting on the table in a very non-aristocratic manner. He didn’t care. He felt sick and that was the last thing he wanted to be right now.

Duo grabbed for another sandwich, hiding himself behind long hair, bangs and hat, silently watching Wufei. He had very well picked up Heero’s reaction, which was no help at all. Duo wondered whether he should even be curious about Wufei’s problems... But then, how could he help it? The Chinese wasn’t only not eating, his eyes fixed on something out of space, he was practically absent. Nobody seemed to have an acceptable clue what had happened to Wufei. Duo couldn’t come up with anything better than Trowa’s Kushrenada-story either. But hell, if his own little Duo-world was only focused on love, just like Trowa’s, Quatre’s and Heero’s, not necessarily all the world had to deal with the same problem; at least not Wufei. The sweetest problem of all, by the way, he let himself know. And even if… maybe something, the house, the garden, or anything else reminded poor Wufei of Meiran, his deceased wife, and that was all. Still he couldn’t help watching the Chinese curiously, his eyes properly hidden in the shadow of his hat.

Trowa nodded to Quatre’s answers.  The quiet conversation stopped after that, neither of the pair encouraging it.  Trowa knew Wufei better than the others.  He knew the Chinese trusted him a bit more than the others.  His ability to just remain silent and not pressure anyone into speaking, just being comforting without questions, had drawn the unhappy pilot into a deeper friendship than he had with the others.  They had shared secrets, shared pain and deep-rooted unhappiness all without admission, just being together when they had shared rooms.  It was a strange relationship that the other pilots had no idea about, and neither were quick to make it known.  Wufei’s unsettlement was disturbing to the European.  But there was nothing he could do for Wufei now, with the others around or not.  He, like Heero, knew there is more to Wufei than the simple surface the other two pilots see, to just see. 

Making up his mind, Trowa leaned forward and gently tapped Wufei’s arm.  The Chinese blinked and looked at Trowa with hurt and mild surprise in his dark eyes.  But his control dropped over and only the surprise that a touch brought remained.  Trowa sighed inwardly; he hated seeing Wufei seemingly so vulnerable.  But instead of voicing his concern, his simply said, “Food’s ready.  Help yourself.”

Wufei eyes locked on Trowa’s for a long moment before looking away and nodding.  Numbly, he picked up a sandwich and politely cut it into pieces, eating it quietly with the utensils he had set out.

Heero watched the exchange silently before looking back to Duo.  He decided to divert attention off the weird-acting Wufei for a moment.  Duo was obviously getting a bit down due to Wufei’s odd behavior.  Heero hated seeing Duo unhappy, even if it was only slight.  So, he casually licked his lips, but only to Duo was it visible the mischievous twinkle in his eyes that accompanied it. 


Quatre was quite surprised by Trowa’s act and even more surprised by the Chinese’s strange reaction. He knew, if anyone could help Wufei, it would be Trowa. Having watched Trowa quite some time, Quatre had learned in hints, that Trowa was – of all the other pilots – the closest one to Wufei. And he himself knew the strange feeling of trust, always catching him, when he was close to Trowa. Wufei had obviously partly snapped out of his contemplative world – at least he was eating. Quatre laid a reassuring hand on Trowa’s knee. If Trowa kept approaching Wufei slowly, he might be able to get through to him.


Duo’s eyes were still fixed on Wufei. Yes, after all, he had to admit, that he was worried about his fellow pilot. His purple eyes were dark, picking up any hint coming from Wufei. He couldn’t make much of Wufei’s silent chewing, though. Maybe he should just leave the psyche-work to others, he personally sucked at it. He turned his eyes away from Wufei, automatically letting it wander over to Heero catching a glimpse of licking lips and twinkling eyes only Heero could display. Duo stuck his tongue out of the shadows at Heero in a silent gesture and grabbed for another sandwich.        


            Trowa looked over at Quatre at the touch, and smiled slightly.  He hoped the tea would the little blond feel better.  He felt a little guilty; if he had had his wits last night, he would have thought to go somewhere else, somewhere where they wouldn’t be in such a cold climate.  But, um, it didn’t seem so cold at the time...

            Trowa blushed at his inward thoughts and looked down at his plate.  Well, he had started the black sandwich, he might as well finish it.  Sighing audibly, he picked it back up and began eating again.  He took big drinks from his cup after each bite, seeking to get rid of the taste in his mouth.

            Heero, however, was still hell-bent on distracting Duo.  Or at least, making him regret turning Heero’s, urm, offering earlier.  He leaned out at the exact same moment and let his fingers brush Duo’s before taking another sandwich himself.  He then proceeded to lick the buttery residue from the grilled cheese off of his fingers, glancing occasionally at his lover in a most insinuating way.

            Wufei, oblivious to Trowa’s brave attempt to rid them all of the burnt-to-a-crisp sandwich and Heero’s antics, just slowly ate the sandwich.  Soon though, his stomach relieved him of some thought, and he picked up another to begin eating.  


            Quatre threw a concerned look at Trowa as he sighed and softly caressed the lovely knee, practically feeling Trowa’s concern. He drank some more tea with the other hand, feeling the liquid helpfully warming him from the inside. He felt cold, anyway, as if the room hadn’t been properly heated, but he was pretty sure that it was due to the upcoming cold. He gently hugged his shoulder in reflex with his free hand to keep it warm. He knew it would not help much, though. He hated days like these, it was nothing compared to the sparkling and beautiful night, which just had passed. He longed to lean against Trowa and allow himself to remember it all. If he did, though, he would sit here blushing the entire time. He could pretend this was part of the cold, but Trowa would know better and start blushing himself. Quatre smirked at the idea, and hid the smile behind his teacup.

            Duo felt as if a bolt of lighting had just hit his hand as Heero brushed it – purposely, he was sure of that! He closed his eyes to prevent a gasp, and secretly scolded himself. How could he still react like that, when he knew that Heero was won, and there was no need to upset himself anymore…? There shouldn’t be that longing anymore, that electrification he knew so well, because he could caress and kiss Heero every night from now on. And still he felt as if he had just fallen in love and hoped his feelings would be returned. Damn Japanese! He was purposely messing with his mind!


            Trowa finally managed to down the hideous tasting accident-of-a-sandwich and poured himself a nice, big glass of mineral water.  He gulped the contents quickly, hoping it would get rid of the nasty after-taste.  He sighed again; nope, he was stuck with it.  Well, he tried to comfort himself with the thought that at least he had saved a fellow teammate the yucky taste.  He smiled slightly as he felt Quatre’s hand lingering on his knee.  That brought back memories...  He blushed ever-so-faintly and subtly slipped a hand under the table to covered Quatre’s hand with one of his own.  He smiled slightly to his blond lover and reached out to pick up a normal sandwich.  He figured maybe one of those would rid him of the taste.

            Heero grinned inwardly when Duo fought off a gasp and squeezed his eyes shut.  Oh, yes, he would make Duo nuts to payback for turning him down when they woke up.  He didn’t have a malevolent feeling behind this purpose, but instead the exciting feeling of being able to be desired by your lover.  And, he had to admit, he enjoyed teasing Duo a little; it was close as he could get in front of the others to the actual act he was ‘kind of’ implying.  So he continued sucking on his fingers, switching to the other hand. 


            Duo reached out for another sandwich and pulled his legs up on the chair, hiding behind them, as well as his hat, as he blushed gently. What the hell was Heero trying to do?! He chewed on his sandwich, pretending not to see Heero at all, while in reality, he watched every movements from shadowed purple eyes.

            Quatre enjoyed feeling Trowa’s hand on his, letting him know that he had been noticed by his koibito. He told himself that he couldn’t allow himself to get sick and watched the tea resting in the teacup in his hand. He took a sip from it and almost spit it all right out again as he sneezed. Just in time he could set down the cup and cover his sneeze – very non-aristocratic -  with his sleeve. Unfortunately the violent sneeze caused him to wince and he sent the cup flying across the table, spilling the rest of his tea.

            “E-e-excuse me,” he stuttered, surprised by what had happened. When he had caught himself again, he sighed and decided to better get up to get something to wipe up the mess he had just produced. 


            Heero, despite appearances, knew full well that Duo’s eyes were still on him.  He finished “cleaning” his fingers just as Quatre accidentally sent his teacup flying.  His hand snatched out and grabbed the cup before it rolled past and onto the floor.  Silently, he handed it to Trowa and went back to teasing Duo.  His blue eyes focused on some soda still on the rim of his cup.  Fighting back an evil smirk, he pulled his cup closer and licked the rim of the cup slowly.

            Trowa stood up before his lover could and placed a hand on his shoulder.  “Just stay here.  I’ll take care of it.”  He smiled lovingly to him, giving his shoulder a gentle squeeze before going into the kitchen to get a dishrag to wipe up the tea.

            Wufei raised an eyebrow when suddenly brown stuff appeared on his plate.  He blinked a couple of times until looking up and seeing a sheepishly apologetic Quatre wince.  He shrugged and stood up, taking his now tea-splattered plate into the kitchen.  He moved past Trowa to the trashcan, putting the last square of the sandwich he had been eating (and was now tea-soaked) into the food-remains part.  He then ran the plate under water.

            Trowa lightly held onto the other side of Wufei’s plate.  The Chinese looked up when the hand appeared.

            “Here, I’ll do it.  He’s coming down with a cold.”  The Altron pilot nodded and stepped back.  Trowa washed both the cup and plate with dish soap before drying off Wufei’s plate and handing it back to him.  Wufei smiled a brief thank you and went back into the dining room.  Trowa smiled slightly as he watched him, then dried off the cup.  He ran some water over a dishrag before going back into the dining room as well.


            Duo finished his sandwich in dead silence, very attracted by Heero’s suddenly deep relationship with his glass. He was somewhat outraged: What was Wufei supposed to think? Was Heero the one wanting to provoke a nosebleed by this – admittingly – delicious sight? Duo gulped the last bit of his sandwich, shook his head and grabbed his plate to leave the room for the kitchen. He didn’t have to look at this! He rolled his eyes at Heero as he passed him, making sure Heero was the only one being able to spy under the hat.


            Quatre sank back resigned and thankful for Trowa’s help. Once again he swore to himself to be cured before the night started, and wondered whether this would be possible. He’d better look for some drugs and pack himself in his bed under a pile of blankets. Having 29 sisters had it’s good sides, he thought, at least he knew how to take care of a coming cold. He had come down with a few so far and his sisters had practically fought with each other above the right to cure him… To be quite frank, Quatre admitted, concerning his sicknesses, he was a spoiled little brat. However, this way his sisters had taught him a million recipes, and he was sure he would use the ones necessary to get him out of this misery.


            Heero barely held back a delightedly sadistic grin at his victory.  Instead, he stoically glared at his sandwich before devouring it mechanically.  Inside though, he was smug.  Oh yes, Duo wasn’t the only one would could entice...

            Wufei plopped back down and picked up another sandwich.  His mind wandered as his body took over the familiar habit of cutting it into acceptable squares and then politely chewing.  His dream still haunted him; it had been so real.  So achingly real.  He knew better than to go over the details of his dream (he knew he’d blush or maybe even nosebleed) in front of the others, but he did remember the chaste beginnings of it.  There was a soft touch on his chest, for he usually slept on his back.  He had “awoken” in his dream, and there was Treize.  But he was dressed in simple civilian clothes, not hint of his affiliation with OZ on him.  Instead, just a sweet smile and happy, glittering eyes.  That was all the greeting his dream-self had needed.  He had sat up and wrapped his arms around Treize’s neck.  And then... then he had started crying.  Sobbing almost hysterically.  But Treize didn’t look at him as though he was weak.  He had just smiled, sat next to him, pulled him on his lap and then hugged him comfortingly.  What had he said?  It was a saying he said to him in his dreams, a saying that Wufei would never forget: “Only the strong can acknowledge tears, and know the right time to let them go.  Don’t feel weak, little dragon, you are the strongest warrior I’ve met.”

            Trowa had wandered in and started cleaning up during Wufei’s mind-trip, and finished quickly.  Once that was done, he sat back down and started on his new sandwich again.  Ah yes, this was much better...


            Duo narrowed his eyes and occupied the sink after Trowa had finished. He washed the plate half-heartedly and dried it with a towel. That crazy Japanese guy didn’t deserve a look from him anymore! To display something like that at the table…! Unfortunately Duo knew he wouldn’t succeed being angry with such a beauty. He remembered the day before he had condemned his love. Now he did it again.


            “Arigatou,” Quatre brought out, as Trowa sat back down. The strong urge to lean against his lover hit him again but he could resist. He knew Wufei wouldn’t like it, and he had no need to be exhibitionistic, either. He sighed again, feeling a slight headache adding up to his situation. He grunted very silently and looked at Trowa with big blue eyes. He wondered whether he would mind, if Quatre got up and into bed. After all Trowa had done for him, maybe just by being present, he didn’t want to leave him just here.


            Trowa finished and watched Wufei for a minute.  The Asian just stared unseeing at his plate as he ate.  After a few moments, he leaned forward and softly touched Wufei’s non-busy hand.  He looked up into the emerald eyes and blinked, coming back to himself.  Trowa gave him a couple minutes to come fully back to his senses.

            “Just leave your plate in the sink.  I’ll take care of the dishes later.”

            Wufei nodded.  Trowa looked over at Heero.  “You too.”  Heero mimicked Wufei’s nod unknowingly, and continued eating.  Trowa got up and picked up his plate before looking expectantly at Quatre.  He glanced at Wufei, who was once again eating and lost in his own world.  Sure Wufei was not going to notice, he nodded towards the doorway to the kitchen before going in.  He assumed Quatre wouldn’t have wanted to stay there longer.  He knew the blond was uncomfortable during silences, and was also probably feeling crappy already anyway. 

            Trowa went over to the sink and waited for Duo to leave it so he could put his plate in.  He then turned back to meet his lover.

            Meanwhile, Heero had finished off his last sandwich and looked over at Wufei.  The raven-haired youth was busy eating and staring at his plate.  He nodded to himself and stood up, picking up his own plate and glass.  Wufei wouldn’t mind being left alone; he was already alone in whatever thoughts he was immersed in.

            So the Perfect Soldier left the dining room and went into the kitchen.  He ignored Duo and put his own plate and glass in the sink.  He then went to one of the cupboards and bent over to reach it, open it and rummage around for cookies.


            Duo put his plate away, ignored Heero as much as possible, and pulled out the rubber-band in his pocket, parted his hair into three strands and furiously re-braided it. It was better that way, anyway, and he didn’t like to display himself for Heero anymore. If he wanted to see his hair open again, he had to be nicer than that and stop teasing him in that most dishonorable manner!

            Quatre followed Trowa picking up his untouched plate to bring it back to the shelf. He squeezed pass Duo who was standing right at the kitchen door, braiding his hair and bent down to put the plate in. His headache just became worse as he bent down. He closed the door to the shelf and straightened up, one hand rubbing over his temples and forehead.

            “I’ll take a nap…” he said quietly to Trowa, “I hope you don’t mind. I feel dizzy.”

            Trowa was immediately concerned and slipped an arm around his waist.  “Let me help you then, if you’re dizzy.”  The tall boy got a better Idea and gently picked up his lover, an arm around his back and one under his knees.  Before Quatre could have a chance to protest, he carried him carefully to his bed in his shared room with Duo.  He softly laid the smaller boy into bed and got out the blankets.  Wordlessly, he began covering the boy with great care.


            Heero found the Oreos and smiled a little to himself.  Not as sweet as Duo, but much more edible.  He sat on the counter, used the sink to put some water in his glass, and then ripped the bag open.  He picked one of the delicious objects out and held it out in Duo’s direction.

            “Want it?”  Heero almost laughed at himself.  Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to say that after being so suggestive...  Well, his lover hopefully wouldn’t take it the wrong way.

That was so mean! Heero was so mean! How could that boy, who one night ago had obviously not had any idea about those loving exchanges, be so suggestive? And how, for heaven’s sake, could Duo stay angry to stop Heero from doing such things in future while he was facing such sweetness? No wait! Duo told himself, these are just Oreos! You can resist Oreos, can't you?

            He refused looking at either Heero nor the Oreos, and finished his braid with the rubber band. He snorted slightly as he took off towards his room, muttering something about moving his stuff to Heero’s room, and feeling that known pinch in his stomach as he did so. Stupid Japanese!


            Quatre let himself be carried by his gentle lover, unable to refuse, due to Trowa’s sweetness and the spreading dizziness in his own head. Quatre felt the cold making him tired and exhausted. He had no chance to refuse Trowa’s loving care. Why should he, though?

“Arigatou, koibito,” he whispered as Trowa tucked the blankets under the feverish body. There was more to that arigatou than just the thanks for that wonderful care. Quatre finally had someone he had never even dreamed to have. And that someone cared about him, was there for him, and didn’t mind seeing him in a state like this. While his body ached with sickness, Quatre felt his insides spreading infinite happiness as he watched Trowa. He closed his eyes for a moment, helping a tear to find its way. Oh, it was good to know Trowa was here. Finally, there was a place to put all these feelings freely.



Oops, apparently he had.  Heero raised an eyebrow at the refused Oreo.  He knew Duo would have done the same if Heero hadn’t ended up doing it first.  So why was he acting so upset?  Well, let the braided beauty think what he’d like.  For once he wasn’t worried about Duo hating him after the boy had been scornful; he knew Duo loved him.  So he’d get over it.  Heero smiled slightly to himself as he bit into the cookie.  Either way though, he’d end up going to see if his lover was still upset and maybe even apologize...  Heero sighed.  He’d exacted revenge, so why apologize for it?  Those endless, sparkling violet could entice anything from him...  Oi, he was going to certainly be in a fix when Duo found that out.

After a couple more cookies, he hopped off the counter, and put them away.  Then he left to follow his annoyed lover to wherever he was going. 


Trowa smiled fully when he heard Quatre, and carefully tucked him in.  He gently kissed the hot forehead.  “My pleasure, mizu me.”  Frowning with his eyes slightly, he placed a hand on the pale forehead.  “Hn.  I’ll be right back.”  He didn’t want to leave his side when he wasn’t feeling well, but there were some thing he wanted to get to help make him feel better.  So he got up and quickly left, almost jogging through the hall and into the kitchen, passing a determined looking Heero.  He didn’t stop to ask. 

Trowa shuffled around the contents of one cupboard, pulling out a thermometer, some various assortments of over-the-counter medicines, and a clean dish-towel.


Meanwhile, Duo entered his room, still grumpy and found Quatre with closed eyes. He assumed the Arabian would sleep, at least that seemed to be the best thing, judging on what the poor boy looked like. He silently stuffed everything he found that apparently belonged to him in his bag, trying not to disturb Quatre.

“Trowa...” the little Arabian whispered. He was not sleeping, but closing his eyes partly helped against the dizziness.

Duo stopped in what he was doing and stood up straight. Quatre didn’t sound very well. He walked over to him and whispered: “I’m not Trowa, Quatre-kun. It’s me, Duo.” He crouched down next to the bed.

“Oh...” the Arabian answered and slowly opened his eyes. Duo fell almost back in shock. Quatre’s eyes mirrored one of the most intense expressions, Duo had ever seen on him. Quatre’s look contained a mixture of intense, innocent trust and mildness. Trowa must have brought that incredible look onto the Arabians face, only Trowa would have been able to provoke something that intense in Quatre.

“Will you be alright?” Duo asked whispering.

The Arabian nodded. “Yes, Trowa is there for me.” Misinterpreting Duo’s reaction he figured that he must look worse than he actually felt. He smiled gently.

Duo nodded and got up. Apparently Quatre was alright, so he grabbed his bag. “He’s moving down here with you,” he said, still keeping his voice down. Quatre smiled happily as he heard that, and watched Duo leave.

Duo carried his bag upstairs, still thinking about that strange look, Trowa had set on Quatre. Yes, only love could provoke things like this. He frowned. Why  had he been so nasty to Heero then,  probably confused the Japanese, if he could have had a chance to conjure something up like this on the usually so cold face? Why was he playing this nasty game to Heero, just because the Japanese had tried to be nice and funny – what the heck was wrong with his mind?! He loved that boy, why the messing? Duo couldn’t understand himself. And all because he had seen that endless love and trust for Trowa in Quatre’s eyes. Quatre and Trowa were happy, despite the fact that Quatre must feel crappy. And he couldn’t help himself and Heero to such a feeling when both of them were alright. Gosh, I am incapable of expressing my love!


Heero went up to his and Trowa’s usually vacant room and found Duo there with his travel bag.  Heero sat cross-legged on the bed and watched him.  He would let Duo say the first words, as usual, to spark any sort of communication between them.  If the boy was still pissed about his actions earlier, he’d rather not say something to make it even worse... like he did in the kitchen.  After all, he was new to this whole emotion thing, so he wasn’t sure about what things to say to be careful not to earn a bad mood from his lover.


Trowa wet the dish cloth under cold water and went back to Quatre’s room.  He sat beside Quatre’s laid out form and placed the cloth carefully under the blond bangs.  He deposited the gathered bottles of different drugs onto an empty place on the bed.  Then he took out the thermometer and kisses Quatre’s pale cheek to get his tired attention for a moment.  He knew Quatre would fall asleep, but he at least wanted to know what level of a problem he was dealing with before letting his lover into the symptoms-freeing rest.

“Mizu me, let me take your temperature, then you can sleep.”

Quatre winced slightly as the cold cloth was placed on his hot forehead, but appreciated the care. Quatre opened his eyes at the soft kiss, the emotion still had not vanished from them. He nodded trustfully towards the emerald eyes and opened his mouth a slight bit to take the thermometer. He couldn’t help but look into these emeralds all the time.


Duo felt Heero enter the room and stopped roaming around in his travel back. He smirked slightly over his shoulder as the other placed himself cross-legged on the bed. Duo got up slowly, holding a shirt in his hand. He pretended to walk over to a closet but dropped the shirt as soon as he was there, leaping onto Heero’s bed like a swift black cat, and effectively pinning him down with an intense kiss. So much about apologies.…


Trowa blinked when he noticed the change in the blond’s eyes.  It was strange to see such honest trust, such honest feelings for him from anyone, much less reflected in those blue eyes.  The sight warmed him and he fought the urge to just kiss him from happiness.  But no, it would make things more complicated if both were sick.  Besides, he needed to be well to take care of his mizu me.

Trowa blushed lightly, and slipped the thermometer in and held it there.  After a few moment, it beeped, and he took it out, looking at it.  He looked a little relieved.  “Hm, only a couple degrees more than it should be.  Now you rest.”

With the grace of a panther, Trowa slide down to lay next to him, the sheets separating their bodies.  He snuggled up to Quatre comfortably, laying his head on the blond’s shoulder.  If for any reason the blond might need him, he was right there.  But he also could not force himself to leave.  He stretched a stiff arm around Quatre’s middle, tucking his hand around his waist.    


Heero blinked when he was tackled, surprised.  Here he had been expecting a tongue-lashing, and he sure was getting one… but not the one he had been waiting for. 

After a few moments, he wiggled around beneath Duo, trying half-heartedly to be free of the dominating force pinning him down.  He forget about it almost only a few seconds later, then his eyes closed and he surrendered to the kiss, returning it with the same passion with which he was receiving it.

Duo enjoyed stealing and returning kisses, stopping to catch breath every now and then, as much as he had enjoyed seeing his own surprising tackling working so well. He laid his weight upon Heero while he released the pilot from the strong grip that had pinned him. Duo could use his hands now to run through the dark messy hair and down the green shirt. He couldn’t seduce Heero now, early in the afternoon, and totally forget about his chores, but nothing spoke against kissing passionately.


Quatre smiled, closing his eyes and feeling Trowa next to him. Since he was tucked in tightly, he couldn’t do much but let his head rest on Trowa’s and wait for sleep to come. Quatre was sure, Trowa wouldn’t need the confirmation that he felt well about what the tall one was doing. Resting calmly and comfortingly he began drifting over to a deep slumber. Hopefully, care and sleep would stop the sickness before it could seriously take hold of his body.

Trowa smiled to himself as he felt and heard the boy’s breathing slow and ease into the deep sighing of sleep.  He snuggled closer, but careful to not wake him up.



Heero let a small, muffled moan out between kisses, and started fighting with the collar of Duo’s priest-like garb.  He had been denied once, he wasn’t about to let Duo try and deny him again.

Duo softly pushed the longing hand away from his collar, his mind telling him that it was impossible to give in to such longings right now. His heart raced with this feeling itself, and he had to be careful not to give in to it. Exchanging love was one thing; but telling the scientist why they had been so lazy (and probably making the fighting problematic by being sick, tired or not knowing about the OZ bases as at least he and Quatre should) was surely another one he did not want to encounter. 

Heero didn’t acknowledge Duo’s pushing and continued pulling at the collar before finding the small clasp, undoing it and pulling Duo’ shirt off of him and onto the floor.  Knowing Duo might try and just jump back to avoid him, the Japanese flipped him over, ending with him now on top of Duo.  He sat on his knees on Duo’s legs, and held his hands firmly above his head.  Once he had sufficiently pinned his lover to the bed, he started kissing him again.

Duo rolled his eyes, his stomach and heart almost flipping over along with the rest of him. It was almost impossible to resist such a delicate suggestions but his mind was fighting back firmly. It was as if they had switched roles: Usually Duo was the one who neglected working and Heero the one being extremely careful about duty. Stupid Japanese, didn’t he have a reasonable sense? Wait a second – am I still talking about HHHeHeero Yuy? He tried to free his arms. “No Heero, it’s impossible right now!” he exclaimed, rather weakly.

Heero looked down at the one beneath him, an annoyed expression barely readable on his stoic face.  He kissed him again before replying.  “Why?  We’re waiting for a mission, so why not? I want you.” He stated simply.  He left Duo’s lips to start planting kisses down his neck.  “What is it?  You don’t want me anymore?”  He didn’t know why Duo was so adamant in refusing him today, but he was starting to get worried that this was the truth in why he was pushing him away.

 Duo breathed hard. Damn, a stupid lot of love was piling up inside him and yet, he had to refuse. “We’ve got work to do. How will you explain to anyone why it isn’t done?” He felt like he was explaining that to himself as well as to Heero. “I want you, too, Heero, but we can’t do that anywhere and everywhere.” Duo himself, as he realized that he himself had been the one starting this by tackling Heero with this passionate kiss. Wanting was something pretty nasty when it came at times like this.

Heero continued kissing downwards for a minute before sighing slightly and sitting back.  “I suppose you’re correct.”  He let go of Duo’s hands and stepped off of him, going over to the desk in their room to rummage through some old documents.  Finding what he wanted, he went to the laptop on the other small desk, sat down and started typing. 

Duo sighed. Wanting was bad, but regretting was even worse. He straightened his messy bangs and picked up his shirt. He wondered whether Heero was angry, now. After all, this was the second time Duo had refused him today – he could hardly believe that himself. Once some work was done, though, they would be able to reward themselves for it. He walked over to Heero on the laptop and placed a soft kiss on his cheek. Maybe another apology, he couldn’t even tell himself. Maybe it was just the arigatou-kiss for understanding him – if he did. He then crouched down next to the desk, starting to unpack his stuff and throwing a nasty braid on his back with one hand.

Heero smiled slightly at the kiss.  Duo, though no one would have ever called him it, was sweet.  He finished the mini program he was writing, and then went on to check his mail.  This time there was a letter from the scientists.  Confirmation of sending a group effort the to the base, but only at night.  That made sense; then they could destroy some transports as well and take them with their pants down, so to speak.  Heero nodded to himself.  Good, that meant they had the rest of the day to do whatever planning they wanted, and gather whatever they would need.  But there was time enough for that later...

The Japanese closed the programs and crouched next to him, taking some items from the bag.  He put them in the big stand-up closet that wasn’t nearly even half full with his own things.  Heero assumed that the faster any work that Duo had in mind was done, the sooner he’d be able to coax the braided boy into loving him.

Duo, who didn’t have the slightest clue about Heero’s thoughts, appreciated the help with the bit of clothing he had brought. There wasn’t much in his head right now, except for the wish of checking out Heero some more while he was helping him, and those damned blueprints he had stuffed away the day before.

“Anything new?” he asked, pointing at the laptop with a nod of his head.

“Mission confirmation.  We leave at 2000.”  Heero took the last of the items from the bag and placed them neatly in the closet.  “Anything else?”  He looked expectantly at Duo.

Duo didn’t catch his lover’s look and zipped the back, shoveling it under Trowa’s (old) bunk. He raised an eyebrow and pulled himself out from under the bed, groaning. “Blueprints, I guess,” he answered, raising the corner of his mouth in disgust.

Heero was blushing an intense red when Duo looked back to him after being under the bunk.  Damn it, he was waaaaay too tempting...  He struggled to keep his voice normal, in it’s deep monotone, but he couldn’t hide the hint of desire from it.  “You looked at those yesterday.  And we have lots of time before the mission.”

Duo finally caught the hint in Heero’s voice. Oh, no... he thought by himself, that guy really can’t resist it. He blushed lightly at this. Part of Heero’s desire was definitely his own work. One look at Heero, and he’d be lost… without having done any of the work yet. Yikes! it struck him, can we be so defenseless against all this? We’re just teenagers after all. Well, officially. He carefully avoided Heero’s gaze, closing the closet slowly.

Heero looked down.  Well, if Duo preferred blueprints to making love to him, then he’ll let him do just that.  Without a word, he turned and left.  Seeking to take his mind off things, he wandered into the dining room.  And stopped dead in his tracks.  Wufei was still there.  He was this time standing by the window, a small dagger in one hand, half-staring out of the window and half looking down at the dagger he clutched.  The tip was pointed inwards, it’s sharp point resting softly against the cloth of clothes that covered his stomach.

Heero leaned against the doorway, watching the pilot.  Were things as desperate for Wufei as things had been for himself?  He understood completely the desire to end the suffering.  Doing it in such a way as this would not only be very painful, but useless.  Of course, he’d rather Wufei didn’t die.  But he had no business trying to tell Wufei how he felt, how to feel, or what to do.  He cared about his teammate, but it just wasn’t his place to assume anything.  If the other felt like talking about it, he would be there to listen.  If not, then that was how things went. 

Heero shifted his weight, thumping the wood of the doorway softly, but enough to let the other know he was there.  Wufei closed his eyes a moment.


“Hn.  Mission confirmation.  We depart at 8 pm.”

“Hmm...  I’m glad it was you.  If not, then at least Barton.  The others would... hm, well, have meant well.”

“Hn.”  Heero looked down at the floor.  “We need you for the mission tonight.  Wait till then, at least.”

Wufei turned and looked to Heero.  “Hm, I am weak.  My thoughts keep me from my actions.”

“Then keep thinking.  We need your skills and strength in battle.”

Wufei turned and looked back out of the window.  “I might.  I can accomplish more for Nataku if I do.”

“Hn.”  With some difficulty, Heero stepped outside of his Perfect Soldier shell.  “I was tempted to do the same for a long time.  If you need someone to talk to who’s been there, I am here.  And you know Trowa is.”  Wufei looked at him with surprise as Heero stared intensely at a piece of tile on the floor.  Trying to shove back his embarrassment, he pushed off the doorway and started heading for the bathroom.  “Otherwise, don’t bug me.” 


Was that Japanese pilot angry now? Duo grabbed a few blueprints from the shelf and settled himself comfortable on Heero’s bed, the prints resting on his cross-legged thighs. Thinking about Heero would make it difficult to concentrate, but maybe Heero had just chosen to stroll away to not distract him. Would it even matter to him...?

Small passages in the east of the base. Just like on the other blueprint and... hey, here’s another one. If that occurs so often… small doors like these might be poorly guarded. Would it be worth approaching without a Gundam, then, sneaking in...?

He had a vision of him and Heero sneaking over OZ-ground. Duo would guard his back while Heero would place some dynamite to blow that thing up.

Damn! Am I thinking about Heero again? ... back to the prints. If on 80% of these bases the most important parts are stated over here, he moved a finger over the sheet on his lap, and the small passage is just on the opposite, some distraction from here would do to take their attention away. Less fighting, less risk. And it would save some time, too... Quatre would be pleased to set it that rather peaceful way, Wufei’s sense for justice would be served, Heero would be satisfied that such a plan would serve the mission. I myself would appreciate to get it over with quickly. Means more time for myself and… Wait! I am thinking about him again!

Duo had a really bad time concentrating, he realized, as he caught himself staring blankly into space – again! Forcing himself back to the blueprints over and over again, he did come up with some conclusions and ideas and worked on them. He actually understood more of what he was looking at then the day before.


Heero shuffled through some drawers in the cabinet below the sink.  Finding what he wanted, he closed the cabinet and went back upstairs.  He didn’t really want to walk in on Wufei again should he be in a private moment, and besides, what he was going to work on was upstairs anyways. 

He walked in silently, going to the closet.  He pulled out his other pair of spandex shorts, and settled cross-legged on the unoccupied bed, which was against the opposite wall that his bed was pushed up to.  He didn’t look up and across to the boy, just instead threaded his needle and began mending his torn shorts.  It needed to be done because: 1) these were the only other pair of shorts he had besides the one he was wearing and, 2) he didn’t want to have to go buy any.  Well, lack of money was a problem along with that too...

Shaking his head to clear his mind of useless thoughts, Heero focused on his mending. 

            Duo just had no chance of concentrating now, watching Heero from the corner of his eyes. What am I? A hor.... little teenager who can’t control himself? He forced himself to watch those blueprints but they looked like Egyptian hieroglyphs to him now. Loads of lines and words… maybe he just didn’t speak Japanese anymore?

            “Shucks, this is so distracting!” the American muttered in English, throwing an almost painful, loving look at Heero.

            Heero didn’t glance up at Duo.  He needed to get this done, and if he let himself look at the braided boy...  Well, he might just end up doing the tackling this time.  Finishing quickly and efficiently, he noticed some tears in the shorts he had on.  Hm, should probably fix that too, while he had the required tools to do so.  So he shoved the needle into the thread stool and pulled his shorts off.  Finding, with no hint of amusement, that his shoes were going to make this much harder than it should be, he yanked the tennis shoes off and let them plop to the floor.  Using his now un-tucked tank top for modesty, he sat crossed legged and set his shorts across his knees.

            “That is really mean!” Duo muttered, still sticking to English rather than to Japanese. He felt like complaining towards Father Maxwell, so it should be in English. A stinging hurt his chest. Father Maxwell was not here, and he never would be again. He put the blueprints to the side, sighing, and closed his eyes, his hand searching for the cross on his chest. He shouldn’t have started remembering. His hands fumbled down the chain and eventually found it. Duo held the cross to his mouth to place a soft kiss on the tip. Would you mind me falling in love with another boy, Father Maxwell? … No, you wouldn’t. You have always been happy for your children to find something special. You always tried to understand and most of the time you eventually did.

            Heero, unaware of his effects on Duo (whom he had assumed would be busy just ignoring him and working), plucked the needle out of the thread-stool.  He threaded it and began, once again, mending a pair of shorts.  His mind wandered as he went about it, and his inattentiveness became apparent when a stinging, poking sensation in one of his fingers started.

            Heero blinked, pulling the stinging finger out from under the fabric.  Seems he must have jammed the needle into the finger.  He looked at it with a sort of demented fascination before slowly pulling the needle out of his finger.  He didn’t wince at the pain, just watched as red droplets wept out of the tiny hole of a wound as he drew the silver item out.

            Duo was still lost in his own world  of memory; Father Maxwell and all the other people he used to know. He clutched the cross tighter this time and started the only thing he’d ever known to do in such moments as this. It seemed profound for a soldier killing endless numbers of people in his Gundam – and even more profound for someone like Duo Maxwell – but with his forehead on the cross, Duo started an intimate, whispered prayer.

            Needle fully extracted, he watched as the blood rivuleted down his finger, throbbing into the palm of his hand.  It was strange.  He was always amazed by his body’s reaction to things.  Not amazed as in “oh how wonderful I am!”, but the “huh, wonder why it does that” sort of amazement.  Technically, yes, he knew exactly why.  He could even name the nerves that were making his finger know it had been subjected to something that was not good for it, even right down to the scientific names of the little blood vessels he had popped and so on and so forth.  But it was still interesting for him to see it in action. 

            He blinked, coming out of his reverie and finished his mending, letting the blood smear uncaring onto the fabric.  He had pierced a vein, of course, so it was constantly bleeding.  He didn’t care.  Finished, he pulled the shorts back on and reached for his shoes.   

            Duo was still absorbed in his prayer. With the cross on his forehead and the black robes he could almost have passed for a young priest. He had forgotten about his surroundings, he wasn’t even aware of another presence in the room. He wasn’t aware that his whispers became louder, though they were still muttered.

            “…love in protection and blessings...” and he still clutched his fingers tighter as he went on, speaking about love, thanking for Heero, muttering. He felt as if he was talking to someone standing or sitting right next to him, just listening. Praying had always been that way. Father Maxwell had done a fine job on him to give him something even after he had died. Duo didn’t know whether it had only been inflicted upon him by the Father, or whether there was more to it, but this was one of the few things that did not matter.

            Heero glanced at Duo, smiling slightly.  It was rare that he heard the boy pray, but every time he had, it seemed to do something good for him.  He didn’t understand it, but if it was helping Duo survive the war sane (to an extent), then he wouldn’t stick his nose in it.  Still not paying any attention to the blood streaming in a thing river down his finger, he picked up a shoe and stuck his foot in it.  He started tying it up.

            Duo finished his prayer, looking up a little sweaty. It was then, that he noticed that he actually was. What was that? Emotional sweat? That sounded rather ridiculous but it was a fact that there was sweat on his forehead, back and shoulders. He looked at the cross and eventually remembered that he was not alone; and was pinched in his stomach immediately. Heero had been sitting there all the time while he had been absorbed into praying. Could that been considered embarrassing? After all, he and Heero had a quite personal relationship, so it shouldn’t be. Why was it, then?

            G-gomen,” Duo said, feeling like excusing. He stopped focusing the cross so he could see Heero sharply and not in a blurry version. Then he saw the blood on the fabric.

            “You’re bleeding…” he noticed, a little uncomfortable. It made no sense again – he had injured Heero himself quite often, why would he care about that bit of blood?! Maybe it was because it made no sense to bleed in a house where they were supposed to be safe, or the fear that Heero might still be suicidal...

            Heero shrugged at the statement.  So he was bleeding; it was an often occurrence.  He finished the shoe and picked up the other.  He shoved his foot in and began tying it up.  He did nothing to try and prevent the bleeding.  It wasn’t a big deal, just sort of an inconvenience.  Maybe he’d wrap it in gauze or something.  An insane image of Quatre complaining about Heero’s finger dripping all over his pink shirts popped into his head.  Woah, an image of something other than Duo or OZ?  That was strange.  Oh well.

            Duo crawled over to the other bed to grab Heero’s hand. “Doesn’t look very aesthetic” was all he used as an excuse to stick the tip into his mouth and stuff the open skin with his tongue. He tasted the iron-like taste of blood in his mouth. Oh well, he knew that taste. He looked at Heero, his eyes smiling lovingly at him. How could he have resisted that boy earlier?

            Heero blinked, and looked away.  He was blushing and resenting it all at the same time.  Damn, stupid humanity.  He had come to associate the feeling of heat on his cheeks with the thing Duo called blushing, so that was how he could guess his treacherous skin was up to.  Duo was so tempting; alone, the boy was enough to send Heero into the land of aching want, but with him tending to his finger in such a way...  Heero was proud that he hadn’t turned into a puddle of lust after a few minutes.  So he strongly resisted Duo, trying desperately to focus on something the equivalent to a mental cold shower.  Something like... Doctor J.  Alright, working...  A squish of Duo’s tongue on his wound sent him almost closer to that liquid-state, and he frantically searched for something.  J naked, J naked!!!  Ah, worked like a charm.  Heero’s nose wrinkled slightly in quite disgust at the mental picture.   

            Duo watched Heero’s face wrinkling and blushing. Huh? What the... He let go of the finger, a little disappointed. “You don’t like it?” Wait, a few minutes ago, Heero had forcefully tried to seduce him and now he wrinkled at him?! That was enough to set Duo’s determination on fire. He laid his hand on the edge of the green shirt and pulled it up, gently tugging on Heero’s arms to be able to slide it over them. Now we’ll see where you go with your wrinkling, Yuy...

            Heero turned and blinked at him.  He could barely make Duo out, as he was in panic mode.  His ability to not give into his own desires so Duo could do whatever the heck it was he was so adamant about doing was rapidly diminishing.  He focused more on his mental images, his need to block a different need morphing into a mental picture of all the scientists naked and involved in a rather disturbing orgy.  It was the best he could come up with to deflect the effects of Duo’s touch, hell, Duo just being on the same colony as him.  So everywhere he looked, images of any and all strange acts his mind could come up with while the unattractive bodies carried them out was his only defense.  He made a mental note to apologize to the scientists later.

            “Uh, d-don’t you want to do that work?” Heero stammered out, trying for all the world to not assault his lover.

            “Nope,” Duo said shortly, forcing the green cloth over Heero’s head. That was an easy question: Yes, he had to do his work but he did not want to, and anyway, he had come far enough with it. Since Heero was only mildly disturbed, but not reacting, Duo placed loving kisses on Heero’s chest, hoping to win his lover for himself. His right hand on Heero’s shoulder forced Heero into a laying position, so it was easier for Duo to tug on Heero’s shorts. He smirked, kissing.

            Heero gulped loudly, noticing he was now on his back, shirtless and, in all probability, about to be shortless as well.  He surrendered, not wasting time on wondering what had changed Duo’s mind.  He gasped at the kisses, letting himself be taken by the pleasure he had found in Duo’s arms since the fateful night before.  Seems like he was going to get what he had been trying to coax Duo into doing almost all damn day.

            Duo could feel Heero ease up and surrendering. “That is nice,” he muttered as he pulled down the shorts and moved down towards Heero’s bellybutton with his kisses. His heart was pounding crazily, not to mention how anticipated he felt. How could he have possibly refused the sweet offer this morning? His hand slowly caressed the outside of Heero’s thighs. No time to waste a thought at the door which still stood ajar. In his head, there was only room for that impudently beautiful body in front of him.

             At the touch, Heero instinctively wrapped his legs around Duo’s waist, pulling him closer as soon as he could get some semblance of control over himself.  The only coherent words he could get out at this point was Duo’s name.  He closed his eyes a moment, savoring just the feeling of having Duo close and letting the other have full control over himself.  It was a strange feeling, letting another take him in their hands and to trust them so much.  But he had learned that trust was not always broken last night, and he was drawing out, giving himself fully to his lover to do with however he pleased.  This sweet surrender, submission, whatever you want to call it, this was what he longed for from Duo, not to leave out the act of making love which came with it.  Simply put, it was the best feeling in the world.  And he knew, somewhere, that the love they shared emotionally was just as great.  All these nice, lovely thoughts were cut off by mind-numbing pleasure and anticipation by Duo Maxwell.

            “Hey, Heero... T’is hot...” Duo said, a finger pulling on his collar to let some air stream through the tight shirt. He lay straight on Heero, held close by two legs embracing him around his bum. He smiled innocently into Heero’s face, feeling not innocent at all.

            Heero blinked his eyes open lazily and smiled a little smile back.  He barely got the words out around his heavy breathing.  “Then let me help you with that.”  He offered, a hand undoing the clasp.  He pulled the shirt up and off.  He smiled more at the nice sight of Duo’s upper torso, his hands sliding along the contours.  He smirked a little as on finger left a long trail of dark crimson from low on Duo’s stomach up to his shoulder.  “Hn.”

             Deciding to not be completely under Duo’s control, he leaned up and started slowly licking the blood away, following the trail downwards.

            Duo gasped, feeling Heero’s tongue on his skin. Surely, that pilot was a quick learner. Duo’s hands caressed Heero’s spine and neck as the Japanese went down. There were no more words left to say for them. Duo submitted to whatever trail they would pass from this point on.



Quatre started shifting slightly, waking up from a deep and dreamless slumber. His cheeks still felt hot, but the dizziness and that dreadful headache had left him, though, possibly not for sure. He held his eyes closed, carefully trying to free his arms from the blanket tucked around him.

            Trowa roused a little, blinking sleepily.  Oops, he had fallen asleep after a while.  Well, Quatre wasn’t the only one up late last night...  Blushing lightly, he noticed Quatre was moving.  He sat up, leaning on a hand to keep himself balanced as he looked down at the little blond.  Seeing his struggle with the blankets, he leaned across his lover and untucked it a little, allowing him more space to move about in.  “Feeling better?”

            “Uh-huh,” Quatre nodded, happy to know Trowa was awake, too. He freed one hand to move it over Trowa’s cheek, watching him trustfully. “Arigatou for staying with me, Trowa-chan,” Quatre smiled, feeling his cheek grow hot again – not because of the fever. “How long have I been sleeping?” he asked.

            “Hm... about two, three hours.  And of course I’d stay with you.  No thank yous needed.” Trowa smiled fully at the gentle touch, turning his head slightly diagonal to accommodate it.  He didn’t miss the complete trust in his lover’s gaze, and the sight made him feel as if he would bust, but in a pleasant way.

            Quatre freed his other hand as well and managed to sit up. A light headache came back when he raised. He took note of it, but then decided to ignore the slight pain. He wrapped both his arms around Trowa’s chest and placed his head under the other’s chin. “Trowa-chan…” he said smiling, still full of thank yous for the care. Quatre knew he would have done the same, but still he felt a lot of sweet adoration for Trowa’s concern for him.

            Trowa continued to smile his rare smile, leaning his chin gently on the blond’s head.  He wrapped his arms around Quatre’s back, holding him close.  He comfortingly let his hands rub his back, an intended innocent gesture.  “Want anything?  I brought in all drugs that are available without prescription, and maybe even a couple that aren’t.”

            “Huh?” Quatre muttered, somehow not fully awake. After a while he knew where to place the words, Trowa had just said. “Maybe something against this cold in general and... this headache,” he answered softly. Quatre couldn’t really tell, but the ache seemed to increase. Usually he wouldn’t really go for drugs, but he couldn’t handle being sick now. Tea wasn’t enough to help him, so he’d have to take something else.

            Trowa nodded some and gently unlaced himself from Quatre to reach the pile of bottles.  He fished around for a bit before finding two he deemed acceptable.  Then he carefully read the instructions and poured the correct amount of pills into a hand from each bottle.  He turned back to Quatre, setting the pills on the bed.  Two were a green, gelatin type thing, and the other one was white with a big E imprinted in it. 

            The tall boy picked up a clean glass from a shelf, poured mineral water (handy to have a bottle in each room, ne?) and sat back down next to the blond.  He held out the glass for him, picked up the two pills and offered them in his other hand.

Quatre thought the pills looked quite poisonous, but they were okay, if they helped. He trusted Trowa. He couldn’t help a slight feeling of disgust crawling up inside him as he took the pills from the hand. He gently took the glass from Trowa and drank some water, he swallowed along with the pills. It wasn’t a great feeling to feel these pills slowly wandering down towards his thorax, but if they helped… His manners on doing this, except for the slightly disgust expression, were all aristocratic again, so to speak.

            “Thank you, koibito.”

            Trowa chuckled.  “I’m sorry if you don’t approve of them, but they really will help.  I used to be rather fond of painkillers...” He looked down at the last sentence, his gaze wandering around the edges of the bed.  He didn’t know why he just blurted that conversation-killer out, but it had just slipped by. 

            Quatre placed a short and soft kiss on Trowa’s lips. “I’m sorry. Poor Trowa-chan...” He wanted to add that Trowa would not need these things anymore, but he couldn’t. So he settled with his arms wrapped around the other again, the glass resting on the bedside-table. After a moment of silence, he softly poked Trowa’s chin with his nose. ”Smile, Trowa-chan.”

            Trowa leaned a little on Quatre, wrapping his hands back around him.  He couldn’t fight or stop a small smile from appearing.  “Hai, mizu me...”  His mind traveled back a minute, back to a time he had bunked with Wufei.  The other caught him in the act of trying to down an entire king-size bottle of Excedrin.  The Chinese had simply took the bottle from him, then shoved him in the bathroom.  Wufei said something along the lines of make yourself throw them up or I’ll make you.  He shook his head slightly.  It was a strange thing to think of at the moment, but it reminded him of Wufei.  What was he up to?  He doubted the pilot would have ended up being kept company by Duo and Heero.  Duo just seemed to get on his nerves and Heero would probably be... uhm, demanded to give all his attention to his new lover.

            Quatre snuggled closer, feeling a feeble tension on his lover. He slightly caressed Trowa’s side. He felt much better now, not perfect, but better.

            ”Are you alright?” he asked concernedly. Something was going on in Trowa’s mind. Quatre couldn’t tell what, but he wanted Trowa to feel as secure and fine as he himself did right now. Trowa had done much for him, so Quatre should take any chance to release his urge to return this favor.

            Trowa thought about it a moment.  “I was just remembering... one night me and Wufei shared a room.  Well, we shared a room many times, but a certain night.  He caught me trying to overdose on Excedrin.  He stopped me, forced me to throw it up and then... “ his voice trailed off as he smiled slightly.  “... then he pulled me into the bottom bunk and stayed with me.  I think I emptied about half of the water in my body on his shoulders.  He didn’t seem to care at all though, he encouraged me.  He said... hn, it was something.  Oh, yes, ‘Only the strong can acknowledge tears, and know the right time to let them go.  Don’t feel weak, Trowa, you are brave to have lived with your demons for so long.  You are one of the strongest warriors I’ve met.’  And all I could do was weep in his arms...” Trowa recalled. 

            Quatre held on to Trowa, tightly. If Wufei had not helped him, they would probably have lost Trowa. The thought was rather frightening. Quatre had his eyes closed by then, his cheek resting on Trowa’s chest, closely and comfortingly.

            “Don’t do that again, Trowa-chan. Never. I’ll be here if you need me.” That was about all he could say.


            Treize Khushrenada had taken a long walk. Dragged to a certain point, he waited patiently. He was about to get what he wanted, even if it required patience. He carefully hid himself, knowing that he was partly in danger, though he could dodge that, if he was careful. The commander was cold and calm. He could wait. A set of binoculars was dangling next to his sword, his favorite weapon.


             Trowa was momentarily surprised by Quatre holding him so tight, but he got over it and held him softly.  In hindsight, telling Quatre about his bursts of suicidal fits might not have been a good idea.  He didn’t want the blond to feel like he’d have to keep an eye on him constantly to make sure he might not be trying to overdose again.  No, he had no intention of that now, not when he held the world in his arms.  But how could he ever convince him of it now?  He knew that now, whenever he got a cold or anything ached from battle, he always felt Wufei’s watchful eyes on him, ready to smack the back of his head to make him spit out any too-large amount of pills.  It was irritating to be doted on even that much, but he knew Quatre might be worse because he loved him...  Well, at least he would be doing it for that reason.  He could certainly live with that.  As if it explained all this and more, that he wouldn’t dream of ending this wondrous feeling of such a beautiful creature, physically and mentally, loving him, he said simply: “I love you.”


            Wufei, meanwhile, had decided to do something useful.  He wouldn’t be able to take his mind off the dream, he knew that.  But he felt there was something hidden from him, some sort of enlightenment or maybe truth concealed within layers of meaning in the dream.  His mind always became sharper and clearer when he trained.  So that’s what he was going to do. 

            Currently, he had grabbed his loved katana and was walking to the empty, flat-ground in the center of the garden.  It was tiled with cement, which would add something interesting to his workout.  Finally reaching his goal, the pilot took off his white, long-sleeved shirt and folded it neatly.  It was a habit that he had learned which saved him much time and patience.  His mind was already becoming one with the wind, clearing and rolling with it’s currents.  He had his customary blue tank top that had been under his shirt.  He then pulled his sword out of it’s sheath slowly, savoring the sliding motion under his fingers and the revealing of it’s slivery skin.  He tossed the sheath on top of his shirt, eyes locked on the blade.  With deliberate steps, he went to the center of the square.  His body took over, long-ingrained habits and movements took him over, the sword dancing with his moving body in a dangerous dance of warm up.  His dark eyes lost focus and closed, looking instead inwards to find the answers he longed to understand.


            Quatre kissed the cloth on Trowa’s chest softly. “I love you, too…” he answered whispering. Trowa’s answer was more than a no, I won’t do it again. Trowa had even provided a reason – he wouldn’t try to kill himself because he loved Quatre. And once again, Quatre trusted Trowa completely.

            “You know, Trowa-chan, we all are crazy at some times,” he explained. “I remember a night, I was crying my eyes out in my bed.” He wouldn’t tell Trowa that he had mainly been the reason for that outburst of tears. “… Duo woke up and gently shook me until I sat up and could cry on his chest. That’s when I told him, that it would probably be easier if I died.” Quatre muted for a second to get control over the emotion shaking him, remembering that. “Duo rocked me gently and told me, that, even though he didn’t know whether there was something like an afterlife, the pain of seeing him, you, Wufei and Heero grief over the loss of me would be much more painful than death. He said, if either of us died in the war, that would be painfully acceptable, but loosing me or anyone to something like suicide would not be understandable to him, it would plainly suck. If I thought about it, he said, there’d always be something to hold onto, when life seemed to go down. It might be some strange hope, it might be just the knowledge that you might be needed now or later, or the wish to see, whether your life can improve again. Missing the chance to experience would just be stupid. He held me close and patted my head until I fell asleep again.” Quatre let his arm slide down along Trowa’s to intertwine his fingers with Trowa’s. “And there’s something else he said… Right before I fell asleep, he said: ‘And most important, Quatre-kun, if you died you would miss the chance to love and be loved. There’s no such feeling as love, whether it is returned or not. You would not know that, if you died.’ I think that is what kept me from doing similar things to what you do did – ever since. Duo doesn’t know it had that impact on me.”


            Treize smirked at himself. He knew he would get his way and now his prey was so innocently displaying himself in front of him. He hid behind a tree, watching Wufei’s warm up. He swung his sword with elegance and strength. A few more minutes and he would let the Chinese boy take note of his presence. He knew very well, that Chang Wufei had enjoyed his dream. Letting him know that this hadn’t been a dream would startle him at first, but he would finally have to surrender to his feelings. Playing with that sort of fire was really tempting.     


              Trowa smiled.  He gently squeezed the hand in his.  No, Duo might not know, but the proof of it was here and living.  He would never be able to thank Duo enough for his unusually wise words.  Some rather large thumps were heard and then some squeaking noises...  Trowa blushed.  Well, now would not be the time to even try.  He’d rather not see it, and he’d never live down Heero’s rage...  Oh dear.  Well, any seriousness they had was almost gone after the noisy interruption, intended or not.

            Ahem, w-well I certainly am grateful to him... but I think he’s getting rewarded enough in a way I wouldn’t be able to provide, so...” he smiled, a little mischievously, but was blushing anyway.


            Wufei continued, unaware of any observance.  He was lost in himself, eyes closed, mind clear and speeding almost as fast as his body.  The katana was more of an extension of himself than a separate object as he went through exercises, coming quickly to the mind-numbing and hard ones.  It was almost more of a dance than a training session, so fluid and precise were his movements.  Yes, the sword had been with him for as long as he could remember, a present from his father at the age of five.  An old friend he wielded with extreme skill.  But he wasn’t even aware of himself, his senses focused instead on the problem at hand.  Why did he dream of Treize?  And what did they mean!? 


            Quatre blushed intensely. “Um... yeah...” He snuggled closer to his only protection and his face in Trowa’s arm. This was rather embarrassing, he admitted to himself. “I-I... guess we ... er... should be happy for him ... – them, then?” he asked unsure of how to react to such disturbing noises from his fellow pilots. His fingers were still intertwined with Trowa’s while the other hand was wrapped around the other tightly, caressing back and side of one of the most beautiful bodies in the world.


((Line: Excoooooze us, Cleesy couldn’t resist writing about these... noises.))


Treize stepped out from his hiding place when Wufei was just heading for it. He was surprised whether the Chinese soldier would try to hit him now or whether he would stop before. Treize held a secure hand to his own sword to dodge the other if he did not stop. He smiled slightly, waiting for any reaction.


Trowa nodded.  “Yes, but I’m just glad we can’t hear them.”  He couldn’t say out loud just how shocking it would be to hear something coming out of Heero’s mouth other than some comment or statement about a mission.  So instead, he tried to forget those thoughts and snuggled close to Quatre, holding him closely.


Wufei felt himself stop, arm extended, back arched straight in his half-crouch.  He opened his eyes and caught himself before his jaw flopped onto the ground.  In the blink of an eye he went from joy, to worry, to suspicion, to his usual scowl.  His right arm was straight out, the tip of his katana a mere inch from Treize’s throat.  He glared at the older man, radiating distrust and barely restrained attack.  His body was tense, but whether from enemy surprise, or loving anticipation, he refused to acknowledge which.  “Treize.”


Quatre pushed Trowa to lay down in a more comfortable position and pulled his own upper torso onto him. He still felt a slight feverish heat on his head, but he would be okay. He gently pulled himself higher on the bed to kiss Trowa slightly and softly. “Ai shiteru, Trowa-chan.” He just felt like saying it, so he did. It was a wonderful feeling to tell him, why not provoke it. It was almost as wonderful as hearing it.


Treize gently placed a flat hand on the top of Wufei’s katana, lowering it some with a gentle push, so it wouldn’t threaten his life anymore. “Chang Wufei,” he said, smirking some. The reaction he just had observed certainly pleased him. The young and strong Chinese certainly had something to him, something Treize was really in anticipation for. Why else would he set himself in such danger as this? Would Chang Wufei try to fight him, now that he had to learn he was not dreaming? Treize could hardly await the answer...


Trowa nuzzled the blond’s cheek lovingly, his arms slipping around Quatre’s body, folding his hands on that endlessly cute dip in the blond’s spine above his bum.  Well, that was rather cute too...  He chuckled quietly to himself; he wondered if Quatre would blush, if he knew Trowa was thinking such things.  But how could he prevent it?  The Arabian was so beautiful, he couldn’t help it.  He kissed the blond back before planting light kisses on his forehead.


Wufei let him push the blade down, somewhat tempted to just cut off the offending half of the hand.  But instead he stood up straight and deliberately took his gaze from Treize’s face to the sheath at his side.  Good, he would fight an honorable match with the bastard.  He held the handle of the katana in both hands, placing his feet squarely apart, bending slightly at the knees.  His dark eyes burned up into Treize’s blue ones.  “I challenge you.”

“Just what I expected, Chang,” Treize sad satisfied, “It fits the strength of your character.” He pulled his own sword out, still standing straight and tall. “You are the younger,” he said, matter-of-factly, “make the first move.” He knew he would win this fight as well as all the others, but it was blissful every time the Chinese fought him. Eventually, with enough training and more encounters, he would become a real threat to Treize. Yet, he still could be considered in training. Of course, Treize would never tell Wufei. And to be honest, he already was pretty surprised by the strength and courage Chang Wufei showed.


Quatre enjoyed every touch from Trowa. He closed his eyes, feeling soft lips on his forehead. It was so sparkling. He slid his hands under Trowa’s shirt and let them crawl over the soft skin. The skin he had kissed and caressed all night long. He felt the velvet-like surface on his fingertips. Warming heat was streaming from Trowa, bringing that scent he knew so well now. He buried his face in Trowa’s neck, kissing and sniffing skin and hair. All that was Trowa, and all that was so incredibly close...


Trowa watched Quatre with quiet, half-amusement.  Did the small angel enjoy him as much as Trowa enjoyed him?  It seemed so.  He shivered a bit at the touch, blinked when Quatre started kissing his neck.  And here he thought Quatre was still tired from his symptoms...  He snuggled a little up against the blond, kissing the top of his head.  “Quatre...?”   He was a little confused about his actions.  Surely he wasn’t feeling up to...


Wufei snarled at the annoying comment.  How unjust to assume him nothing more than a mere boy!  Damn Treize, he was as much a man as the spineless enemy, if not more so!  He caught himself from springing straight at him, no. What if he said it to intentionally piss him off and use his anger against him?  It was an important stratagem he had learned from a book once.  Huh, Treize knew him better than he had realized.  In his dreams Treize was closer to him than even Trowa, even as close as he and Meiran were...  Hn, no time to think about this.  His thoughts flew by in a matter of seconds. 

With the smoothness of falling water, Wufei struck right lunging fast and deep.  He was being reckless, but he was still a little pissed off about that haughtiness Treize lorded over him.

Treize dodged Wufei by flipping himself to the side. He stroke back from behind, intentionally ripping the side of Wufei’s pants so his leg was free and the cloth was merely dangling around it; he had miscalculated a bit, though. He didn’t know how much he had injured the pilot’s leg or whether the injury was serious. Treize scolded himself for slightly ruining something so precious. He retreated a bit, giving Wufei room for another attack and held his sword ready in one hand.


“Huh?” Quatre answered muffled with perfect innocence. Trowa’s shirt slid upwards some from his action. Quatre pulled his legs up, so he was completely on top of Trowa. His right leg was between Trowa’s, the left on Trowa’s right, so they practically enclosed Trowa’s right leg. Quatre kept on kissing, biting Trowa’s ear lovingly.


Wufei didn’t wince when Treize’s blade graze his skin.  He fought off a blush, feeling inanely inept and embarrassed at the showing of skin.  But this was a battle, and there was nothing but attack and defense.  It was a hairline cut on the side of his calf.  Crouching low, he used his smallness to his advantage and lunged in again close to Treize.  As he seemed to slash at the man’s midsection, he changed the katana’s direction at last second and rolled right in-between Treize’s legs, intending to return the favor of his leg, only severing it, of course...


Trowa shivered again, and not from the cold.  He tugged absently at the bottom of his shirt, pulling it back down some.  He was blushing lightly, and he gently ran a hand through Quatre’s gold strands.  “What are you trying to do to me, mizu me?  You need rest.”

“Nah!” Quatre complained, pulling the shirt back up. Sure, that little fever was still there, nagging on him, but he had rested enough for his taste. And what he was trying to do to Trowa...? Well, that question did not really need an answer. The blanket, that had once been carefully tucked under him was crumpled beside them, now – chilling out, Quatre supposed. He also felt himself chilling and shivering – due to the still present, but feeble cold. His hand rubbed Trowa’s shoulder in some sort of massage. Would he give in to him, despite his sick shivering?


Treize jumped out of the way – the katana hardly missing his shoe. “You definitely learned something since your last defea- … encounter with me.” He brushed past him, facing Wufei from the other side. “Unfortunately not enough.” There was nothing like a good, teasing conversation to a proper fight; it made it honorable and stylish.

Wufei only scowled.  He was panting, part in due to the excursuses he put himself through a moment ago, and partly from the fight itself.  He stood his ground, a couple paces from Treize, knees bent slightly, his weight on the balls of his feet, ready to dodge at any moment.  His chest heaved as he tried to get his breath back.  Damn, he was really caught at a bad time – he was already a little worn-down from training.  He decided to make one more attack and if he didn’t take Treize out with that, then he’d wait him out.  He jumped forward, swinging his katana in a low arc upwards.


Trowa touched Quatre cheek, lightly pressing the back of his hand against it.  He frowned some.  “Your still a bit warm.”

“Mh…” Quatre muttered, “It’s not only the sickness…” and yes, he was trying to imply something here. It got pretty much clear as he slid the shirt higher, softly tingling the skin underneath it. That damned cold still made him shiver as if the room was not properly heated. He ignored that and the light sweat on his forehead. He couldn’t really tell where exactly that came from.


Treize smirked – here came the attack he’d been waiting for. He pulled his sword up to let it hit the other from above. He turned his wrists, effectively yanking both weapons aside and the katana out of Wufei’s hands. Having done so, he threateningly held the tip of his own sword to Wufei’s throat. “Once again, Chang Wufei.”

“Kill me.”  Wufei stated simply, carelessly ignoring the threatening blade.  He sank to his knees, and set his hand on his thighs, looking back up at Treize with honest desire for him to do the deed.  “Kill me, Treize.”  His voice nearly broke, but he held it in check.  His black eyes locked Treize’s blue ones in a gaze not even he could break, asking passionately for death with their silent voices.


“Mizu me...” Trowa blushed lightly.  He put his hand to Quatre’s forehead and he frowned slightly.  “I don’t think we should do this now, the cold is still effecting you too much.  Are you sure you feel alright?  Should I get you another wet cloth?  Maybe a heating pad for anything specifically aching?”  True and utter concern was in his voice and eyes as he gently stroked the blond’s forehead.

Damn, there was no way to fool Trowa. Indeed, the blond Arabian felt somewhat crappy and Trowa was so right about the ‘we shouldn’t do this now’-thing. Quatre resigned, not wanting to upset Trowa or end up knocking himself unconscious as drugged and sick as he was. He sighed heartily, he even pouted.

“I hate you for being right, Trowa-chan. Can’t help loving you so much!” He stopped kissing so passionately and settled for simply resting with his face buried in Trowa’s neck.


Treize let the blade sink, smirking. “No, I won’t do you that favor. You are much too precious as a fighter and lover to ruin.” He tucked his sword back in his belt, slightly chuckling. He went over to the still crouched and panting fighter, pulling up his chin with one finger. “Dreams are a wonderful thing, aren’t they?”


Trowa smiled slightly in apology, rubbing his cheek on Quatre’s soft hair.  He held him close and comfortingly, knowing soon the drugs would kick in.  He wasn’t sure about one thing; either Quatre was the type to fall asleep by them, or he would just feel better.  Either way, an end justified the means and the blond would get better.


Wufei turned his head away from the finger quickly, looking downwards to cover his shock.  No, no, it couldn’t,... there was no way.  No way!!!  He had to lean on an arm to keep himself from falling over in shock.  His eyes were wide, his breathing made now difficult by emotion.  Unless...

How dare he!  It was insane, he knew, to be mad at Treize for dreaming of him in the same manner that he did of him, but... well... still!!!  If this was the case, then he didn’t need to start smacking his head on the ground.  He looked back up at the other man, disgust and anger with a tinge of hurt on his face.  “You are dishonorable in the way you think about me, Khushrenada!” he spit in his direction.  “An insult!  Are you a coward even so that you will not grant me release with that bright blade?  Or has it’s skin never felt blood, for only your minions carry out your murderous orders!?  The least you could do is order one of them from behind a tree to come and do the job!”  he yelled loudly, trying to draw out any group of soldiers the leader would have with him to keep him ‘safe’.  “Only the weak need the strong to carry them, Treize!  Let an innocent killer end me where you will not!”  He spit again at him.


            Treize put the back of his hand to his mouth and cleared his throat. “Dishonorable in the way I think about you...” he smirked, “Well, so are you, Mr. Chang. I remember having some dreamy experiences with you last night and I intend to repeat them. I usually get what I want.” He offered a hand to help Wufei up on to his feet. 


Quatre let himself be cuddled and cared for a while. He then set his elbow on the pillow under Trowa and supported his head with his hand, leaning on it and looking down into emerald-colored eyes. “I’ll keep taking my rest then,” he decided smiling, “I start feeling better, thanks to your care, and there will be a lot of time for other things later.” He winked at Trowa and plopped his head down on the taller boys shoulder again, determined to completely recover as fast as possible.

Trowa chuckled quietly at the blond’s determination and hugged him.  “Your are so cute when your sick, mizu me,” he joked expressionlessly. 


Wufei smacked his hand away reflexively before the news of what Treize was saying hit him hard in the gut.  He blinked a couple times, unable to say anything.  Confusion replaced anger as he stared at the ground with impossibly big eyes.  His lips were parted, and his mouth was just short of hanging open.  He didn’t notice, he was just so confused.  All this time... it was real... every night he had thought was just a strange, sexual dream was... real... 

He blushed intensely.

Treize raised an eyebrow, not surprised by the other’s reaction. He simply walked over to Wufei, picked him up in his arms, one hand under his legs, the other supporting the neck of the much smaller boy. “Stop blushing,” he said lightly, making it towards the door he knew would lead to Wufei’s room, “you look good enough without it.”


Quatre blinked, his eyelashes tickling a certain neck. Sweet when I am sick?

“Hmph!” he complained again, only to giggle right after that. “I don’t intend to be sick, just because you like it!”

Trowa smiled, kissing the blond strands happily. “Good, because I do enjoy it when your healthy and sweaty for other reasons.”  He cuddled up to him innocently, stroking Quatre's back in a comforting-kinda way.


Wufei blinked.  Treize was carrying him!? How undignified!!!  He immediately started squirming, trying to break free.  “I am no onna!  Stopit, putmedown!” He wiggled against Treize, still a bit lost by the whole situation, but being hauled around like a sack of potatoes snapped him out of it long enough for him to get pissed off at his, urm, lover again.

“Oh, keep it down!” Treize protested, closing the door behind him and setting the Chinese pilot down on his bed. He strolled over to the other door, locking it. Blissful, that was what it was, even though the Chinese was complaining.   He sat down next to Wufei, facing him. “I know you are no woman, baka.”


Quatre made some extremely big eyes, “Ew, Trowa … that’s nasty. But I feel the same. Let’s sleep some, then, so I’ll be healthy and fresh in a little while.” He closed his eyes in a serious attempt to fall asleep. “Sleep well, koibito.”

“You as well, mizu me.”  He kissed Quatre lightly on the head again before forcing his body to completely relax and closed his eyes.  It was a trick he had learned a long while ago, particularly useful should you have an insomnia-filled night.  Trowa sighed quietly, starting to fall asleep already.


Wufei scrambled away from him, sitting in the farthest corner of the bed from Treize.  He pulled his knees up to his chest and wrapped his arms around his legs.  He glared as best he could at the other man, embarrassment and already muffled want warring within him.  Embarrassment won out, and he was blushing again.  Damnit, those hadn’t been dreams... he had actually DONE those things with the man...

Treize smiled slightly. “You haven’t been so restrained last night,” he let slip. “Come on, Wufei, there is nothing wrong with it.” He crawled over to him, wrapping him in his arms and placing a soft kiss on Wufei’s forehead. He desired this boy, but approaching him had to be done with care. It wasn’t as easy as making him think he would be dreaming.

Wufei winced, leaning backwards as he tried to think of a way to get the hell out of there.  His katana!  It was still outside, maybe he could make a run for it, and- well, he’d figure that out then.  The most important thing was getting away from Treize.  He ignored his body’s reactions to Treize being so close as he shoved himself away from the man, scrambling as fast as he could to the other side of the bed, the side closest to the door.

Treize slowly crawled after Wufei, running a hand over the naked upper body. “Even the strongest have to give in to their heart’s desire.”  He was well aware that the key for the door was safely hidden in his own pocket. He placed another, sensual kiss on Wufei’s soft cheeks, almost weakening himself at the touch. The beautiful Chinese had surrendered to him with pleasure when he thought he was dreaming, it couldn’t take too long until he saw that the situation now did not provide much of a difference. The fact that Wufei reacted to that touch, encouraged him.

Wufei spun on his knees, snatching Treize’s one hand by the back of the wrist, yanking upwards, exposing his neck.  His other hand shot out, two fingers ready and threatening a rather vital vein in the man’s neck.  He tried to hide it as best he could, but he was shaking some.  Treize’s light touches effected him more than he’d ever admit, and he was dangerously close to giving into him.  But-no!  He had only been submissive to Treize when he thought it was a dream.  He felt betrayed in a most serious way, but he wouldn’t show his pain.  He tightened his lips together his dark eyes glaring at Treize’s, but they revealed his true feelings as well.

“Ease, soldier,” Treize said slowly, placing one hand lightly on Wufei’s wrist, pushing it away from him. “I don’t mind giving my life to someone as beautiful as you. I really appreciate your courage. It has always been a pleasure fighting with you – but considering the feelings we have for each other, we cannot only keep on fighting.”

Wufei slowly let his arms drop, easing back onto the bed, sitting cross-legged.  He placed a hand on his other upper arm, digging his fingernails into the skin.  He looked downwards, his voice now soft.  “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Treize, as well, looked down onto the sheets. It was hard to admit, but seeing his love like that, and being the cause of it, was plain painful. “Wufei,…” he started, deciding to excuse to the only one worth excusing to, “gomen nasai. I know I should have told you a long time ago. But you see how you reacted, now. I thought you would refuse me.” He let his hand move over the soft cloth of Wufei’s pants, and kept on talking with a silent and careful voice. “I could not think of anything more painful than my love’s resistance. When you started to believe it was a dream, it made us both happy.” He laid his forehead on Wufei’s right knee, releasing a slight sigh. “It’s hard to risk something so beautiful. I wanted to tell you earlier – I didn’t have the heart to do it.” Had Treize Khushrenada ever been so brutally honest to anyone? He could not remember. It bugged him, that he still had to be so attentive and could not display his complete weakness to the soldier. Wufei still had the potential to kill him, right now.

Wufei shivered visibly at Treize’s touch.  His black eyes looked up to find Treize’s face downwards.  He knew honesty when he heard it.  And it was plain obvious he had never apologized for anything before.  As strong warriors shouldn’t... unless it was something important.  So he had.  But how could he...  he knew he had laid down at Treize’s touch many times before, but now it was different.  Now he knew it was not just a fantasy of the mind, that it was real.  And while the consequences of their love was more of a harsh reality than before, the meaning and joy that they could share was now reality for him as well.  Wufei leaned forward, lifting Treize’s chin to force him to look into his eyes.  His voice was still soft.  “If anyone finds you here, they’ll try to kill you.”  He didn’t know himself what might happen, but he did know one thing – he would stop them.

“They won’t find me, Wufei,” Treize answered confidently. “No one will know about any of this; it’s too precious to be ruined.” He watched the dark black eyes and found the emotions he had been searching for so long. He tried his best with another gentle touch of his own mouth on thin, tasty lips. The young man, he had loved from the moment of their first fight, succeeded in setting the worlds’ war to peace for the moment. May the world be fighting, it didn’t matter for the moments they would share.

Wufei struggled with himself to not react to the kiss, but he couldn’t for long.  He conceded to Treize and slowly returned the kiss, unable to do anything else.  After a few minutes, he broke the kiss, looking downwards.  For the second time this day, he was struggling to catch his breath.  So many feelings ran through him, he could hardly stay afloat in the storm.  He loved the soldier beside him desperately, but again his loyalties were vastly divided.  If... if Treize tried to coax him, he wouldn't be strong enough to resist.  But, did he really want to resist? 

Treize narrowed his eyes, still feeling the embarrassment of the one across from him. He knew how hard it was to forget the differences between them. He couldn’t blame the Chinese pilot for struggling with his emotions. The returned kiss set Treize aflame, making him ask for more. He edged nearer, uncrossing Wufei’s legs with gentle hands, and slowly pushing against his lips with a hungry tongue. It was his honest word, that no one would ever know about this. He wouldn’t ruin his chances for more.

Wufei’s world spun out of control.  Dreams merged into reality and he was with Treize, the only point not dancing wildly about him.  With his lover’s kiss and touch, the world had fallen away and there was only him and Treize.  He returned the other’s kiss with the same passion with which it was given, only slightly trying to half-heartedly resist.  He started to push Treize’s hand off his leg, but he stopped halfway, his attention diverted by Treize’s mouth.   

Treize pulled a beautifully shaped, slender and small body closer to him. A silent moan was heard between his breathing as he felt Wufei’s hand on his. He pulled it away, opening his belt. Sword and binoculars dropped to the floor. It traveled over to an ankle, pulling the leg over to wrap Treize’s body. Now, that Wufei was aware of the reality of this, love seemed more intense than it had ever been.

Wufei leaned into Treize’s arms, his hands on either side of Treize’s handsome face, preventing him from pulling away if he tried.  Something occurred to him and he pushed Treize away, breaking the kiss and their bodies’ light contact.  He put a forceful hand on Treize’s chest to keep him from just pulling him close again.  He determinedly kept the distance, eye blazing into Treize’s bright ones.  “One thing, one thing you have to swear to or I will refuse you.”

Surprised, Treize stood still as Wufei wanted him to. He just watched dark eyes with anticipation and blinked encouragingly, waiting for Wufei to speak again. He hoped it was a wish he could fulfill. Even though he would have promised almost anything in the eyes of such sweetness, he knew the meaning of honesty. Treize was too much of a gentleman to make promises, he would not be able to keep up. Knowing that, he anticipated Wufei’s conditions even more.

“Stay until I wake up, or at least wake me before you go.”  Wufei said it sternly and needingly all at the same time, his voice speaking volumes.  Even though it was hard to stay apart from the warm, accepting body before him, he had to get this vow.  He couldn’t take waking up alone again now that he knew it was real.  He doubted his sanity could take it, and his heart was long-past being able to shrug it off.  It was too damn painful...

Treize smiled mildly. It was a risky wish, but one he could sacrifice for this. “Yes, I will stay,” he answered, honestly looking into the other’s eyes. He gracefully unbuttoned his uniform, not loosing touch with Wufei, since the young pilot didn’t seem to do that for him.

Wufei nodded to himself.  Good.  The boy shifted to sit on his knees, scooting closer to Treize.  He brushed away his hands and took over unbuttoning all those darn-fangled buttons they insisted on sewing into these stupid uniforms.  His fingers searched out the circle-shaped offenders and nimbly undid them.

  Treize let himself be undressed and released himself of the uniform’s jacket. He pulled Wufei’s arms gently, dragging him on top of him, as he laid back. His mouth took care of the smaller one’s chin and neck with perfect softness. No, he wouldn’t leave him, if he needed him. He knew life was perfectly difficult for both of them, being in love with the enemy. They needed comfort in the same way, so they would secretly share it. It was time to be himself, for once.

Wufei moved with him as he pulled, straddling the older’s hips.  His quick fingers found the buttons on Treize’s shirt, undoing them quickly.  He was careful not to rip it in his need; if anyone saw the rip, they most certainly would question Treize and he’d have to come up with a good excuse to explain why he had left out on his own.  The last thing he knew Treize needed was a mutiny.  He grinned evilly to himself.  Especially with all the damage the Gundams were doing to OZ.  Finally finished the row of buttons, he pulled the shirt away, pushing it aside on the bed, out of the way.  There.. yes, there was that beautiful body that sent shivers all through him.  It was a pity the man hid it under so many layers of clothing.  His hands slid up the chest, still convincing himself he wasn’t nutty.  But he wasn’t because the skin was real, the muscles beneath real...  He wasn’t alone.  They weren’t alone. 


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