Kurama and Hiei are sitting on a sofa. Kurama is wearing an army uniform.




HIEI: Kurama, you are looking at me like that all the time. What are you doing that for?!

KURAMA. (laughs)

HIEI. I really don’t think it’s funny. What has gotten into you?

KURAMA. I like you.

HIEI. Rest assured, I don’t need anyone to like me.

KURAMA. Sou sa ka?

HIEI. Yes, that is so. And you don’t need to speak Japanese to me.

KURAMA. (laugh) I like that language. It has something … personal.

HIEI. You are acting weird today.

KURAMA. Am I? … Maybe there’s a reason for me to change. As there is a reason for you to back away any time I come close to you in daylight, anytime our hands are about to touch, as if you were frightened.

HIEI. I am not frightened. But you have to admit, that you’ve been acting weird lately. Where’s the old Kurama?

KURAMA. Pretensions fly away, Hiei. The real me comes to the surface when the moon’s up.

HIEI. Have you turned into a poetrist now, too?

KURAMA. (yawn) Am I pathetic?

HIEI. (sarcastically) Am I boring?

KURAMA. I’m a fox, Hiei. Cats, foxes, lynxs, lions, gepards, they all yawn to calm themselves down in uncertain situations…

HIEI. What does this have to do with us? This is no such situation.

KURAMA. Are you sure? He stares at him.

HIEI. (Backs away). Kurama, stop that! I am serious!

KURAMA. Kono de hikiyosetai…

HIEI. Draw me closer? What the fuck, fox?! Are you horny?!

KURAMA. Maybe…

HIEI. (Now scrambling away even quicker, towards the wall) Fine. Then please go out and search for some prey to fuck with…

KURAMA. I already have my prey…

HIEI. Kisama!!! That’s not how this is going to end!

KURAMA. Oikakete itai no wa, itsu ka tsukande miseru…

HIEI. Oh no, don’t get false ideas, you are not getting and showing me what you like to go after! Oh no! Get away from me.

KURAMA. I remember you told me all the things you went through in your young life…

HIEI: Kurama! Get your hands off my pants!!

KURAMA. (Kneeling in front of Hiei) …what things you suffered on, and how life treated you. You didn’t seem to mind much, born to be rough and fight for your survival… Never anything good, as it seemed, never any peace in your life, never any pleasure.

HIEI. I don’t want any pleasure!

KURAMA. You don’t know what you are missing.

HIEI. (Pressed against the wall) I’ll slice you in two if you go on!!!

KURAMA. (sexily) How?

HIEI. Bastard! Is that all you can think of?

KURAMA. That… and lots of other things… You learn a lot of things when you are fighting. You learn to desire a lot. Once you taste blood, you naturally want more. It’s like life. You hold on to it, no matter how painful, no matter whether you get things you didn’t even ask for. And then, when you find what you want, you intent to take it, as people took from you what they wanted. It’s all a matter of fairness.

HIEI. But you aren’t fair, you are --- (Kurama has pulls down Hiei’s wide pants) Stop it!

KURAMA. I can’t. Ai koso kiseki wo umidasu chikara…

HIEI: (sarcastically) Love certainly is a power that brings forth miracles – is that your philosophy?

KURAMA. Yes… and no… and yes…

HIEI. Stop being so weird! Let me go! The game is over.

KURAMA. It didn’t even … begin! (He kisses Hiei in between his legs, Hiei gasps and grabs for Kurama’s hair, yanking his head away)

HIEI. Do that again and I’ll kill you!

KURAMA.  (Stands up and faces him) Sou sa ka?

HIEI. Yes, I mean it!

KURAMA: (Calmly unbuttons Hiei’s shirt) You think you can refuse me?

HIEI. Stares (unsurely) Y-yes.

KURAMA. And all those nights mean nothing? Crawling into my bed, cuddling me? You might not know it, but you… seduced… me…. (He kisses him)

HIEI. (Gasps, after a while, shovels Kurama away, pants) You are nuts!

KURAMA. (Drags him over to the sofa) Yes, I am. Kitto.

HIEI. (weakly) I really don’t want this.

KURAMA. I didn’t want it the first time, either. Just be glad it’s me.


KURAMA. (Lays on top of him. The lights go out) Yes….

HIEI. Kurama! What are you doing?! Kurama… no! Please!!! Please!!! (Moans once in a mixture of shock, pleasure and surprise, the curtain closes)




Hiei is sitting on the sofa, knees hugged to his chest. He looks angry. Kurama is working in the background.


KURAMA. Are you still pouting?

HIEI. You bastard raped me.

KURAMA. Isn’t that a little exaggarated? You enjoyed it, after all. And besides, if I had really raped you, you wouldn’t just be angry with me.

HIEI. So? What else?

KURAMA. You’d be crying.

HIEI. And how would you know?

KURAMA. (Shrugs) Experience.

HIEI. You were …? And you…?

KURAMA. Yeah, say it out loud: I was raped and I cried. Like a baby, my ass hurt like hell and I had nowhere to run to. That, my dear, is rape.

HIEI. Then how could you have done this now?!

KURAMA. Because I can draw lines. Or because I can’t. Because there is a difference between the pain-causing version and desire.

HIEI. (Angrily) Don’t you think they desired you, too, as much as you desired to fuck me? You are selfish.

KURAMA. (Joins Hiei on the sofa who backs away as much as possible) Maybe I am. But there still is a difference between them and me. I never raped you, your definition of it is wrong.

HIEI. Pah! And you, of course, know how to define it?

KURAMA. No. But I know that desire on both sides of the participants isn’t part of it.

HIEI. Are you telling me, I desired you?!

KURAMA. Yes. I daresay, you even love me.

HIEI. (Looks away) You are insane. I don’t want anything from you.

KURAMA. (Touches Hiei’s neck with his fingertips, Hiei shrugs them off) I don’t blame you, you’ve never cared or loved before. I hoped doing something would help.

HIEI. What kind of help is it to rape me?

KURAMA. I don’t know. It’s a way of expressing oneself, but I guess I didn’t calculate on my own desires in it. (Lays his hands on Hiei’s shoulders) It’s not easy to find the right times when to cross the line of giving in to one’s emotions. It’s a thin, feeble border and not easy to see. Crossing it is … so easy, and sometimes really difficult.

HIEI. Is that an excuse, or an advise, fox?

KURAMA. Both. Consider it.

HIEI. I – I just can’t. It doesn’t work like that!

KURAMA. (Pulls him close) Maybe I forgot something last time… (Slides out of his shirt.)

HIEI. K-Kurama…!

KURAMA. Do you know what you want?

HIEI.(struggling) Yesterday. I want yesterday.

KURAMA. It’s just what you’ll get… don’t worry. (Once again, Hiei’s pants drop to the floor. Kurama pushes him of the sofa so he stands before him. Hiei’s back is to the audience)

HIEI. What are you up to, now?

KURAMA. Some tricks I learned… (He kneesls down in front of him and starts working between his legs.)

HIEI. This is not like… yesterday…

KURAMA. No… this is better.

HIEI. (Moan) Don’t. Don’t… (moan) It will only lead to… trouble.

KURAMA. (laugh) I don’t think you’ll get pregnant from it. (Pushes Hiei onto the sofa, Kurama’s back now to the audience, shielding Hiei from sight. Hiei looks down, watching, looking quite embarrassed.)

HIEI. You always get what you want…

KURAMA. I’m a … fox.