I’m off


When the curtain opens we see a sofa, center stage. Wufei, Trowa and Heero are sitting there. Trowa and Heero are playing chess silently, Wufei is studying a book. To the right, we see a room with two beds. There is another room further left, only equipped with a mattress. On the right is another room, also with two beds, which are standing next to each other, forming a double-bed. Duo and Quatre, his shirt unbuttoned, are standing on front of the beds and begin arguing when the lights come on.


Quatre: I told you to stop!

Duo: It just ain’t be working like that, Quatre!!!

Quatre: SO?! All I have been asking for EVER is time!!!

Duo: I gave you time. Loads of time… I just … NEVER MIND.

Quatre: Yeah, right, never mind. What did I do this for in the first place?


They pantomime the continuing of their discussion.


Wufei: They are fighting again?

Trowa: Third time this week, and it’s Tuesday. I hate hearing Quatre yell like that.

Heero: Hn.

Wufei: Will they ever stop arguing?

Trowa: Will they ever realize that they are just not meant to be?

Wufei: You think so? It seemed fine in the beginning.

Trowa: Yeah. Seems as if it was ages ago. But Duo changed. I never picked up what they are arguing about. I don’t think I should listen… and I hate them arguing.

Heero: I did.

Wufei: And?

Heero: Quatre just doesn’t want to have sex.

Trowa: <cough> How reckless of Duo.

Heero: See it this way: Duo has been off and on with boyfriends. He isn’t used to waiting. I am surprised he stuck to Quatre for so long.

Trowa: I don’t understand. I wouldn’t push him into anything, and stick to him for as long as it takes.

Wufei: <comfortingly lays a hand on Trowa’s shoulder> We know. They really are not meant to be.


They go back to what they were doing.


Quatre: FINE!

Duo: Even finer. You know, I wasted my time on you!

Quatre: <cry> I am just glad I didn’t give in! It would have been such a waste!

Duo: So that is it?

Quatre: SURE IS!

Duo: Fine. See with whom you can room then, cuz’ I’ll stay here. I’ll be back by morning. <grabs his jacket>

Quatre: <sniff> Who cares?!


Duo snorts and leaves the room, past Heero, Wufei and Trowa. Quatre throws himself onto the bed and cries.


Quatre: <crying> He’s all recklessness, alcohol, parties and anger. I never really know where he is. He’s not even worth any tears! Why do I always get tossed aside like that?! Why is all the others are thinking about that one thing, which I am not up to? Is there no understanding out there?



Trowa: I just know he is crying.

Wufei: Naturally. Maybe you should look after him.

Trowa: Me?

Wufei: You’re the only one he’d ever let come close to him, now.

Trowa: <sadly> Right, I am his friend… hardly more. <sighs and goes over to Quatre>


Wufei: Duo just caused himself trouble with Quatre and Trowa.

Heero: Hn.

Wufei: You don’t think he is to blame?

Heero: Maybe. For not seeing this couldn’t work out. <gets up>

Wufei: Where are you going?

Heero: Keeping Duo from suicide.

Wufei: Duo? Suicide? You are kidding.

Heero: No literal suicide. He might throw himself into arms he better shouldn’t.

Wufei: Even if, what would you do against it?

Heero: <shrugs and leaves>

Wufei: I can’t believe you are still trying to help him!


Wufei returns back to his studies. Trowa is still hesitent in opening the door.


Trowa: Quatre?

Quatre: Leave me alone.

Trowa: I’m sorry. …

Quatre: Just let me be.

Trowa: Where are you going to sleep?

Quatre: Dunno.

Trowa: Please, can I come in?

Quatre: No.

Trowa: <sigh> Okay. Do you want some ice cream? Tea?


After a long moment of silence, Trowa leaves the stage, only Wufei remains on his sofa and Quatre in his room, crying.


Wufei: <to the audience> You know, this is a mad house! <comes up front> My name is Wufei, by the way, and you just got a perfect insight into what I was living with. I know, you don’t give a damn, but it’s your bad that you are sitting here in the audience. Duo was on and off with boyfriends, bringing them home without asking and throwing us out of our own rooms – that is,  when he didn’t get himself beaten up. It was clear from the start, that it couldn’t work out with someone as timid as Quatre – and yet, we were almost glad when it happened, hoping Quatre could cool Duo off. It turned out to be a nightmare – especially for Trowa. Quatre just didn’t see him the way he should. And Heero, that’s the other guy, I have no idea about him. He’s just kind of there and plays some reliable source for Duo. Duo brought him here, I think, before I was here. But just like the rest of us, it seemed he is only important to Duo, when he needs him. How Duo managed to get Quatre’s affection with this attitude, how Heero could still be there when Duo’s lifestyle came down on him, I have no idea. I thought we’d all be better off if he was out of here. Duo, I mean. All Trowa had to do, was throw him out of his house, and for Quatre’s sake, he never did.


He retreats back into the scene, where Trowa silently prepares something to eat on a small counter.


Wufei: And?

Trowa: He doesn’t want to talk…

Wufei: Are you sure?

Trowa: Of course he wants to, but he won’t admit it. I know him, he needs comfort, but I can’t bring myself to just enter his room.

Wufei: <looks over Trowa’s shoulder> But you’re still making him something to eat. Are you so hopeful?

Trowa: Let me, Wufei. Maybe one day he’ll see me.

Wufei: <shrugs and leaves>


Trowa: <silently enters Quatre’s room and puts the meal next to him> Quatre-kun… please don’t cry anymore, he isn’t worth it.

Quatre: <sniff> He said he loved me…

Trowa: Duo says such things without meaning them. Many people do, because they really don’t know what it feels like. Duo is just trying to find something real, but he tries the wrong way.

Quatre: I don’t understand. It was so nice with him… Going out, dancing, kissing… I don’t understand why he wasn’t happy with that.

Trowa: He’s Duo.

Quatre: That’s why I liked him. <wipes his eyes> I never thought he could be so cruel… <starts crying again> I don’t want to loose him…

Trowa: <takes Quatre in his arms and cuddles him>


Lights go out. Wufei enters through the audience. Spot.


Wufei: And that’s how it went on and off again. Quatre and Duo got back together after a week, separated after two months again and came back together. Now, they not only got on each other’s nerves, but on ours, too. We felt like we were part of a soap opera, but unfortunately didn’t have the good roles. Finally, Trowa, Heero and me met up to talk about it.


He sits in the living room with Trowa and Heero. The lights go on.


Trowa: If I have to endure this any longer, I’ll burst.

Wufei: Right. It hasn’t been easy for all of us, but we can’t go and tell them to break up. They have to see for themselves that it just can’t work out.

Heero: It’s not only Duo’s fault.

Trowa: Of course not. Quatre needs to learn to let go and find something new. He doesn’t love Duo, he just wants to hold on to this experience, and doesn’t realize that he is destroying himself.

Wufei: <laugh> That relationship is far beyond what you’d call harmonic.

Trowa: <sigh> Unfortunately.

Wufei: Give them a break. They don’t even know what the word harmonic means…

Trowa: Yeah… right… <idea>


Lights go out. When they come back one, Heero and Trowa are sitting on the bed in the room on the right. Duo and Quatre are sitting in the left room, under a blanket, obviously naked.


Trowa: Heero, I swear, if you bite me again..

Heero: Hn. Come on.

Trowa: <sigh>

Heero: If you’re always gonna sigh before, it’s no help.

Trowa: Sorry, sorry. Well, shall we?

Heero: Okay.

They kiss.

Trowa: Wasn’t as bad as the first time.

Heero: If this lasts too long, I’ll quit. You can take Wufei instead.

Trowa: Thanks for your help. I just thought, because you are my room mate…

Heero: Yeah. I don’t feel a thing for you, so don’t get fluttered.

Trowa: Same here. But there are some other things we need to clear up.


Trowa nervously glances into the direction of Duo’s and Quatre’s room. Lights change on them, while Heero and Trowa keep trying to kiss, hold hands, etc.


Duo: Is it so hard for you?

Quatre: Please, I don’t want to fight again, Duo.

Duo: You didn’t like making out with me?

Quatre: <kisses him> Duo… I love making out with you. Gods, I feel great with you, but I haven’t got the courage…

Duo: How long has it been?

Quatre: <sarcastically> Two months since last time we broke up.

Duo: <caresses Quatre’s cheek and looks at him> Sorry. I hurt you a lot, hm?

Quatre: It’s okay. I’ll try to get used to the thought, and then we can try again.

Duo: <kisses Quatre, his hand obviously crawling under the blanket> Yeah, we’ll make you want more, ne? Just excuse me for being so fascinated by your beautiful body, sorry for wanting to have it. It is so great to see you all aroused, to see you all flushed.

Quatre: <moans as something grabs him under the blanket> Duo!

Duo: Enjoy it.


Wufei enters and flops onto the sofa, grabbing a book. Quatre and Duo keep making out, Heero and Trowa are talking, Trowa keeps sending glances over to the door of Quatre and Duo’s room.


Wufei: <to the audience> So Heero and Trowa set their plans to mimick the perfect couple and thus show Quatre and Duo that they weren’t one. It required a lot of practise, and at first we totally missed, that Duo and Quatre were coming to terms with each other. I let them all do what they wanted, however, I didn’t think it was my business – other than Trowa and Heero.


The lights switch back to the two couples. Duo has disappeared under the blanket, Quatre is laying there.


Quatre: <moans> Duo!!! <keeps moaning> Please… please… Duo…


Trowa suddenly jumps up from the bed and runs over to Quatre’s door, alarmed.


Quatre: <moans>


Trowa stops dead and listens – he sinks together in himself as he realizes what is going on and grasps his chest sadly. Heero comes up behind him and comforts him. Wufei climbs over the back of the sofa and helps Heero to take Trowa to his room silently. The scene ends with a last cry from Quatre. Lights go out again.


Heero alone on the sofa.


Heero: I don’t have trouble pretending I’m Trowa’s boyfriend, because I know, talking to Duo isn’t of any help. Some say, you get more attractive, when you are hooked up. But something bugs me about it… Trowa is taking it too seriously. He’s an actor and artist, I probably should expect so, but still. Sometimes he is going much too far. And Duo gives us these weird looks, when Trowa grabs my bum or kisses my neck. Almost as if he thought we were gross. I wouldn’t want him to think we are. And it doesn’t change anything in Duo’s and Quatre’s relationship anyway. It’s all gotten worse. I don’t know whether they have literal sex, whether Duo is just pleasing Quatre or the other way round, but they don’t care about us, as it seems. It meant, I could go for a classical break-up with Trowa, but I almost fear that as much as really breaking up with someone. It’s like being locked in a cage. I understand now, how Duo must have felt a few months ago… Quatre was so afraid of loosing him, that he clung to him every moment. Trowa is so afraid his plan could fail, that he clings to me every moment. It’s a never ending story. You can’t get away. Neither can Quatre or Duo, they have built their own dungeon. But at least they can believe they love each other.


Trowa comes inside and kisses Heero.


Trowa: Hi koi.

Heero: Hello. Quatre and Duo are not home.

Trowa: Who knows? Practise doesn’t hurt anyone.

Heero: Really, that mustn’t be.

Trowa: <ruffles Heero’s hair> You’re sweet. I see you later, I need to prepare some stuff.

Heero: Fine, have fun. I’ve got a meeting at nine thirty.

Trowa: Shall I come and get you afterwards? I need to get to the theatre anyway.

Heero: No. I’m fine on my own.

Trowa: Whatever you say, koi.

Heero: It’s not really that funny anymore…


Trowa goes into his room. Quatre enters from the hallway, stares at the scene for a moment and then enters his own room, lying on the bed, sad. He unpaks a book from a shopping bag and starts reading, unconcentratedly. Heero enters Trowa’s room and sits on the bed, pouting. They start talking quietly. Duo and Wufei enter.


Wufei: I don’t see your point!

Duo: We’ve been together for more than half a year now!

Wufei: You are so inconsiderate. He will be hurt if he gets wind of it.

Duo: Well? He’s never gonna know.

Wufei: Imagine I’d be him. Could you ever forgive yourself?

Duo: <shrug> It isn’t the case.

Wufei: I could tell him. You once told me lying is wrong, just as wrong as killing.

Duo: I’m not lying.

Wufei: Keeping the truth basically is the same. For Quatre’s sake, I’m gonna keep quiet, you slut.

Duo: <attacks Wufei> Don’t call me a slut! <punches him>

Wufei: What else would you be? Damn you, <under the punches> you are in a goddamn relationship, and you are damn lucky to have some angel like him cling to you.

Duo: <pant> So what? Are you jealous?


Quatre becomes aware of the noise and comes into the living room.


Wufei: No. I am sorry for him and I am sorry for Quatre!

Duo: Can’t you just accept that we are happy together?!

Wufei: Oh, you’re happy, huh?! Is that why you run around in such places, searching for some slut to fuck you, because he’s not ready for it? Because you are happy?

Quatre: <eyes grow wide> Is that true?

Duo: Shit…!

Quatre: Duo, is that true? ……………Duo… IS THAT TRUE?!?! <runs past them and outside through the audience>

Duo: Fuck! <gets up and runs after him>

Wufei: <wipes blood off his face and sits up against the sofa> <laughs> And I thought it couldn’t get worse. …


Trowa: No please, Heero, just a few more weeks.

Heero: Give up, Trowa. And I don’t want anymore.

Trowa: Heero… please. I’ll be less suggestive in future, I beg you, please.

Heero: How long?

Trowa: Christmas.

Heero: And if they break up?

Trowa: Two more weeks after they broke up, we can’t quit at the same time.

Heero: Is that your honest word?

Trowa: Yes. Yes. I promise. Thank you, Heero! Thank you. <actually kisses him>

Heero: TROWA!

Trowa: <grin> Sorry… practising, you know?


Heero and Trowa sit down in the living room, Heero on Trowa’s lap. Quatre and Duo return arm in arm, sitting down on the other side of the sofa Duo grabs Wufei’s book from the table and they start reading together.


Wufei: <up front again, to the audience> Somehow, Duo managed to win Quatre back yet another time. But they started fighting more often. Quatre was guarding him like a watchdog, it was as if they had been married for years and their lives were built on suspicions and jealousy. But then, they also had their moments… We’d be sitting in the living room, Quatre leaning in Duo’s arm, both of them reading together. Heero would sit on Trowa’s lap and we’d all have a conversation in between. Occassionally the couples would kiss, and although I knew Trowa’s and Heero’s relationship was a mere pretention, I started to feel lonely.


The curtain closes and leaves Wufei in front of it on the stage.There is a trashcan on the right which he takes to the center of the stage and sits upon.


Wufei: I avoided going home, I couldn’t stand them fighting and I couldn’t stand them cuddling. I didn’t have any friends besides them, and I didn’t find any on the streets either. There, people walk past you like strangers. They can’t know, how long you’ve been standing in the corner, waiting for time to pass. And none of the four <he points at them> ever asked me about it, when I started to take my books outside on the streets. I’d sit on some trashcan and study on my own. If Quatre and Heero felt caged, I felt locked out, I felt lonely in my own room and betrayed from every side. Quatre was too busy with himself and Duo to care, Duo usually never cared, and the pretended relationship took all of Trowa’s and Heero’s concentration. And it didn’t help, anyway. At least that’s what it looked like. We expected Duo to cheat on Quatre again, any moment. But things went differently.


Treize walks past Wufei from left to right, Wufei stares after him.


Wufei: He came every morning, past my trashcan, going to work. He was older than me, but there was determination and confidence in the way he was walking – the determination and confidence I’d love to have. He was a business person, definitely. One of the kind that know where they are going, get whatever they want and have no scrupels to yell down those who don’t do as they ought to. Someone with a clear brain, having a rational judgement over his own life… The judgement, we all lacked. And he’d come back in the afternoon, heading home with satisfaction in his eyes, his success was showing clearly.


Treize walks past another time, heading off stage right. Wufei crosses his legs.


Wufei: He wasn’t older than in his mid-twenties, yet, I imagined him going home every day to his loving wife, maybe even having a kid at home whom he could give toys from his numereous journeys. I built up my dreamworld about him, a world full of satisfaction, joy and happiness, and I imagined him in the main role, because he made that impression.

But I had no home, not anymore. What used to be Trowa’s sanctuary had turned into hell. When I first joined them, Trowa told me strictly, that he wouldn’t accept any heterosexual persons in his apartment, because homosexuals woudn’t bring home any people disapproving that preference. Now, this was exactly the problem… Duo first had been bringing home too many boyfriends. Then, he’d clung to Quatre, while Trowa was in love with him, and you saw what became of that mess.


Treize walks over again and stops next to the trashcan, freeze.


Wufei: Too funny, that Mr. Perfect actually had noticed me…


Treize: Hello, there.

Wufei: Um… hello.

Treize: May I? <gently pulls on the book and takes it> Ah… I see. “The Philosophical Staircase”. That’s quite a sophisticated book, isn’t it? I had to read each text twice to understand at least half of it.

Wufei: I’m not surprised you read it.

Treize: So? How comes?

Wufei: I’ve been watching you. You seem quite a successful and educated person – considering you are no actor and just mimicking it. I’d expect someone like you to take good advantage of his brain, even though your language possibly evidences you are of a different caliber.

Treize: You’re quite a speaker, huh? Sharp with words?

Wufei: <smirk> Just a reader, I assume. You?

Treize: I’m fine if I have to. My name is Treize.

Wufei: Nice to meet you, I am Wufei. Scholar.

Treize: Scholar?

Wufei: <embarrassed> Not really, I am more or less self-educating…

Treize: I see. I am surprised to find someone like you, forcing himself to read such books sitting on a trashcan day in day out. I’ve seen you every day since Monday a week ago. Shouldn’t you present your juvenile smartness to someone?

Wufei: I suppose nobody needs such a smart-ass. That is what you were trying to say, isn’t it? I am a smart-ass.

Treize: Not my intention. At least you should have someone to tutor you.

Wufei: <raises and eyebrow> <turns his pockets inside out>

Treize: Oh, I see. Shouldn’t someone your age take the possibility to go to school, though?

Wufei: <laughs> Boring and time taking. Shouldn’t someone your age be working by now?

Treize: Ah… smart-ass. Maybe. Maybe not. How would you know? Does that mean I have a prerecorded fate? Or am I existentialistic?

Wufei: Ah, Jean-Paul Sartre greets you… I suppose you should have another look on Marx’ views on society… Besides, what else would you have come here for?

Treize: Maybe to see why a reading boy, part of the society as well, is following his determination. I feared you might want to immitate Descartes and live in a ton…

Wufei: That would be an experience.


Wufei snaps his fingers. Treize goes into antoher freeze.


Wufei: Finally someone of my caliber… someone educated, someone to whom I could talk in the way I wanted to and maybe share my own philosophy with. And I didn’t even know who he was. It was weird, we almost had a philosophy contest, which lasted a while. He probabvly was abandoning his work for talking to me. After an hour or so, he decided to go, and I was sure he’d come back.


Wufei snaps again, Treize becomes alive again.


Treize: There, Mr. Philosopher, maybe I should take my space in society now.

Wufei: And that is where?

Treize: In some office at the end of the town, trying to run a little company.

Wufei: Which is?

Treize: General Motors.

Wufei: <almost falls off the trashcan> And you are WALKING to work?!

Treize: Anything for the environment.

Wufei: Yeah, I should go, too. Gotta see Zenon and teach him a lesson. Although I’d prefer staying with Socrates for some more time.

Treize:  <slaps his froehead> Who the hell are you? Now you are talking in riddles.

Wufei: To Socrates, I might be an unreachable Parmenides or distant admirer, though wiser, to you I am still Chang Wufei, to the world I am nothing and everything in one, and to my friends I am the one who needs to settle the household. <jumps down from the trashcan> Doozo yoroshiko.

Treize: Dooso yoroshiko, Mr. Japanese. Ja ne.

Wufei: Chinese, actually, but one of my room mates is.


After Treize has left.


Wufei: Parmenides… Socrates… He hadn’t understood, but maybe he would think about it and get my little hint. Parmenides and Socrates were wise philosophers, although their were some unlogical aspects in Parmenide’s philosophy. They both set interesting bases for the rest of the world’s philosphy. Socrates preferred teaching by discussing, by asking and thus making his students find the solution by themselves --- by contradicting each other with thesis and anti-thesis and learn from the other’s brain in discussions. Later this idea was extended by Hegel. It was just like talking in a way this mysterious person Treize and I had done. And my little hint… Parmenides was well-known for being gay – and rumor has it that he had his times with Socrates, too, although his official lover was Zenon. His personal scholar... Well, maybe that was why I chose this character, although his philosophy wasn’t quite straight in some points. Should Treize figure that out – and he obviously was a thinker, he might also guess the identity of Socrates…


The curtain opens again. There is a Christmas tree in the apartment – Duo carries Quatre piggy-back, while he’s trying to decorate the higher parts of the tree. Wufei joins the scene. Trowa and Heero are in their bedroom.


Trowa: Okay, I promised.

Heero: Sorry.

Trowa: It’s okay, I know it doesn’t help. I’ve lost Quatre. I never had him.

Heero: Hai. Believe me or not, I can understand your pain.

Trowa: <looks over> Don’t claim you can.

Heero: Hn.

Trowa: <grasps the window> I made it quite a pain, too, eh?

Heero: Hn. How shall we perform the break up?

Trowa: Not at all, if you don’t mind. I don’t want to make a scene and possibly slip out of the role. Let’s just act normal from now on, and they’ll eventually ask or understand.

Heero: Fine with me.

Trowa: Let’s say we broke up right this moment, deciding that we have grown tired of each other.

Heero: Okay. … Trowa?

Trowa: Yes.

Heero: Merry Christmas.

Trowa: <sigh> Merry Christmas.


Quatre: Careful! I got it. You can put me down.

Duo: <does so> Here you go. Looks good – the tree.

Wufei: We’ll eat in a few minutes.

Duo: Cool. I’m starving.

Quatre: Hey, Wufei… Did you ever see that guy again --- what was his name?

Wufei: Treize. No. Didn’t come across him lately. Pity – my philosophical needs get disappointed here…

Duo: <bumps him with his elbow in the rip> Philosphical, eh?

Wufei:  Yes, PHILOSOPHICAL, Duo! He is just as interested in Greek and modern philosophy as I am. Things, your little brain wouldn’t understand – ever!

Quatre: Uh-huh, that’s quite okay. His brain’s just okay.

Duo: Are you two saying I am dumb?!

Quatre: Nah…! <rubs Duo’s head> Just a little untrained…

Duo: What is that supposed to mean?! I am smart like anyone else, I just don’t give a damn about what other people think is necessasary!!! There are more important things to learn, and I know just enough. I know, you are a little over it, Wufei, but I thought at least you, Quatre, would be a little more considerate.

Quatre: Well you have to admit, you could do more in that area,…

Duo: Excuse me?! Just because Wufei here is practically glued to his books, I need to be, too? Really, if that’s your opinion go and stick to him.


Trowa and Heero come out.


Quatre: You are getting it all wrong!

Duo: Oh yes, sure. Geez…! I know why I hate celebrations. <grabs his jacket and runs off>

Quatre: No, Duo, wait!!! I didn’t mean… … he’s gone.


Trowa and Wufei exchange glances.


Wufei: He’s a little on the edge, lately.

Quatre: I know… Merry Christmas, everyone. <sad> I’ll… I need to get something… <retreats to his room and sits on the bed>


Trowa: <angry> Why does he ALWAYS make him sad?!

Wufei: <sighs> I don’t know.

Trowa: Why doesn’t he see me…?

Heero: <grabs his jacket>

Wufei: Where are you going?

Heero: Find Duo.

Wufei: Hey, if he doesn’t want to attend, he can go, but you could at least have dinner with us.

Heero: Hn. <leaves>

Wufei: They’ve all gone crazy! Yeah, really, Merry Christmas. You know what, Trowa, why don’t you throw both of them out?!

Trowa: Nonsense. Quatre would hate me forever, and Heero hasn’t done anything. We should be happy he tries to bring Duo back in one piece.

Wufei: <sigh> Right. And now? What about Quatre?

Trowa: He’ll cool off and get together with Duo again, just as always.

Wufei: Well, do something about it…!


The doorbell rings. Wufei opens. It’s Treize.


Wufei How do you know…?

Treize: The great philosopher forgot he’s listed in the phone book, eh?

Wufei: Ah, yes right… but on Christmas…

Treize: Well, that’s what I came here for. I thought you might like it. <hands him a package>

Wufei: Oh? How--- thank you.

Treize: Do me a favor and unpack it right here.

Wufei: Determination, what? <laughs> I can’t, I couldn’t give you anything in return.

Treize: You didn’t expect my visit, Parmenides. I didn’t expect anything. I thought about you, Socrates and Zenon a little. I guess there are some holes in my education, or else I would have solved the whole riddle.

Wufei: Don’t think I am going to tell you. <unpacks> <two books> Crescenso’s History of Greek Philosophy one and two…

Treize: It’s easy, but also quite funny. I happened to be so unnice and read the chapter about Parmenides before giving it to you.

Wufei: Oh, indeed? And what does it say?

Treize: Interesting. It helped me understand what you said. So, who’s Zenon?

Wufei: Ah.. actually, he doesn’t exist in reality. He’s somewhere hidden in my books, he probably is the represantation of the empty part of my brain. <he puts the books onto the board>

Treize: I see. So, that part has been cleared out then. Fine. Nice little riddle.

Wufei: I don’t want to be rude, especially after this nice present, but this is kind of an awkward time to appear here. We have some sort of thick air and quite a lot of sadness. Heero and Duo just left, Quatre isn’t here right now… however… <he points to Trowa> at least you can meet Trowa.

Trowa: <comes over> Nice to meet you. I heard a lot about you.

Treize: The pleasure is all on my side. I don’t want to disturb your celebration, and I have to leave anyway.

Wufei: Right, your family might be waiting.

Treize: No, I don’t have family – yet. But I have other places I need to visit.

Wufei: You can come over another time… if Trowa doesn’t mind.

Trowa: No, not in the least.

Treize: You can come, too. I guess you wouldn’t miss the building…

Wufei: Better not… I mean… I suppose I’d feel really in the wrong place there.

Treize: <laughs> I guess so. Have a nice Christmas night.

Wufei: Sorry again.

Treize: I’m happy that I just am, Parmenides… <leaves>

Wufei: That doesn’t count. Being is all there is…

Trowa: Huh?!

Wufei: Parmenides states that only thing being is existence, that nothing doesn’t exist.

Trowa: That is quite resonable… <sweatdrop> <he picks up a book>

Wufei: <winks> Depends on the context.

Trowa: There is something written in there. “Merry Christmas. It doesn’t say in here, but the meeting of the philosophers in Athens has been considered highly important in the private lives of Socrates and Parmenides. I believe there is something to it, but who can tell so many years later? The old chapters can’t be rewritten, new books have to be made. In the sense of Christmas, have a nice evening. Yours, Socrates.”

Wufei: WHAT?!


Lights go out, curtain closes.


Music. Wufei appears on a banister on the upper right stage, sitting very freely, very dangerously.


Wufei: And then came the times, when I didn’t go to get books from the library anymore. The reason for that was simple – two bullies had been hired to guard the door, and I didn’t have a lisence for the library. After the lady, who used to work there, had died, I had no chance in borrowing or reading any books anymore. She had let me borrow them without a lisence, because she knew I couldn’t pay the monthly fee. But now, with my dirty clothes and appearance, I couldn’t even get in. <pause> Maybe you don’t understand that… but it was hell. I was dependent on books. They found me strolling around there once, and I got beaten up. And much more hell was it, because I knew, Treize was in there quite often… I hadn’t seen him for months.


A police car can be heard in a distance.


Wufei: Never in my life had I stolen before. But the library door had been open, and I couldn’t stand reading the same books over and over again. I didn’t have the money to buy what I wanted to read, but that book <he holds out a book> Was fascinating… and expensive.


The police seems to come closer. Wufei jumps down from the banister and hits the ground hard. He remains still on the ground, sprawled. The curtain opens. Quatre and Trowa are both sitting there. The Christmas tree has vanished. Quatre pretends to be writing, Trowa just sits there, watching him. Quatre glances at the clock.


Trowa: <softly> Quatre…

Quatre: <winces in shock at his name> Yes.

Trowa: When did he say he would come home.

Quatre: Twelve thirty. … <painfully> He’s probably drunk by now, and making out with some guy from the south… some sunburned hot-ass cutie, something the exact opposite of me. As if it was over…

Trowa:  Quatre… isn’t it over already?

Quatre: <wipes his nose> I guess.

Trowa: <walks over to Quatre and kneels down next to him> Truthfully, Quatre, did he touch you, when you didn’t want it. I can’t just sit here and watch any longer, I am scared you might get more than bruises out of this. Did he make you do … that … when you didn’t want it?

Quatre: <backing away> He gave me… blowjobs, but I couldn’t give him anything in return. Everytime I tried he’d hurry me, and then my throat got locked, as if I was eating something dry and raw.

Trowa: <not coming any closer> Are you sure, you ever loved him, Quatre?

Quatre: <puts his writings> I don’t think so anymore.


Trowa gets up and takes Quatre in his arms. Long pause. Heero walks across the stage and finds Wufei. He shoulders him and carries him to the house. Being there, he sets Wufei down and searches for the keys. He cannot find them and rings the bell. Quatre and Trowa keep cuddling and do not open the door. Heero shoulders Wufei again and sets him to his feet, centerstage, then withdraws. Wufei still has his book.


Wufei: Heero didn’t take me to the hospital, he took me to General Motors, walked past the front desk and straight into Treize’s office, where he dropped me on a sofa and left without saying a word. I have no idea what Heero is doing half of his life out there, I don’t even know whether it is legal – but it wasn’t the first time he would safe one of us. Mostly, he saved Duo… I assume he did that, when he was in a fight, when he was about to rob something where it was certain he would get caught or went on car races. This one time, without knowing I had been on the run from the police, he had saved me just the same way.


Wufei sits down. Treize appears on the stage, kneels down next to him and holds him in his arms.


Treize: <takes the book from him> I thought so, Wufei. For hells sake, what did you do that for? <yells at him> All you had to do was ask me, and I would have borrowed or bought it for you. How stupid can you be, scholar?

Wufei: I would NEVER…!

Treize: No, you’d rather get yourself killed, what? <groans annoyedly>

Wufei: What do you know of the world, Treize? You can sit up here in your office day in day out or run through the library. Hell, you can get WHATEVER you want… you don’t have to spend your days in some loft, trying hard enough to get yourself fed by one-moment-jobs. Keep your mouth shut… you don’t know the world… you don’t know people who cannot buy one of your precious cars, but whose chances are bigger to get under one… So many people don’t take advantage of what they are offered. <softer> I shouldn’t blame you, you don’t know what it is like to reach out <he extends a hand> and find nothing.


Treize grabs Wufei’s extended hand and kisses him. Wufei kicks and struggles in surprise but stops after a while and relaxes. The lights go on Heero, who sits downstage left. Wufei and Treize disappear in the darkness. Heero starts laughing. Duo crosses the stage, he is limping.


Heero: <stops laughing> <he remains cold throughout the whole dialogue> Going home?

Duo: Quatre will be waiting.

Heero: Don’t bother, he broke up with you.

Duo: <stops> Funny, eh? Quatre doesn’t break up, Heero, that’s so good about him.

Heero: <gets up and walks over to Duo> Someone has to tell him to break up, before he gets himself wounded. He doesn’t fit into your scheme. It’s nice to go back home and find someone there waiting for you, isn’t it, Duo?

Duo: What?

Heero: No matter how you behave, no matter how often someone has to rescue your ass, you can always go out, and then go back to him, trying to stop him from refusing you.

Duo: Shut up, Heero.

Heero: It’s what you do.

Duo: Shut up.

Heero: Your perfect dream almost killed his heart.

Duo: Shut up!!!

Heero: You have become a brutal fighter, like they are.

Duo: Heero!!!

Heero: You forget your sacrifice.

Duo: <growl> SHUT UP! Don’t turn on me as well!

Heero: You hurt us. Give it up.



Duo jumps onto Heero and they start fighting. Heero beats Duo unconscious, shoulders him and staggers off with him.


Wufei appears in front of the house. Treize is standing behind him, hands on Wufei’s shoulders, his eyes closed. Wufei is dressed neatly. Behind them, in the house, Quatre moves his sheets over to Trowa’s room, Trowa helps him. Heero moves his into Duo’s.


Wufei: After that, things for the others got even worse. I was settled with a lover and could watch from a distance – spent most of my time with Treize, sitting on his desk and helping him with his work like a little helpful goblin.

Treize: Yes, and I watched him. He took half of my work, just like that, so I insisted on paying him. But still, while he was doing his work, he’d sit down cross legged, on the rim of the sofa or right next to my phone on the desk. He’d look like a kid, not like the young man I knew he was.

Wufei: I admit, that was what I had missed – being young. So I was young and old at the same time, and in between… <he looks back at Treize, Treize opens his eyes> … we had out moments… Socrates.


They kiss.


Wufei: Back home, Quatre was happy, without his burden, afraid of new relationships. Heero silently kept rescuing Duo, who got into more trouble than ever. More than once, Duo would come home, beaten and shattered, hardly able to walk. And everyone looked at him with these dark, hollow faces, pained by what he brought to our house.


Wufei and Treize step aside, followed by spotlight. Duo stumbles through the door, hardly able to walk. Heero runs up to him, supports him and takes him to his bed.


Wufei: He would bandage Duo without complaints, without asking anything in return, lays him down so he could sleep.


Heero covers Duo..


Wufei: He would watch him, making sure he wasn’t in too much pain. From what we figured, Duo had found a club where they could beat each other up. That’s how he made money – get himself beaten up to a bloody wreck and beating someone else up just the same way. His pockets were stuffed with crumpled, bloody money, when he came home like that. A quarter of it usually went to the doctors or were needed for bandages, the rest went for food and drink. It was an all unstable, insecure life.


Duo wakes up, Heero leaves.


Wufei: Duo seemed incapable of understanding, that life went the way it did. He had lost Quatre, and he knew very well that he deserved it. Quatre had been the only one, for long, to keep him from fighting, now it was all worse than before. Duo was too stubborn to realize how much he owed Heero. And Heero endured… without complaints.


Duo stumbles out of his room. Wufei and Treize leave.


Duo: Do you have… <he holds a hand to his head> ..pills.

Heero: <hands him a bottle>

Duo: Thanks man… <he takes a pill> Tell the other not to look for me tonight, I am down at the river and won’t be back before morning. I left a little money in the kitchen, I’ll have more than enough after tonight. Tell Quatre to buy his favorite chocolate for it.

Heero: <nods slowly>

Duo: If anyone should call for me, you know where to find me, right?

Heero: <nods again>

Duo: Okey-dokey. G’night. <leaves>

Heero: <waits a while then follows>


Duo crosses the stage, Heero follows in some distance. Obviously, it’s cold.

Wufei, Trowa and Quatre settle on the sofa.


Trowa: Duo hasn’t even realized that Heero has become mute.

Quatre: I tried to talk to Heero, but it is true… he just doesn’t speak anymore.

Wufei: He’s messing with another life, now. And he doesn’t even notice.

Quatre: <painfully> Don’t say that… he is unaware of the world…

Wufei: Don’t put up excuses for him, anyone can see how Heero suffers, but he is numb enough to not give a shit. If he was a little more interested in other people, he’d see how he is breaking him! Without Heero, Duo would be dead by now.

Trowa: I hoped he would grow up some day.

Wufei: He will never. Someone who makes his money by getting himself beaten up can’t be sane… It would be easier without him.

Quatre: No… please… where would he go?

Trowa: It’s okay, Quatre, we won’t throw him out.

Wufei: <sighs and gets up>

Trowa: Where are you going?

Wufei: Treize… <takes his jacket and leaves>

Trowa: <soft smile> They are constantly coming and going.

Quatre: Yes… no one ever stays long. It’s just like life.

Trowa: <softly> But do you also realize, that this house is a shelter? No matter what happens outside, we are safe in here… Safe from the pain.

Quatre: It hasn’t been for me. I am sorry.

Trowa: Don’t be. The times with Duo are over… that’s the only comfort I can probably give you.

Quatre: Duo will get himself killed.

Trowa: <holds out a hand> No… he will be alright. He has Heero after all.

Quatre: <gets up and takes the hand, sits next to Trowa and cuddles with him> I hope you are right…

Trowa: <puts a hand on Quatre’s hip>  Most important is, that you are safe now.

Quatre: <looks up at him and kisses him>

Trowa: <kisses back>


Quatre and Trowa start making out.Trowa undresses Quatre’s upper body and kisses him. Quatre doesn’t seem to back away, instead, he takes Trowa’s shirt. Trowa picks Quatre up and carries him to their room and onto the bed. Quatre lays down and Trowa slides on top of him. Quatre pants audibly, as Trowa seduces him.


Lights dim, curtain closes. Shots can be heard, then Duo dashes across the stage, Heero dashes into the other direction, looking shortly at Duo as they pass each other. As soon as Heero is offstage, he can be heard yelling, another shot can be heard from backstage center.


The curtain opens again. Quatre and Trowa are still in bed, covered. Quatre is siting half-upright, Trowa has his head in Quatre’s arms.


Quatre: Trowa… are you crying? <pause> <caresses him> Are you crying? <softly pulls him up to look at him and kisses the tears away>

Trowa: I have been waiting for this, ever since the moment you came into the door.

Quatre: I didn’t see you… and you were there all along.

Trowa: Am I just… someone to you? Someone to seduce you after Duo?

Quatre: No. I haven’t ever… before… You are the one… the first.

Trowa: <nods> I’ll not hurt you.

Quatre: <smiles> You aren’t him. And I didn’t love him. <they kiss>

Trowa: Quatre.

Quatre: Hm?

Trowa: Should I take care of that? <there is a movement beneath the blanket>

Quatre: <obviously shocked, moans slightly> Trowa…!


Wufei sits on his banister again, spot on him as the curtain closes.


Wufei: United in love, Quatre had finally opened up to sex – despite all the things Duo had done. <frowns> That’s how Treize and I found them… Quatre on top of Trowa, hugging him, sheltering his slim body with his own. The blood was hardly visible on the sheets. Their lips were close to each other, as if in the last moment, they had kissed. <Pause. He lowers his head>

The police said, it was a clean shot… hardly any pain for both of them. The whole house was a mess… the sheets in our rooms tossed about, the bookcase turned over and the pictures torn from the walls. Only their bed was neat, and their dead bodies were quiet and beautiful. Their room was not touched at all… Even the robbers must have been in awe for this love. But it was all too late. Quatre and Trowa were dead, their souls hopefully united in another world. Maybe it was for the better, maybe it wasn’t. They had died together in their shelter, and they would be buried together.


The curtain opens. The house is a mess, just as Wufei described. Treize is kneelinng on the floor, picking up Wufei’s books. Wufei climbs down the banister and joins him. He goes to pick up Duo’s and Heero’s room. Quatre and Trowa’s bodies have already been taken away.


Wufei picks up some chocolate and contemplates it. Then goes to Quatre’s and Trowa’s room and puts it onto the bed… slowly. He wipes his nose, then turns around. Treize has just gotten up and put a pile of books on the table. He sees Wufei and hugs him.


Treize: They’ll be fine.

Wufei: I know. I just… what do we have that’s worth killing two innocent kids for? How heartless must these killers be?

Treize: We won’t understand. But it’s better as if one of them died alone.

Wufei: What am I going to tell Duo? And Heero? Their families? They were the only two of us making an honest living, throughoutly. How can they die?

Treize: Angels belong into heaven, and I am sure they are in such a place. I’ll take care of the burial and you take care of the house.

Wufei: Yes. <he disengages and goes back to Duo’s room> <he crawls under the bed, fumbles for a while and takes out a metal box> What’s this? <he takes it to Treize> Ever seen that before? It was hidden under the bed.

Treize: A security case? Maybe that’s what they’ve been looking for. But what would you guys have – important enough to hide it in such an expensive thing?

Wufei: Seems to belong to Duo. I could ask him… but maybe the police---

Treize: <nods> You go and search Duo and Heero to tell them what happened and I’ll take this to the investigators. If that is what they’ve been looking for, than we can maybe find out who it was.

Wufei: <nods> Okay… I’ll call you up if anything happens.


They leave. The curtain closes again. Duo comes in from the left and stumbles onto the stage, holding a hand to his chest.


Duo: <exhaustedly> Bastards! <he falls to his knees>

Heero: <runs up to Duo from the left> …

Duo: Heero! Go! Leave, before they---

Heero: <tries to pick up Duo. But Duo yelps up in pain, so he sets him back down again>

Duo: <croaking> Heero… talk to me! Please say something…

Heero: <holds him and looks at him> …

Duo: <under pain> I know… you haven’t been talking much lately… I know it’s hard to stand for you, but stay on my side. Please… help me up…

Heero: <helps him up>

Duo: <stands insecurely, stumbles back to the left> One fight… one fight and we are set.

Heero: NO.

Duo: <looks back at him> Heero… it’s good. It’s for you. <stumbles back, grabs his head and kisses him> Don’t worry about me!

Heero: <startled, tries to hold him back>

Duo: <heads for the exit on the left> <another shot, Duo stumbles back, holding his stomach>

Heero: <catches him as he falls>

Duo: <digs in his pocket and hands Duo a bundle of money> Here… that’s from tonight… the rest is under my … bed. I was going to wait… for my birthday…

Heero: Duo…!

Duo: One fight… and I would have had enough. I was so close, Heero.


Quatre and Trowa appear on the banister in light-colored clothing. Quatre is in Trowa’s arm, they are watching sadly. The spot on them dims after a while, the spot on Duo and Heero brightens. Heero and Duo kiss.


Wufei and Treize  appear on the other side of the stage with a third spot. They hold the metal box and open it together. Wufei takes out a paper and reads it.


Wufei: Duo… he was making money… he was buying a house!

Treize: What?

Wufei: These robbers must have known how much money he had made fighting, and that he was saving money to buy us a house. He has almost fully paid it all already… <he reads a little more> … Treize… we own a house! But why? The loft was okay… Why does Duo want to buy a house?


Duo tenses in Heero’s arm and gasps with pain. Heero lets go of his mouth and Duo falls back limply. Heero softly sets him down and straightend his body. Quatre and Trowa disappear.


Wufei and Treize run towards them with the box.


Wufei: Heero! Duo! Something happened… <he stops dead>

Heero: <looks over to them> Duo-

Wufei: <drops the metal box. A whole bunch of money and papers spills on the floor>

Wufei: No…! <gasps>

Heero: <gets up and looks down on Duo> <passes Treize and Wufei and drops the bundled money he had received earlier onto the floor with the money from the box>

Wufei: <kneels down to pick it up, but stops himself> Heero.

Heero: They shot him, because he wasn’t giving up. He was demanding his money.

Wufei: Did you know…? <indicates towards the box>

Heero: <not looking back> Yes. He wasn’t off with sluts. Ever. He was working. He was fighting. He was making money. He knew they were going to rob the loft sooner or later, so he made a contract. Five thousand every month and the house is his…


The lights fade. Heero and Duo come to the very front of the stage.


Duo: Heero, I am not going to be able to do that on my own. Someone needs to keep me in shape. If we hurry, we can move in next year…

Heero: I’ll help you.

Duo: You will see me in a very miserable shape, but it’s for the house. Once we can move out of this slum and into something better, we’ll have a chance in life… and nobody will threaten us anymore… do you understand me? We can achieve this by ourselves.

Heero: Yes. I’ll take care of you.

Duo: Don’t get involved! Don’t fight – I need you… don’t put yourself into any danger! The five of us will have a good life, okay? We’ve been treated badly enough. Wufei will go to university, Quatre will have time for his hobbies, Trowa and you can do your sports, and I can go back to school. Please, we need to make it.

Heero: We’ll make it, Duo.


Duo leaves quickly. Heero returns to Wufei and Treize.


Heero: It was his dream for us all.

Wufei: Heero… they robbed the loft this evening.

Heero: They said so.

Wufei: Quatre and Trowa… are dead.

Heero: <gasps> <turns around> Wufei… stay with Treize. Leave this place. You don’t belong here. <turns to leave>

Wufei: Wait. <he picks up the money and hands it to Heero> Take this. We have more than enough. Make a new start for him, they all would want that.

Heero: Thank you. Bye.

Wufei: Bye.


Heero leaves. Treize pats Wufei’s shoulder and leaves on the other side of the stage. Wufei comes down center.


Wufei: I haven’t seen Heero ever since, and I didn’t expect to. I moved in with Treize after we had cleared out the loft. I suppose the big achievement in all our, Heero’s, Duo’s, Trowa’s, Quatre’s and my lives was, that we never ran around in circles for long but tried to move up. I often excused to Duo for my misjudgements – out of the five of us, he was the one most willing to challenge his life, challenge it for all of us. If he had asked for support… but we all had our pride – it was sometimes all we had. I suppose not even Quatre knew what was going on. Maybe life is a dream in the end, and we are all doing our best to make it a good one. Those who die in honor for their aims, who swallow a goblet of poison for the protection of their dreams, deserve to be honored. We’ll all remember them from their good sides and their bad ones.

Nobody is blamed, nobody needs to feel guilt. And I don’t know whose fate is better. Mine, Duo’s or Quatre’s and Trowa’s… maybe even Heero’s. There is no need to dwell on it. I am destined to follow a good example and move up, and work for others at a decent cost. And if I am lucky, I’ll meet him again to apologize, although I am sure I am already forgiven.


Wufei retreats. He looks up to the banister, where Trowa and Quatre stand with Duo in their middle.


Wufei: Sometimes I can almost feel them watching over us. It’s good to know.


Wufei retreats to the left part of the stage, where Treize is waiting to lay an arm around him. Heero comes from the audience, and climbs up the banister. Duo holds out a hand and pulls him up with him. They hug each other, Quatre and Trowa smile. The light fades on them and on Treize and Wufei, who stare into the distance.