One night
(by Mistoline. Inspired by “Faust is Dead”)




DUO. So this is my apartment. On night, and then you’re out of here, I don’t tend to take everyone home I find drunk in a bar.


DUO. Oh, other people get talkative when they’re drunk. (He helps him onto a sofa) Would you at least tell me your name… and don’t you dare to throw up on the sofa, man! What did you have? Drinks? Wodka?

HEERO. Heero…

DUO. Heero. Is that your name, or is that what you drank? Oh, either way, for tonight it is your name. So, Heero, do you feel like throwing up now? Get you a bucket?

HEERO. You…?

DUO. Me? I’m Duo. Wow, there’s still some sense there in tha’ brain! You look Japanese, Heero. …I should so stuff you into the shower… you stink, and you could use some help to get sober.


DUO. Wow, you are really having a trouble with that mouth of yours. Or is it the language? At least ou got my name stickin’ in your head, so you know who was stupid enough to take you in. Are you listening? (He waves a hand in front of Heero’s glazy eyes) Are you home?

HEERO. (Snatches the hand away in a fast move and holds it tightly) Kisama, yamete.

DUO. Hey, ouch!!! I don’t understand much of your frickin’ Japanese… what did you say? Stop? Ouch! Let go, that hurts. (pulls on his hand, but can’t get it free) Heero, I mean it, that hurts… what the heck do you want? (Sits down next to him which causes Heero to set the hand free)


DUO. What? Should I sit here and stay the whole night? Do you want to make out, gross-bug, or what? Listen, don’t think you’d get any more liquor, my sofa and my carpet are holy to me. Here, I’ll get you a blanket… I don’t even know whether you understand a word I am saying, Heero. Doesn’t matter, you’ll have forgotton by tomorrow anyway. (gets up to get a blanket)

HEERO: Hn. (holds him back) Maite.  Omae wa dare?

DUO. Ouch! Okay… I’m not leaving. What? Japanese again. Omae wa-what? (pause)… No answer? Fine, I’ll forgett about it. Listen, why don’t you lay down and sleep? … Sleep, you know? I don’t know the Japanese words --- like close your eyes --- your … what is it… me. Close your “me”. Or… Omae wa me wo tojite… Sorry, I suck at grammar.


DUO. No? But I will. Ima wa me wo tojite. Do you understand?

HEERO. Hai. Duo. Omae wo dare? Kamen no shita no sugao wa wasureta. Subete wo tojikomete tataku dake…

DUO. What? … Forgotten is the true face…. Behind the mask… what mask, hell? What are you talking about? --- Like the endless darkness that engulfs everything. … What is that? A song? A poem?

HEERO. Kokoro.

DUO. A heart? … Hey, you really should gain some sleep. And tomorrow you go home. If you remember where that is. Why the fuck did you drink so much?

HEERO, Modoru basho nado doko ni nakute.

DUO. … I have nowhere to return to…

HEERO. Samayoutta kono machi.

DUO … Just wandering through this town…

HEERO. Sunao ni narezu

DUO … Without being able to become… something… I suck at Japanese.

HEERO. Shinjitareru mono sae wakaranu mama.

DUO. Without knowing what I believe. --- What? You think you are the only one lonely? God, you should wake up. Maybe you should go and find a home somewhere. At leasts that’s better than hanging around in bars getting drunk, you know? Why am I letting you babble at me in the first place? I want to sleep. (tries to get up)

HEERO. Hn. (Grabs his wrist again)

DUO. Great. You are really sticky. And hn. – is that a Japanese word, too? I so don’t care, let go of me. Let go of my wrists, you hurt me… you are damn strong, do you know that?

HEERO. (pulls him closer) Hn.

DUO. I am not embracing drunkards. Here, someone’s gotta teach you the rules of life, really. First of all, you don’t drink more than you can take, except if you really have to. Secondly, you don’t try to make out with the one who’s kind enough to take you in before you rot on the streets, and thirdly, you let him go before he hurts you.

HEERO. (smirks and laughs a little)

DUO. What? You think because you are the stronger…  damnit. I can very well sleep here, but if you bug me…! Let me at least get a blanket. (tries to get up again but is held back) Fine. You don’t understand. You just think I’m leaving you. You must really be afraid of being alone. But stop dying in self-pity, I hate that! I hope it’s just because you’re so drunk, kiddo. What a pity… how old are you? Sixteen? Seventeen? Who cares. I won’t see you again. (He leans back to sleep, Heero leans over him, closing his eyes) I guess I can live with that. After all, you are not unattractive, although you stink like alcohol.





DUO. (Comes inside, Heero’s still on the sofa) And, do you have a headache now? Should serve you right. You look quite stunned… Don’t look at me like that. I know what’s on your mind.. yeah, that’s the question of the century, how did you come to be here?

HEERO. Liquor. Wakatai.

DUO. Wow, you remember. And the rest? Did you like the sex? Yes, did you?


DUO. Popping, the gross stuff, tongues, hands, fingers, the usual things? Did you like all that stuff?


DUO. Liar. There was nothing. There was no sex. There wasn’t even any kissing. You don’t remember a thing about this place, you don’t remember who I am, and how you come to be here. You don’t even remember the things that have not happened. How did I come to pick up a drunk Japanese from the bar? I must be nuts.

HEERO. Arigatou.

DUO. Thank you, I know. So I have been talking to bricks last nights? Maybe better, considering the weird stuff you-

HEERO. I remember. You thought I was gross.

DUO. Oh, you speak English after all? And no… I didn’t think you were gross, stupid, I thought your drunkenness was gross. Here, (he throws him a coin) be wise and buy something nutritious from it. Food, you know? No liquor.

HEERO. No liquor. Breakfast.

DUO. It’s noon, stupid. There’ll be no breakfast today. Don’t come back crawling on my door, Heero, next time. I really don’t tend to do that a lot. Picking up drunkards and such. You were just lucky, okay? It’s the first and the last time.

HEERO. Only wish.. fui ni ishiki no soko kara. It’s only life… ore wo atsuku yusaburu omoi.

DUO. What are you babbling again? Are you keeping it up like yesterday with your self-pity?

HEERO. Only wish.. fui ni ishiki no soko kara. It’s only life… ore wo atsuku yusaburu omoi.

DUO. From the boottom of you consciousness? … feelings that fire your passion? (lays a hand on his shoulder and sighs) Don’t give me that. You’re not fully up yet, so don’t even start thinking you feel something for me. There’s a bunch of guys who tried that already, and it ain’t a lot of fun.

HEERO. (looks) tadoitsuita jounetsu dakishimeta tsubasa

DUO. The passion you struggled for? Wings you embraced? Heero, I said, don’t give me that. You were drunk when you babbled something like that the first time, so don’t stick to it, man. Is it because I lied to you about having sex with you? Seriously, nothing happened, and I didn’t try a thing. I said, I don’t have sex with drunkards. Now, take your stuff … er.. or yourself, and get home.

HEERO. “Home” wo desu ka? Where is that, Duo?

DUO. Fine, you remember my name, after all. Doesn’t give you any rights, mister. Do you also remember that I told you to find a home, if you don’t have any? And don’t you think you could stay here. I don’t have enough frickin’ money to feed you, I don’t even have enough room. And I have my job. So, there you go. You have no chance, see? I’m keeping you from a mistake.

HEERO. No, Duo.

DUO. Yes, Duo. Yes, Heero. Gawd! Get your pretty face outta my way. It’s over now, got it? You are half-way sober and I’ve done my part, there’s no reason for you to hang around. (He yanks him up and shovels him to the door)

HEERO. Yamete. Stop it. Here… (he pushes Duo back on the sofa, sits on him and kisses him)

DUO. (upset, confused) I told you… it’s nothing you feel for me! Get sober… Heero! And stop messing with me! It’s wrong!

HEERO. Duo… I’m not messing. I have you now.

DUO.  (turns his head away) Don’t you come across thinking that. Here, fine. (unzipps his shirt) I’m not saying I didn’t want it.





(Heero and Duo lay in each other’s arms, they’re dressed as much as necessary)


DUO. So, you got what you wanted. We played both my way and your way. Time for you to go… I don’t mind taking a pretty boy every now and then, but you shouldn’t have wasted your first time like that. Well, your bad. Don’t think this binds us.

HEERO. (remains where he is)

DUO. So you liked it. Fine. Me, too… that isn’t a contract or anything. It isn’t like I hadn’t had it with others that way. But I don’t rent rooms for fucks. No matter whether I’m the one to screw you the first time, or not.

HEERO. Hn. Ima hagashiku karada ni kanji aeru… sorezo no himata kodu,

DUO. And now, fiercly, we can feel each other’s bodies of each hidden pulse… Oh, no, Heero, you have no idea about me! I don’t fall for pretty little Japanese guys, just because they’re insistant. I’d be long dead if that’s how it works.  You’ll not take the only fun from me, I have.

HEERO. I return you more than you ask.

DUO. I tell you, you don’t know me, stupid. You have no idea what you are messing with. I’ll kick you out of the door on no time.

HEERO. (light smile as he embraces him) I have you still.

DUO. No, you don’t.

HEERO. (buries his nose in Duo’s neck)

DUO. Okay, fine. Is that your usual trick? Make people fall in love with your pretty face? When are you going to drop me?

HEERO. Not at all.

DUO. Yeah… sure. This world doesn’t work like that. (smiles) Either you drop me or I drop you. But I guess we can hang around with each other till then.

HEERO. (kisses Duo’s cheek)

DUO. Fine. You have me. I don’t know why, but you do. (kisses Heero’s neck in return)

HEERO. I had you all the time. You just didn’t know it,

DUO. You seem a little too self-confident, my friend. I hate being the one who loses.

HEERO. You can win next time.