Truth Revealed, the Honesty of Friends


            Wufei woke sleepily.  He had never slept so blissfully free of nightmares.  A larger, warm body next to his shifted.  The Chinese smiled drowsily to himself, sliding his arms around a bare waist, pulling the body closer.  Soft lips met his in a sweet wake-up kiss.

            Treize sat up a little, leaning on an elbow.  He lightly stroked the beautiful skin of the naked boy beside and smiled at the youth's sleepy sweetness.  He couldn't remember now what made him so cautious about waiting for the dragon to wake before stealing off back to "safety" in his stronghold.  He leaned over a little, and unbound the messy ponytail of short hair.  Wufei didn't protest and just blinked before rubbing his eyes.

            "Hmmm... hey." Wufei uttered, snuggling up closer to Treize.  The older man just smiled at him, stroking his naked back and sides.  The Chinese nodded seriously to himself.  "This is how life should be."

            "Hai, I agree, my little dragon."  The general leaned in close, planting feathery kiss along Wufei's collarbone.  The other smiled some, sighing happily.

            "Little?" he mumbled as he kissed.  "I mean that only in height measurements, of course." Treize amended.

            Wufei, for his part, was blushing and his pinched Treize's shoulder hard in reply.  "Your mind is always on this path, is it not?"

            "Hmm... only when there is a naked dragon awaiting rapture beside me..." he answered slyly, kissing up the boy's smooth neck.  Wufei only blushed more, but did nothing to deny the insinuation.  So he just pinched Treize hard again.  To his surprise, the Leader of OZ only moaned shortly in pleasure.  "Do that again, Chang, again..."

            The pilot stared at him in disbelief before pinching him again, out of curiosity to where this was going.  And to his (somewhat) surprise, Treize moaned again.

            "I love it when your not gentle, my fierce dragon.  Give me more...".

            "Your nuts."

            "Ohhhh-just for you... do it, now!"

            Wufei amusedly pinched Treize in the tender spot between his neck and shoulder.  Treize moaned loudly, not even trying to muffle himself.






            About two hours later, Wufei emerged from his room, his usual white ethnic pants and blue tank top on.  He hurriedly pulled his hair back in a ponytail and jogged for the kitchen.  Hopefully no one would question him taking a bottle of champagne and two glasses with him.  If they did, he'd just glare at them until they thought better of it.  Hiding a smirk, and a blush, he reached for the requested items just as a chime sounded through the safe house. 

            Deeming the person behind his own door much more interesting than whoever could possibly be outside the front door, he ignored it and jogged back to his room.  The chimes sounded again.  Wufei sighed in annoyance.  Since his room was right across the corridor from Quatre, he was about to yell at Quatre to get it when some noises caught his attention.

            The chimes sounded again in persistence, but he ignored them and leaned his ear to the door.  Blushing almost instantly, he fought off a nosebleed by sheer willpower and thought better of asking the "busy" Quatre (or Trowa) to get the door.  He opened his door, signed a quick apology, sat the items near the door and shut it again.  He jogged up to Heero's room, intent on asking Heero to answer the door.  He wondered for a minute if maybe he had a social-paranoia problem, but he TRULY did not want to spend anytime chatting with whomever decided to check up on them.  Not with such a precious thing waiting for him in his own room...

              Wufei noticed the door open and walked right in, assuming the person within (or on the balcony) wouldn't care.  He stopped in the doorway.

            Heero was curled up with his head on Duo's chest.  Duo was spread out on his back, the blanket pulled up only to his waist, giving the pair modesty for their lower-halves.  At the swish of air by the door, Heero shivered a little and cuddled up to the sleeping shinigami.  Duo tightened his hold unconsciously around the sleeping soldier. 

            Wufei slowly backed out of the room.  Wow... two shocks in the same day.  First the clown and tea-leaf, now the baka and stone...  Shaking his head, he jogged back downstairs.  The chimes sounded insistently.  'Hm', he thought with a smile, 'I'm probably only taking this so easily because of Treize...'.

            With a sigh of pure dread, he opened the front door.

            Wufei blinked black eyes; BIG black eyes.

            Relena Dorlian-Peacecraft stood there on the porch.  She met his astonished stare with strength, but her words seemed timid.

            "Good day, Wufei-kun.  May I please speak with Heero-kun?  It is extremely important that I do so."

            Wufei eyed her suspiciously, not sure what to make of this.  It was known widely among the pilots that Heero was being chased by Relena, and she had some sort of crazy attachment to him.  Heero never really spoke about her, or whatever he thought about her, but he had saved her life on more than one occasion. 

            Weighing the choices of waking up Heero and getting his ass kicked, or having to stand here and flip Relena off and missing time with Treize...

            It wasn't too hard to pick.  Besides, he can't lie.  How dishonorable. 

            He nodded and stepped back to let her in.  "Follow me."  He lead her into a nice sized living room that held two couches, a strange circle-ish table in-between them and a big bookcase lining the opposite wall.  "Have a seat.  I'll get him for you.  If you want anything, the kitchen is there." He nodded vaguely in the direction of the kitchen and left her.

            Wufei jogged back upstairs, cursing having to deal with this crap.  He eyed the sleeping pair when he arrived in their room, not quite sure how to go about this.  'Well, direct approach is the best.'  So he hastily grabbed one of Heero's shoulders and shook it.  It was weird to see him asleep, but no time to dwell on this.  Not with a naked OZ leader in his bed... At this thought, he shook a little harder.

            Heero blinked his eyes open and focused on Wufei.  He blinked, moving a little to lay on his back next to Duo, leaning on his elbows behind him to hold himself up.  "Wufei."

            Wufei fought a blush and looked at the floor.  "Relena-san is downstairs.  She said it was extremely important to speak with you, so I let her in."

            Heero nodded and started to slide out of bed.  Wufei hurriedly stepped back, looking away.

            Duo snaked an arm around his waist and pulled his koi back to himself and effectively back under the covers.  Heero looked at him questioningly.  Duo only grinned.  "Can't let others see my prize, now can I?  Then I'd have to fight them off you." he joked softly.

            Wufei just shook his head and jogged back down the stairs, and to his room.  He looked behind himself, just in case, as he opened the door.  Before he look back to where he was going, two strong arms grabbed his hips and yanked him in. 

            The door shut with a slam and the lock clicked with a small 'clunk'.






            Relena clenched her fingers together, digging a manicured nail into a finger.  She bitterly fought of a chuckle; how pretentious.  A war was going on, and her nails were perfectly manicured.  'But how can I say no to Noin?  She insists I do such things to calm my nerves and relieve some stress...  All it does is make me resent my position more.  I do all that I can, I really try...'

            She closed her light blue eyes tightly, fighting back tears of sick frustration.  'There is only so much I can accomplish before it gets destroyed.  All this senseless fighting...  I can barely hold onto my calm, can hardly make myself think straight.  Only thoughts of him keeps me determined, only thoughts of him helps me keep my fragile hope alive...'

            Relena dug her nails into the soft cloth of her dark pink skirt.  bravely she fought down tears and pushed herself out of self-pity.  There were others in much worse condition than herself, plenty of others who believed in her and she would live up to their expectations, damnit.  She could not afford to be weak.

            'Then what am I doing here....?'

            "Relena-san?" A painfully familiar, deep, monotonic voice questioned.

            Relena looked up, meeting those dark blue jewels equally, holding her chin in that regal way.  It was her only defense at not loosing her composure.

            "Hai, Heero-kun.  I am here on need to speak with you.  Please, sit.  I have much to speak with you on."

            Heero wordlessly sat down on the couch opposite her.  He shook some wild brown strands out of his eyes and watched her expressionlessly.

            Relena took a deep breath.  She knew it would be silence until she broke it.  And not anytime beforehand.  So she drew up her courage, not letting herself break the eye contact.  It hurt - that he looked at her without emotions, without human warmth.  But not as bad as it had been the first time she met him...  By now she had dealt with many others, some much less human than this boy warrior before her.

            "Heero-kun... please spare me some patience, for this is difficult to speak."  His tiny nod gave her some confidence.  She drew her strength from the non-condemning eyes of the one she loved.  She drew another shaky breath and shoved herself into the semi-rehearsed speech.  "Y-you have often told me I am the peace for this war, that I am the hope for the end.  But I can only reply that you, Heero Yuy, are.  Beneath that cold armor, I know beats the heart that hopes for a peaceful world.  You have put yourself on the line more times than I have even held conferences to try and negotiate.  You effectively stop, or at least slow down, OZ and the Romefeller Foundation from advancing as quickly as it would have without your attacks.  I have watched you Heero-kun, I have seen past the torture those people who changed you have inflicted.  I know, in my own flawed heart, that you ARE the hope for our future.  You are kind, strong and ready to sacrifice your life for the good of all humanity.  Though your expressionless mask seems to say nothing, your actions speak louder than words ever could.  I don't pity you; please don't mistake me this way.  But I do wish for you; I wish you were not chained down, I wish you didn't have to experience the things you are at such a young age, and I wish that this wasn't the only way to end the war.  But it is.  I-I try not to pity myself, but it is hard to resist such a temptation, considering how much I have been forced to change over these past months.  But I realize this is needed, and I give it up gladly for those lives my attempts can save.

            Please don't take my words lightly."  Her regal air was completely gone by now.  All that was left was a desperate girl with too much responsibility and guilt on her shoulders.  Her eyes watered as her voice lost it's own accustomed speaking inflections, changing to a passionate tone.  She leaned forward, clenching her hands into fists. 

            "Heero-kun, I follow you in my weak moments, in my moments where I foolishly dream of finding comfort in your arms.  I love you.  I love you with all my heart and soul.  I do not want you to be forced into replying the same, unless you mean it.  But Heero-kun, don't you see!?  If you continue to be so locked away, to be so unreachable to everyone, you will become so- and you will never be the person I know you are inside!  Emotions are not weaknesses, they are strengths beyond measure!  You must believe me!  I hope for peace, and I hope for your peace as well!  All I have is clinging to these fragile desires!  When I have been talking round and round with madmen bent on destruction, and all I see around me is cruelty beyond measure, I doubt why I should even try to save these dirty beings at all.  But then... but then I think of you, I see how you are trapped, I see how beautiful your soul is and I long to set you free, to get you away from all of this!  That is why I can continue to fight.  That is why I continue to hope!  After all the horrible deeds you have been forced to do, I still see your good intent, I still see your heart locked, but locked with it, inside you, the hope of all people. 

            Let me help you!!!  Let me break your shell, please let me aide you!!  Heero-kun, please understand, even if you don't want to with me, open yourself up to someone!  I have not, and I am nearly about to tear my hair out a piece at a time.  I realize my folly, and I wonder how you manage to keep sane when you are so close to the ugliness of certain people all the time.  Your emotions, your heart - you must set them free!!  I don't want to watch you die from believing yourself empty!  Heero-kun, you are so much more than all this!  You are full of wondrous things, don't be afraid to let someone help you bring them out!  You are smart, beautiful, and sweetly innocent."  She started crying openly.  "Don't let anyone take that from you...," she was sobbing into her hands now.  "Don't give into it, Heero-kun, like me... don't let them take your innocence from you... don't ever-".  She broke off, choked.  She just sobbed helplessly.  Relena knew she had babbled, but this was what she felt.  Once the words started, she couldn't stop them.


            "Oh Heero-kun please-!  Don't turn me away!" Relena begged him.

            "... Relena-san, I love you..."

            "H-Heero-kun..." his strangely soft words surprised her, and she sniffled, looking up.  Tears were still on her face, but she didn't move to wipe them away.

            "But don't misunderstand me... I only love you as a friend, a sister, an unreachable star.  I can never love you the way you'd want me to."

            "... Heero-kun..."

            Heero closed his eyes and smiled to her.  She only felt her heart wrench at the strange but beautiful sight.  "But try and be happy for me, Relena."

            A tear slid down her cheek over the other ones.  He wasn't using honorifics with her anymore...  He truly considered her close enough to him...  She was too surprised to make any noise at what he was saying and doing.

            Heero opened his eyes, and smiled his rare, strange but pretty smile for her.  "Me and Duo have found each other. Don't ask me why, or how Relena, but he unlocked me further than anyone else has been capable of."

            "Oh Heero..." She was still too amazed at the way his voice sounded, so soft and warm.  And he was treating her as someone he trusted and loved...  She cried silently.

            Heero reached out and gently wiped her tears away.  "Don't cry Relena, you will find the one who will love you as you deserve someday. I have. Let me share my new happiness with you. And Relena... thank you."

            "Huh?  Why Heero?" She touched his cheek where his hand had brushed so casually.

            "You chipped away at my locked soul as well. Every time you stopped me from killing, you broke some of it away. Arigatou gozimasu."

            "Oh Heero!" She threw herself into his arms, hugging him tightly, clinging needily.  She cried her heart out on his shoulder.

            Heero blinked, surprised at her sudden move but relaxed.  He softly put his arms around her and held her as she cried.  The intended comforter became the comforted. 




Sleepily, Duo rolled out of bed and slipped into his pants and shirt. Quickly he pulled up it’s sleeves and untucked his braid from under it. He yawned at the window, stretching his arms behind his neck and arching his back.

            So Relena is here to talk to Heero... wonder what that nuisance is up to. At that moment his stomach growled at him and he gently laughed, rubbing it with a flat hand. “The night has made you hungry, what?” he asked his stomach and narrowed his eyes in sweet remembrance. Heero... who would have thought how much lover there was for Duo inside him? He turned around, decided to be a dirty little shinigami and clean himself up later, the kitchen was more important right now. At least that was what his tummy told him clearly.

            He lightly headed through the corridor towards the kitchen, already imagining what he would find in the fridge. Then, however, he heard Relena’s voice from the living room, talking crazily and sort of upset. Poor Heero, what is it now? He sneaked over to the door and leaned against the wall right behind it, shielded from sight. Relena was talking about nothing else but Heero - well, what else would you expect from Relena Peacecraft? Duo forced himself to listen before he passed further judgement on her. What Relena was talking about... Heero being different, Heero having something else inside him, how she described all these secret and adorable features in him, as if she had known him forever... how she talked about Heero and the war, his intentions, his meaning... she was right. That girl made some sense! Maybe she wasn’t so stupid after all? 

            Well, Duo’s hopes for a better Relena were shattered just a moment after, when she claimed, she wanted to help Heero and described Duo and his fellow pilot-friends as ugly company for Heero. How dare she? And more than that, she wanted to get Heero out of what she thought was so horrible? She didn’t even know him, she couldn’t even understand him! She had no idea about how Heero really was! How dare she make such an offer to someone so special as Heero? She pleaded not to let them take his innocence - nobody would take that kind of innocence from Heero, Relena was talking about. That’s what he had Duo for! And Duo would protect that part of him, what else could shared love aide with?

            How dare she to ask so directly to be allowed to fill in this part. She couldn’t know it was Duo’s already, but how dare she make such a direct, ruthless and disgusting offer to Heero? As if that poor boy could just deal with anything, which Duo knew he couldn’t, especially in the matter of emotions. It was hard to ease Heero up, to make him relax, and what this Relena girl was doing, just had to be disturbing to Heero. He remembered his own struggling in loving Heero, how he had doubted, his feelings could ever be returned. And Relena just assumed Heero did love her because she loved him?! But then... Heero had acted strange in her presence, just like she did in his... it left room for assumptions from her side, and partly it seemed, she just wanted to help him. Maybe Duo should be less harsh about her. Maybe she really was just a poor girl in love with Heero, and so it was sad, Heero’s feelings were directed at Duo, not at her.

            “Relena-san,” Duo heard Heero’s voice.

            “Oh, Heero-kun, please-! Don’t turn me away.” Bitch!

            “Relena-san, I love you...” WHAT THE SHINIGAMI??? Duo muffled a gasp with his hand. He felt himself become dizzy... He loved her? But... that was impossible. And - it hurt!!! No, that couldn’t be true!

            “H-Heero-kun...” she stuttered, asking to get confirmed what she - what they - had just heard. Duo didn’t want to hear the answer, not again! He felt like screaming, but he couldn’t do that now. I pressed himself away from the wall and stumbled towards the front door. He bit his fist to prevent any sound from himself, before he was outside. Heedlessly he stumbled down the stairs and out onto the stony yard. He took the fist out of his mouth and let out a long, loud, painful cry: “AAAAAAAAAAAH!”




            Trowa yawned, looking at himself in the mirror.  The empty eyes he was used to seeing were now sparkling and full.  He smiled.  How much of an effect Quatre was having on him was certainly showing.

            He was just about to go join said-changer when he heard a strange noise from Wufei's room.  Concerned, Trowa leaned close and laid an ear to the wood.  What the heck?  Moaning!?




            Treize smiled down smugly at the small pilot, enjoying his domination for a while.  It had taken a while to convince the Chinese to let him try this, but it definitely was worth it to see such an arresting sight.

            Wufei's arms were above his head, hand-cuffed to the headboard.  Around his eyes was the silk handkerchief Treize always had with him, but never used.  The covers had slipped down to his waist, as the boy had been writhing and arching his back quite soon after Treize began his treatment...

            But the covers were still tucked nicely over Treize's shoulders.  Well, being as Wufei isn't very big, he was pretty close to the headboard he had been hand-cuffed to.  His hands were through the poled headboard, the handcuffs cuffed at his wrists, making it impossible for him to pull his arms back to himself or even try to get free at all.

            The Chinese moaned deeply again, writhing in pleasure.

            Treize didn't need his mouth to skillfully work the pilot into a frenzy...

            The leader of OZ grinned evilly to himself as he slipped another finger into the pilot, making him wiggle and cry out in pleasure.  He wanted to make the proud soldier beg... Yes, oh yes, he would work him up, then stop, and over and over until he would be screaming, yes, screaming for release, screaming to have Treize inside him...





            Trowa frowned... something was amiss.  Trowa peeked through the keyhole, but her could only see wall.  Another desperate moan was heard and Trowa made up his mind.

            Whatever was happening to Wufei, it sure didn't sound pleasant, and the quiet boy had no intention of letting it continue!

            He snuck back into his and Quatre's room.  Quatre smiled up at his arrival, pulling back the covers and patting a spot next to him.  Trowa shook his head and the blond pouted.

            "Mizu me, I would love to, but there's something going on in Wufei's room.  All I can hear is him groaning in pain."

            Aoi me tenshi blinked before immediately looking concerned.  "You think he maybe in a fight?"

            "Perhaps.  If they found our safe house..."

            "Right.  OZ here would NOT be good... Wouldn't Heero notice, though?"

            Trowa smiled.  "Not with Duo around to distract the hells outta him.  You know Duo... if he wants something, he wants it now."

            Quatre smiled ruefully.  "Quite right.  Let's go."  The naked pilot slide out form under the covers and pulled some baggy pajamas on.  Trowa picked up his handy-dandy lock-picking kit and nodded meaningfully to him.  The blond nodded in return, picking up his gun.  He flicked the safety off as the two tip-toed out into the hall. 

            With dexterous skill, Trowa expertly picked the lock, hardly a sound made.  He nodded to Quatre, who stood ready with his legs widely parted, and his gun aimed in front of him.  Trowa yanked the handle, shoved the door open and jumped out of the way immediately.  Quatre stood tense ready to fire...

            And nearly dropped his gun in shock.

            "Good day."  Treize Khushre-fucking-nada was in bed next to a hand-cuffed and half-un-covered Wufei who also happened to be blind-folded.  The one hand Treize didn't have under the covers waved cheerfully to the blond.   "Nice to see you, 04."

            Quatre's jaw moved as he tried to find his voice.

            "Charming underclothes you have there." The general smiled cheekily to him.

            Wufei, for his part, immediately stopped moving in the arousing fashion he had been, and turned bright red, blood streaming from his nose.  He only managed an "oh no....." .  Absently Treize pulled the makeshift blindfold from his eyes and held it under his nose.  "Really Wufei, I'm surprised they don't make you use tampons."

            Quatre laughed some at this, breaking him out of the mini-trance he was in. 

            Wufei seemed ready to angrily yell at him when something under the covers moved and he gasped.  Treize grinned evilly to the indignant and utterly embarrassed youth.

            During all this weirdness, Trowa was just looking at Quatre curiously, confused at his beloved's actions.  From hearing the tampon crack, he carefully moved to be beside his little lover, looking into Wufei's room.  His eyebrows were momentarily gone, but other than that, his facial expression didn't change.

            "Oh, Hey there 03."  Treize grinned even more.  "Care to join us?"

            Wufei's nose, meanwhile, was effectively soaking a quarter of the handkerchief.  He was blushing deeply and glared at Treize.  "How dishonorable to speak to them on such a manner, I'll-OOOOAAAHHHUUUHHHHH!"  He was cut off by a deep moan as something beneath the covers moved again for a couple minutes then stopped.  The poor pilot was left gasping for breath.  

            Treize simply ignored him while the other two Gundams stared at their usually serious and severe teammate pant for breath, his skin flushed with sexual arousal.  Needless to say, not even Trowa had ever imagined the pilot could be... like... well... this.

            "So, what were you saying?" He asked them politely, his eyes glinting.  Trowa took the hint, while Quatre stared blatantly at the bizarre scene.

            "We were agreeing that upon anytime you are in one of our safe houses, or Wufei is at one of your places, that the war is suspended and we are all family.  No stealing information, no political arguments, no using our, or your, whereabouts to attack, no speaking of this war in any shape.  On these conditions do we allow you to come here safely, and we do not attack you this very moment.  But keep in mind, all five of us will not go easy on you even if we all become close friends from this." Trowa's eyes narrowed as he spoke all this, his voice the same expressionless, but intense tone he usually spoke with.  "And I must warn you Treize- if you do anything to harm Wufei, or have intentions towards him besides love, than we will bring all the fury of the hells upon you.  You would not live to tell the tale." This last promise was made in a dangerously quiet tone, demanding.

            Treize thought this over carefully, before slowly nodding his head.  Wufei, for his undignified part, tried to become one with the pillow and stayed quiet.  "I agree to your conditions, I also promise you my word that I have no intentions towards my little dragon but love."

            Quatre looked up to Trowa as his lover carefully weighed Treize.  He then nodded.  "You are a man of your word Treize.  I trust you..." his voice lost the customary coldness and grew a little warm, "but only as long as your in our houses."

            Treize smiled broadly.  Quatre looked back to him, smiling himself.  "Besides, how could you kill me, when no one but I knows where the key is?" he nodded to the handcuffs.  Wufei huffed.

            "Set me free, now, you unjust-Oh-Uuuuuhhhhhhh..."

            "What was that?" Treize asked teasingly.  Quatre blushed lightly but giggled to himself.  The man looked over to them, smiling.  "Want to join us?" he asked, jokingly.

            Wufei, not one to catch onto jokes (especially in his current... um... position), turned even brighter red, moved around under the covers, apparently trying to kick his lover away.  "How dare you ask them such a thing!!  Is it not enough to be naked here!?  Must I suffer the indginity of your-"

            Treize cut him right off.  He lifted the blanket up high enough so that it was really lifted away from Wufei, but did it in a way to the other two couldn't see what was on (or going on) under it.  "Really?  Your naked?"  Wufei literally squealed.


            "Hm, only because your so damn sweet, my darling..." Treize let the blanket drop, but not before his hidden arm wiped towards Wufei's covered half.

            Trowa and Quatre tried not to laugh when they saw Wufei face go from furious embarrassment, to erotic pleasure as he moaned deeply and his back arched off the bed.  Treize only grinned evilly and nibbled the youth's neck.

            Trowa tugged at Quatre's sleeve and the two smiled to each other. 

            "Byebye!  We're across the hall if you need anything!" Quatre said sweetly, going into the room. 

            "We'll leave you to your privacy." Trowa added before shutting the door.  Wufei only moaned again.

            "Thank you..." was Treize's absent reply.  Trowa used his lock picks to lock it again and joined his koi in their bedroom.  Quatre had already stripped and was slipping into bed when he got in.  The tall boy set his tools on the desk and began pulling his too-big sweatshirt off (it was always sliding off a shoulder anyway).

            "They really are cute together."  Quatre stated, brushing a hand through his pale blond bangs.

            "Hm, yes.  It seems things are going better for Wufei.  Maybe they talked something out to deal with this."  Trowa flopped his shirt on a chair and started untying his drawstring pants.  Quatre watched his fingers work a little too closely.

            "Uh-huh... I like Treize.  He's so different in person."

            "He's like Heero- it takes love to bring your true self out.  He probably has a mask just like I did.  But I don't need it anymore to carry out my missions."  He smiled briefly as he worked out the knot.  Quatre beamed happily.

            "Your right, my kurohyou." he watched in anticipation and held his breath when the moment came.  Trowa finished the knot and let his pants fall off.  He gracefully steeped to the side, picked them up, and dropped them on his shirt.  With the grace of his lover's nickname for him, he slipped into the bed beside his precious lover.

            Quatre sighed happily, scooting over to him.  "I'll never get tired of watching your beautiful body unveiled to me."

            Trowa blushed lightly.  "Let us not argue whom we think is better - we will be here all day."

            Quatre grinned mischievously.  "Then maybe we should!"

            Trowa just smiled.  A thought occurred to him and he blushed darker.

            The blond looked at him curiously, trying to discern his thoughts.  "Kamoku kurohyou?"

"Never mind, it was a silly thought."

            "No, please, nothing of yours is silly."

            Trowa practically squirmed.  Quatre raised an eyebrow, concerned.  Trowa NEVER squirmed.

            "But it was a stupid idea..."

            "Trowa-chan... " Quatre captured his chin and forced him to look at him.  "Please, tell me.  Nothing you tell me is stupid, please.  Whatever comes out of your mouth will never make me turn from you or think differently of you.  Trust me, kurohyou."  He was worried.

            Trowa blushed.  "H-hai...  Could we... I mean... there's a set in Heero's room, I just thought..."

            Quatre blinked.  "You want to play with handcuffs?" He asked, unsure exactly what his European koi was getting at.

            "Well... could we do what they were doing?"

            Quatre blinked again.  But he smiled.  What an interesting proposal...  "Sure, why not?  I'm not sure I have anything I could use to blindfold myself with though."  The blond often let Trowa be the more dominating of the relationship when it came to sexual pursuits, but he didn't care, as long as he was with it him, it didn't matter.  Besides, Quatre wasn't really the seductive type.  The little Arabian hopped out of bed, reaching for a robe when Trowa grabbed his wrist.

            The emerald-eyed pilot was blushing, but he managed to get it out while looking Quatre in the eyes.  "I meant... could I be the one tied up?"

            Quatre watched his sweet lover with surprise before slowly grinning.  His mind quickly brought up an image of a blindfolded, naked and handcuffed Trowa moaning, completely at his mercy.  The idea kinda gave him funny jolts in his stomach.  He nodded quickly.

            "Of course, koibito.  Back in a flash!" Quatre kissed his forehead before racing like a nut up to Heero's room. 




            He couldn’t believe what he had just overheard, much less understand. Heero ... loved Relena? How could that possibly be true after all they had whispered into each other’s ear last night? But he had said it, he had confessed love to her. And how easily... much easier than he had said it to Duo. Did that mean - did that mean he meant it on Relena but lied to Duo? But how could that be possible, after all they had shared by now? Could he love them both? Duo shook his head as he started to slam his fist into the fence, just to have something to punch on.

            Why Relena of all persons? And why did Heero lie to him... how could his ...lover.... be so cruel? The thoughts were tear-provoking, and crying, Duo hit the fence once more. Damn you! How could you hurt me so much? Did it make sense, he tried to ask himself, though it was hardly possible to be reasonable right now. It did make sense... not killing her... letting her save him... believe in her abilities for peace...

            Duo yelled again, ramming his fist into the wooden fence once more. It splintered and stung into his knuckles, drawing blood. Duo hit once more, cracking the wood and spiking his hands with more splinters. The pain was good, the blood was good... The next punch he did with all power, the skin on his hand burst with the board, the bleeding became more and more intense, coloring the brown wood with dark red spots. Why? he could only ask himself, unable to really shape all the “whys” he had in his head, as he went for the next board on the fence, splintering it with one punch, crying out in pain. He would destroy this whole damn fence before he’d do the same in the garden and anywhere else.

Board number three! He thought, sending his blood-stained fist flying again, panting in exhaustion and pain.

            ”Relena...” he panted, heading for the next board. Then his mind went numb, he only punched without thoughts, feeling the pain, feeling a ton of splinters and dirt in his open wounds, feeling his wrist hurt from all the heavy hits, the pain pulling up to his elbow, but he just kept on punching until tears leaked out of his eyes, tears provoked by the pain in his fist, but due to that in his heart. He made a decision, half numb, but still a decision. Tomorrow he’d be gone; back to Hilde, back to L2 colony, back on the streets. He couldn’t bear loosing him to Relena, he couldn’t bear being abused like this, no matter how strong his love was, and he couldn’t bear sharing him with anyone, much less with her.

            Board eight!




Damn you, burst you fuckin’ board!














            Relena smiled a little to Heero.  He smiled slightly back.  It would take her a while to get used to, and even longer to get over him, but at least now things between them were clear.  She would never have him like she would want, but she guessed having him as a close friend was much better than nothing at all.  Relena felt a twinge of jealously on Duo, although she couldn't bring herself to blame him.  Duo was lucky to be loved by Heero, truly, in her mind.  Whatever made Heero choose Duo instead of her, she didn't know, but she silently wanted to.  There had to be a reason, and she was curious to see what Heero sees in the braided boy. 

            Despite her usual habits, she wanted to know not to try and break them up, but just so she could see the pilot in a more thoughtful light.  Obviously these five boys were much more complex than they appeared, and Relena would like to try to understand them.  She was, after all, one of the few people to see them and live to tell about it. 

            The two at the front door silently nodded goodbyes that neither could really put in words.  It was with an understanding of the other neither had till now, after Relena had calmed down and the two talked.  It was strange, but comfortable. 

            The blond opened the door and left.

            Her thoughts traveled inward as she strolled off the porch, feeling alternately heavier and lighter at the same time.  How had her own heart decided on this turn of events?  Relena didn't yet know completely, but she was strong and willing to search it out.  A loud noise caught her attention and she looked towards it.

            Relena gasped.

            There, demolishing a part of the wood fence, was Duo.  His face was clenched in the most agonized and angry expression she had ever seen on him.  His fists were raw and bleeding, the wood splintering under her blows.  Small tears of pain trickled from his big violet eyes, and he ignored both them and the blood on his hands.  He just threw punch after punch, the wood almost exploding under his attacks.

            "Duo?"  Relena called, running over.  She grabbed his wrist before it connected with the wood and looked at him with obvious concern.  "Duo, your hurting yourself.  That'll get an infection, come on, let's go clean it."  She examined his bloodied fist with her eyes only, calmly ignoring the slight fear that bolted through her from the dangerous glint in his eyes.  She was afraid of him, but didn't show it in the least.  The slightly effeminate, pretty, loud, and outgoing boy seemed, besides Quatre, to be the most harmless of the five pilots.  She had never seen him display such strength and violence before, at least, without his Gundam. 

            Relena's eyes glanced at the destroyed posts laying about.  If she didn't know better, she would never believe Duo could have done all this damage, but it was obvious that Duo's appearance was as deceiving as the others'.  There was no doubt in her mind that if Duo choose to hit her, he could very well break her neck.   Resolutely, she looked into his eyes, meeting his glare, showing no fear.  That would be the worst thing she could have done, letting him know how vulnerable she was after talking like that with Heero, letting him know her new fear of him, letting him know she was physically unable to defend herself. 




            Heero walked into the kitchen, expecting his lover to be there shoving food into his mouth while complaining about him being gone for that time.  But, surprisingly, Duo wasn't there.

            Weird.  Deciding that Duo was probably indulging in laziness, Heero felt like encouraging him by making him lunch in bed.  Getting out some food, he set about making an enormous sandwich. 




            Duo stopped in surprise as he was violently yanked out of his fit, by someone grabbing his wrist. Relena Peacecraft, the source of all agony, looked straight into his teary face and talked to him... after all she had done! Well, she probably didn’t know. Her words about hurting himself,  and cleaning the wound did barely reach his ears. He stood bewildered for a moment, panting, aching, hurting. Relena was an amazing woman after all, Heero made his choices properly. He would have never expected anyone else but the four other pilots to dare to approach him in his fence-smashing attack, since he had practically been insane. Relena was either very brave or very stupid. His heart immediately voted for stupidity, but his mind knew better.

            Duo forcefully yanked the wrist out of Relena’s clutch, tensing it to direct the next punch at her... a while he stood frozen, then he lowered his arm, panting. After all, she was the one Heero loved, how could he hurt what his ... koi ... held dear? No matter whether Duo understood that affection or not, it was there and he had to deal with it.

            “Go, Relena,” he said calmly, wiping his nose of with the back of his hand, catching breath still, “I don’t want to hurt you.” And as he turned around to restart punching the fence, he added:  “I don’t want to hurt someone he likes so much...” convincing himself, that he was not going to hit her.

            I’m ready, fence. Fight back if you can, he joked at himself and made ready for the next punch.




            Relena blinked.  Duo... said no?  What's his deal?

            Relena stepped back, but watched him in concern.  Something was amiss.  (obvious!?)  The blond turned and jogged back to the house.  Letting herself in she looked around.  If something was wrong with Duo, Heero would know what to do with him.

            Hearing noises from the kitchen, she walked in.  "Heero?"

            "Hn?"  He looked up form plopping lettuce onto the sandwich.  Relena's eye bulged; she had no IDEA how much Heero could eat... but the sandwich was very nearly as big as her head!!!          

            ", anou, Duo's acting weird outside."


            "By the fence-" was all she could get out before the boy ran past her and outside.  Breathless, she turned around and followed, staying on the porch this time.  She, as before, was afraid of Duo. 

            Heero grabbed his wrist, as Relena had, but unlike her, he spun the braided boy around to face him.  Wordlessly, he inspected the messed up knuckles.  Duo jerked his hand away, scowling.  Heero ignored it and grabbed him again.  This time when Duo tried to pull away, he couldn't.  So he started hitting Heero with his other had.

            "Let me go!!!" he fumed, eyes flashing.

            "Your hand."

            "Legggooooo!!!" Duo yelped, pulling and yanking.  He hit Heero's shoulder repeatedly, but it had the same effect as rain. 

            Heero looked up and locked eyes with him.  Duo faltered, blinking back.  "Why are you ruining our fence?"

            "I-...uh... well, I wanted to! Let go!" Duo stuttered, getting back his anger.  Why couldn't Heero just leave him alone??  How cruel...

            "What's wrong with you?"  Heero ripped off a piece of his tank top and carefully wrapped the bleeding knuckles.

            "You know what's wrong, jerk, at least you could be nice about it and tell me to my face!!" Duo screamed at him, yanking harder.  Even in his fury, he couldn't match Heero's strength.  His teammate just looked at him blankly.


            Duo scowled even more, ready to smack him in the face.  How could Heero be so mean!?  Making him say it out loud... Well, fine, he would, that big asshole...  "that you love Relena!!  Why did you tell me you loved me when you didn't!?  I can't believe it would be just to get me in bed, not with how you didn't know anything, but still!!!  Why did you lie like that, Heero??  Or did you not even know?  Just, tell me why the fuck you did this!?" he snarled, but tears streamed down his cheeks.  "Why didn't you tell me first?"

            Heero blinked.  That was all the reaction he gave.  Duo yanked again, this time flying backwards as Heero's grip faltered.  The braided boy stumbled a bit, getting his balance back, before grasping his hand.  Damn, that really hurt...  Maybe he shouldn't have attacked such a sturdy fence...

            "N-..nani!?" He asked, his monotone slipping.  His blue eyes were really big, and Duo would have laughed at him if he wasn't so heartbroken.

            "I heard you, you told her you loved her."  Duo stated again.  He noticed Relena on the porch and tried in vain to stop crying.  Oh, how embarrassing... he almost laughed hysterically again.  He was getting to be such a weakling... first falling for Heero, then whining about it when Heero changed his mind...  Maybe he shouldn't have been chosen to be a Gundam in the first place.

            Heero stared at him incredulously.  What did he mean!?  He heard... he thought... wow, Duo really is a baka.  "Y-you... you think I'm IN LOVE with Relena?"

            Duo nodded, not understanding why Heero was asking him such a stupid question.

            Then, the single most unexpected thing happened.

            Heero started laughing.

            Duo stared at him, jaw almost on the ground.  Laughing!?!?  "Heero, what the shinigami!?"

            Heero just kept on laughing.  His lover, having had enough of this stoic pilot's strangeness, was just about to crack him upside the head when Relena came over and laid a hand on his shoulder.

            "You heard us talking?"

            Duo jerked his shoulder from her grasp.  Where did she get off touching him?  "Yeah, so don't deny it!!!  You better get lover-boy there to stop laughing or I'll stop him, personally."

            Relena fought back giggles and smiled as nicely as she could.  "Well, Duo...  He told me he loved me, yes, I don't deny it... but as a sister."

             "A... sister?"

            At this, Heero broke out in fresh gales of laughter and Relena started giggling.  Duo stared at them, dumbfounded.

            "You mean, I put myself through all that... I shredded my hand... because..."

            "Because you’re a BAKA!!" Heero broke in and started laughing even more, bending over to keep from falling down.


            Relena managed to calm herself down enough to speak.  "Yes, sorry Duo.  Didn't mean to worry you."

            ".... damnit...."  he looked over at Heero and couldn't help but smile.  Even if Heero nearly gave him a heart attack when he heard him, it still was nice to see him laughing for once.

            Heero, starting to feel a twinge of guilt for laughing right in his lover's face, managed to get himself under control as well.  "Come on, let's fix your hand... baka."

            "Am I ever going to hear the end of this?" Duo complained.

            "No.  Especially not when Wufei gets wind of it."

            "No..... uh-uh!!!"


            "That's not fair!"

            "Shut up."  Heero snaked an arm around his waist and started tugging him towards the house.  Relena waved discreetly before walking back to her limousine.  Duo promptly folded his arms and ignored him and Relena.  This was not a good day for the boy.  But, at least it wasn't as bad as really losing Heero.

            As the pair walked into the bathroom to get some bandages, a few thumps and noises were heard from Wufei and Quatre's rooms.  They shrugged to each other, neither really caring to find out what it was.





            "I could've sworn..."


            "Oh, nothing."  Duo frowned to himself, going back to bed.  Heero snuggled up to him under the covers.  Duo smiled absently as he felt Heero kiss his neck, but his thoughts were elsewhere for the moment.  How annoying!  He had a love-play he wanted to do with Heero, involving some handcuffs, but they were missing.  Who could've taken them? 

            All thoughts disappeared when his koi did something particularly distracting and the handcuffs were forgotten.