Angelic Peace



Nah, not everything is alright yet, don’t believe that. But the following day was full of surprises. Not for me, really. I had cuddled with Heero in his room all night and woken up in the middle of the Cleeve Hills, as the sun greeted us. Heero was still asleep, but there was a surprised yell from the outside. I carefully rolled away from my love, and went to the window. Down on the yard Relena and Noin, who had spent the night in the Cleeve Hills as well, were facing each other, seach staring at the golden wings of the other.


Sally and Milliardo appeared only a moment later, holding a similar pair of golden attachments folded on their backs. Soon a whole crowd was assembled, some carrying a white feather, which they had found on the foot of their beds in the morning. These were the only remains left of the physical separation which had once been between the Shouriwings and the Shinisouls.



To be quite frank, I missed my white feathers, really. But Sally and Rasid still had the bunch they had picked up from the tree on my first day with wings, and they gladly gave it to me. They are in a vase in mine and Trowa’s room in Yagen, now. Sometimes I watch them, and wonder where the dust came from, that had made them so sparkly. And Trowa says, it’s because I have been the real angel by heart from the start. These words make me blush every time again.


There have been a lot of other pairings in the meantime. Milliardo and Noin are one of the cross-raced pairs, but there have been some inside the ‘old clans’, too. It seems, since the war is over, people have time for more beautiful things – love, for example. The races-thing doesn’t really matter anymore, we are all one family. Lots of people moved to Yagen, like me, and others to the Cleeve Hills, like Duo. Soon, the cities, too, shall become one. We are working on it.



We never found out, why Meiran was different from us, and how much she can look into our hearts. There is something strange about her, but maybe only Wufei knows. She seems to be an angel like us, now, but who knows... and who really cares? Those two are happy, that is what counts.


Currently, we are working on connecting the cities over the vast lands. We are building new houses and fields and tear down the separating walls. In addition, we are all together working on a big history book, so this is mine and ... well, partly, Quatre’s entry. It is hard to find out about all the happenings of the angel’s past in the nameless world (it still has no name). We are working on revealing old traditions and recording the incidents, that influence our life today. It is tough work, as interesting as it is hard.


There is one thing, Quatre and I absolutely agree upon.


Everything goes much easier with peace ...and with love.



Angel Chronicles entry # 1

by Duo Maxwell (and Quatre Raberba Winner),

June, Year A.P. (Year of Angelic Peace) 01

Nameless World