Don't Disturb


Author: Magda aka Mysticlees

Warnings: RxN, implied 2x1

Disclaimers: I am poor, I don't even own this computer I'm writing on... <sniff> Sue me and I'll laugh... then cry....

Note: I dunno whether this will lead to a lemon, depends on whatever feedback I get!  I know it ends in a hurry, but I think it's fine. <wink>  I know, mostly it's DxR, but I like this pairing better, it makes sense... I have someone better for Dorothy anyway, trust me... <wink> MORE TO CUM- anou.. COME! <is pelted by bannanas for the bad pun> sumimasen...?




                Relena slammed the door behind her hard.  This was most disappointing...

            She had left to go see Heero, do talk to him about important things... like her insatiable love for him... when she walked in on-

            Relena blushed.

            Apparently she had never thought Heero could be so flexible....

            At any rate, she knew there was no chance with the beautiful soldier now - Heero was with Duo.  Duo.  A boy.  A loud, crazy, impulsive, crude, long-haired bishounen. SHOUNEN.

            Relena groaned.  How unfortunate.  Her heart was broken.  She didn't understand how Heero could possibly be gay, but on more cynical reflections, it would be just her luck. 

            "Figures...," she sighed, "not only does he happen to be a homicidal boy with walls inside preventing him from being anything but a machine, has threatened to kill me many times, he is also gay and the boy my heart fell for."

            "R-Relena...??" a desperate voice called two rooms over.  Coming back to herself, Relena hurried for the voice.  It sounded familiar... although she hadn't heard it in a while.  But the desperation and sadness in the voice grabbed her back from self-pity to her never-ending need to help others.  Searching out the room, she slid the oak door open to the parlor.  She gasped.

            There, on the blue couch, sat someone she knew very well.  The figure's knees were drawn to it's chest, hugging them tightly, face buried in it's thighs.  Noin was crying her heart out.

            Overcoming her surprise, she ran over to her close friend, sitting beside her on the couch.  She slide an arm around her back and drew her close, hugging her comfortingly.  She didn't ask - Noin would tell her when she was ready.  But Relena still couldn't think of something for the girl to be so upset about.  Noin had left with Millardo, the one she loved, to work on a project she had been starting.  The two seemed happy; well, on closer reflection, Noin really was the only one.

            Noin calmed down and pulled away.  Relena let go and smiled to her.

            Noin smiled weakly back.  "Gomen nasai Relena, but this was the only place I could think to go...".

            "No, I'm glad you came.  Would you like to talk about it?" Relena asked, concern in her voice. 

            Noin smiled a little, but there was bitterness to it.  "I guess, I haven't gotten to speak with anyone about this for so long..."      

            "... If you want, you aren't pressured.  Would you like anything?  I'm sorry, I didn't ask, pardon my poor manners."

            "Tea, please.  Cold."

            "Right away." Relena smiled comfortingly and Noin smiled a little more.  The girl got up and headed quickly to the kitchen, pouring her friend some tea before forcing herself to walk slowly back so as not to spill it.  She was really worried... even during the war, even when they all thought Millardio was dead, Noin had not shed a tear.  But here she was... sobbing.

            It really upset Relena.  Which wasn't hard to do, considering she was just still in shock about never ever achieving her object of love.  Forcefully shoving that selfish thought aside, Relena pulled her calm and happy mask back on and re-entered.  Noin had shifted a bit, sitting cross-legged, her head in her hands.  Relena feared she was crying again, but at her entrance, Noin looked up and smiled a little thank you.  Her face was dry of tears.

            Relena sat next to her, handing her the tea.  She watched from the corner of her eye as Noin drank the liquid, while she herself fiddled with the table cloth on the little coffee table in front of them.

            Noin lowered the cup from her lips and looked down as she held the tea in her lap.  Relena watched as Noin bit her lip, squeezing her deep purple eyes shut.

            "Mill-milliadro... he, he...," Noin pressed out between shaking lips.  Relena immediately tensed.  Had her pretty protector been hurt by her brother?

            "What did he do Noin?  Is it something horrible, fore I can certainly pull him here and make him attest for his crimes."  Relena fought panic - had her brother done something terrible to her?  No... she couldn't believe it, but how shaken and upset Noin was...

            "No, nothing like that Relena.  He just...," Noin sighed, "I mean, it should be obvious, right?  The long hair, the beautifulness like a girl, the obsession with silk..."

            Relena raised a brow.  "I'm not quite sure I understand..."

            "He told me one night.  We were laying down in our beds, saying good night.  The lights shut of automatically.  It was quiet for a while, but I never fall asleep right away anyway, but he does, and so he surprised me.  He... he told me we need to talk.  He told me he knows the way I feel about him and he doesn't want to lead me on.  He told me... he told me he's gay and only loves me as a woman whom he is friends with.  He said he loves me as much as he loves you, and the same way as he loves you.  I just...," her voice rose in frustrated sorrow, "how cruel!! He knew since I was an ensign, working under him in OZ!  He knew I was in love with him then, and he never told me this!  He lead me on... and it hurts so much.  If he had told me then, I would have been better able to deal with it, but I waited for him, longed for him when he was assumed dead for all that time... He never told me! Bastard!" Noin broke down into tears again, clenching her right hand into a fist, her left holding the tea glass tightly.

            Relena watched her in surprise.  She recovered quickly.  "Oh Noin..."

            Noin also choked her hopelessness back, wiping her eyes on the sleeve of her uniform.  "What can I do now?  I wasted those years longing for him, I turned away so many I care for to stay true to... to a fantasy!"

            "I-I must confess I am surprised.  Oh Noin, I'm so sorry."

            "No offense Relena, but your pity doesn't help." Her tone was harsh.  She blinked and grabbed Relena's hands, groaned.  "Oh, I'm sorry, I just meant... I didn't mean to say that, I'm just so-"

            Relena gripped the soft hand gently and patted it with her other.  She smiled.  "Don't worry, I know what you meant."  She smiled sadly.  "But it's not pity.  I'm sorry that you have to feel what I feel, too."

            Noin's teary eye looked at her in confusion.  "Huh?"

            "Well, remember that day, in fall, when Sally mentioned a statistic about how one out of four children in a family is gay, and joked about which of the pilots in their weird little family could be gay?"

            Noin nodded.  "Yes.  But what-?"

            Relena sighed painfully.  "Seems that it's two in their family who likes boys."

            "You mean-"


            "With who?"




            Noin stared at her before smiling some.  "Well... I can see how this could be possible."

            Relena sighed painfully and looked to the carpet.  What did she think?  Her thoughts drifted to the many times she's seen the two together on missions, or otherwise.  The American's loud jokes and Heero's annoyed Hns...  But...  No, she couldn't deny it.  It was true.  The two pilots were perfect for each other.  And, unfortunately for Relena, they had realized it and promptly fell in love.

            "Oh... I'm sorry.  I guess we just have really poor taste... our hearts seem to latch onto the homosexual ones."  Noin smiled some, sipping her tea.

            Relena chuckled and let go of Noin's hand.  "Yeah.  And they only love us as siblings."

            Noin raised a purple brow at her before smiling companionably.  "Times like these make me wish incest was legal."

            Relena laughed again.  "True."

            The two shared a calming quiet.  Noin got up and sat in front of the fireplace on the big, fuzzy black rug.  She laid her legs in front of her and leaned back on her palms, crossing her ankles.  Relena joined her a moment later, sitting gracefully on her knees.

            Noin smiled at the fire, it's light reflecting on stray tears.  "I loved him so much..."

            "You don't anymore?"

            Relena's quiet question caught the tomboy off-guard.   

            "I-uh... Well, I guess I kinda do, but...".

            Relena smiled to herself.  "Just asking.  I've chased after Heero so long, I can't really tell if I love at all....", she gazed sadly at the fire.


            "I mean, I honestly did love him... just now, I can't figure out how.  I always assumed my feelings for him were romantic, but... since I came upon you here, I'm starting to rethink.  He loves me as a sister.  Maybe I always loved him as a brother.  Maybe my feelings for someone else were just confusing, so I turned them upon him to ease my hurt."

            Noin stared at her.  This was interesting.  But, then again, she found herself more angry at Millardo for not telling her sooner than really breaking her heart...  Noin shook her head.  That's what she had been really crying about it...  If she had been in love with him, really, for all that time, why wasn't she sadder?  Why was she more of angry and relieved?

            Relena stayed silent, a blush on her cheeks.  "Sorry, I must have said something inappropriate, your silent."

            "No, not at all.  I was just thinking.  You provided an answer for my own thoughts.  I was crying earlier not because I was sad...  I was crying because I wasn't."

            "I.. don't quite understand, Noin."  Relena looked back to her.

            "I'm just angry he didn't tell me... and I feel sorta relieved.  So, you said that thing, I think it fits me too."

            Relena grinned.  "Noin, it seems we have no common sense.  We don't even know who we're in love with."  Relena looked back to the fire, still smiling at the idiocy of the situation.

            Noin looked over at her.  How can I possibly say that I'm in love with you?  She sighed.  Her own tomboyish appearance certainly wasn't attractive, and she wasn't nearly as graceful and pretty as Relena.  And despite the girl's tendency to be self-centered, she was so caring and sweet.  But Relena also had a strong backbone, and an even stronger temper.  Her angelic appearance hid all this though.  What would she think?  There's no way a girl my heart decides on would feel the same.  I just don't have that luck.  Noin sighed and looked back to the fire.

            She didn't work so close to Relena.  She didn't even see her much at all from her work.  What would the harm be?  But Noin didn't want to make things uncomfortable.  She wasn't willing to jump that cliff.

            Relena brushed long, honey-colored strands over her shoulder and smiled sincerely to Noin.  "Hey Noin.  I think what you said is my same feelings.  But, I must confess, I know exactly whom my heart longs for.  I found them right after I found out about Heero."  She smiled coyly to her.

            Noin tried to keep from breathing harder out of nervousness.  Was Relena implying something here??

            "What about you, Noin?  The heart will always show the truth."

            "Well, um, yes, I guess I know too."

            Relena poked her playfully in the side.  "Oh, tell tell!"

            "Can't a person have their secrets?" Noin asked with a laugh.

            Relena slowly slide closer, but the purple-haird girl didn't notice.  "I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours."  Relena smiled innocently, but meant it with a dirty twist.  She had been obvious of her supposed love for Heero, so why should she change her ways now?"

            "Anou... Well, give me a break and go first."  Noin looked over at her, a bit flushed but trying to get ahold of the position of this conversation.

            "Hmm... I'll give you one hint, alright?"

            "Alright.  What do I get if I guess right?" 

            "You'll see."  Relena stated simply.  Noin waited for the hint when she suddenly got it.

            Relena, very close to her by now, grabbed a side of her neck, pulled her close and kissed Noin right on the lips.

            Noin blinked wide before pushing her away.  "R-Relena!"

            Relena looked up at her with a disappointed look.  "Oh...  Sorry Noin, I thought I was reading you right.  I love you.  Darn, I hope this won't make things awkward."

            Noin had NO idea Relena was this direct... well, she had been direct practically with Heero, and she did speak her mind a lot...

            "No, not at all.  Relena, I... I love you." Noin said a bit sheepishly.

            Relena grinned.  Then she very un-ladylike tackled her, hugging her tightly.  "Oh Noin!" she cried in a voice she usually used to cry a certain someone else's name.[1]  But never again; now this voice was reserved for the taller girl alone.

            Noin hugged her back just as tight.  "Relena..." she said, in a voice used mostly for saying a certain someone else's name. [2]

            Relena pulled back and smiled impishly.  Noin was gazing happily into her eyes.  Relena loved how those purple eyes sparkled in the dark, how the purple hair was cut in such a unique way.  Noin was an extremely attractive young woman.  But she acted like she wasn't.  Relena grinned darkly.  Oh, she'd show her how wrong she was!  "Let's go."

            "Go where?"

            Relena impatiently got up and grabbed one of Noin's hands in both of her own, tugging gently.  Noin let her pull her up.

            "My bedroom."

            "Um... Relena, isn't that a bit fast?"



            "Noin, please don't make me order you to come and indulge in physical affection and pleasure with the one you love."

            "Oh Relena.." Noin chuckled, rolling her eyes.  What exactly was she getting herself in for now?

            "Come on."  Relena tugged her forward again, catching the stumbling girl in her arms.  She nuzzled her cheek against Noin's chest happily.  Noin gasped in surprise.  Relena certainly was bold...


            Relena grinned and tugged her down the hall to her bedroom.

            Once she had cajoled the tall girl into the room, she slipped a little sign around the doorknob and skipped over to claim her love's prize.

            The sign shook a little with the door's closing.

            On it said two words.

            DON'T DISTURB.







[1] - Sorry, have to make fun of endless taglines and speaking inflections...

[2] - heehee, still have to make fun!!!