Doukeshi meets Tenshi – Yesterday’s Most Aristocratic Circus Performance



Quatre of the Winner Company performs for circus Kaze Yume


Yesterday, six thirty pm – we meet Mr. Winner, the head of the Winner Company and probably the riches colonialist ever, in front of circus ‘Kaze Yume’ along with 22 daughters. All of them are looking forward for tonight’s biggest event: Their son’s and brother’s performance.

Together with his best friend (and rumor has it there is more to that friendship) Trowa Barton, who performs as a clown, and his sister Catherine Bloom (Trowa is adopted) he invades the stage this week-end. ‘Quatre refused to tell us about his role and what he is going to do, but he has been working very hard,’ Delilah Winner explains.

Before we can enter the tent – along with about five thousand other visitors who fill the usually not-so-filled tent this evening – we meet more of Quatre’s friends. A young boy with a several-inch-long braid introduces himself as Shinigami Duo Maxwell, a friend from school, and provides us with more information: ‘It was Catherine’s idea,’ he says, ‘after Trowa had been working at the Winner’s company for a week during a school project. Q says, we shouldn’t expect too much from him, for he’s no artist, just a friend with a guest appearance, and it’s more or less a joke.’ Before we can inquire him and his friends Heero and Wufei any further, the boy has skipped away and into the tent.

Surprising so, that the heir finally makes his appearance on stage in a white silk-suit and on a white horse with a pair of enormous angel-wings on his back. Whether this costume is a way to mock the common descriptions of him in the press, or to make him look even more attractive to the row of girls in front of us, who are about to faint, nobody can really tell. Neiother does anyone disagree, that the flushed fifteen-year-old looks quite handsome tonight.

In the short time of his performance we are confronted with Catherine Bloom in the shape of the devil, who ends up throwing knives at the very frightened angel. Fortunately he gets saved by Trowa Barton, who appears in his usual shape of a clown. In a romantic scene, clown and angel become friends and go to heaven. Once again, we wonder about the friendship of clown and angel… And what else did we learn about Mr. Winner Jr. during this performance? We learn that Quatre is indeed capable of juggling with a total of six balls and has a great talent for acting. The girls in the front row seem even more fascinated by this and we come to the conclusion, they must have spent all their money on the tickets, even though they are worth it even without Quatre: Kaze Yume puts up an astonishing show, worth of being watched more often.


Outside the tent, we meet up with Rashid, the head of the Maguanac Corpse. At the age of thirteen, a much less friendly Quatre than the one we know today made quite a fuzz by running away from home and getting kidnapped by the Maguanac Corpse, who are the living representation of the positive meaning in the word ‘pride’ and passed that knowledge on to the young heir. They share a great deal in turning Quatre into what he is today. We wonder what they are doing here and catch one of them for a quick talk.

‘Quatre-sama is the greatest kid in the universe and he has just proven it yet again. We are all friends with him, and we are proud of it,’ says Abdul, holding up his ‘Good Luck, Quatre-sama’ sign.

Eventually the heir himself, of course accompanied by Barton, makes his appearance and greets those who have been awaiting him, receiving his cheers. Blocked by three friends, a family of twenty-three people and the fourty members of the Maguanacs no reporter can possibly come through to him. Minutes later, the busy young man finds time to talk to the crowd of reporters and lets them take pictures.

‘It was fun doing that, but it of course only was a one-time occurrence. I wouldn’t mind doing it again, if it served a good purpose, of course.’ He also states, that the costume for sure wasn’t his idea. Ever the nice diplomat he appears to be, he doesn’t miss greating his numerous female friends, who are all full of hope that they might get a share in the Winner fortune one day…

Our inquiries about whether any of the girls has a chance and about his relationship to Trowa Barton, he just smiles confidently, as he always does being asked that particular question: ‘Trowa is a very good friend of mine, and we are very close. We both hope for a bright future.’

Just – together or each on his own? Will we ever get an answer, Quatre?


Colonial Sunday Times