“And now, exclusively for you: Wild Wing!!!”

The audience cheered, the girls cried their names, as Wufei entered the stage, followed directly by Quatre, then Trowa, then Duo and then Heero. It was the moment, Duo loved most of all … the moment, when the nervousness reached it’s heighth, for them as well as for the fans, the moment when the light stung his eyes and they had to push Quatre forward – he never made the first step onto the stage on his own, only with Trowa’s gentle help. This had nothing to do with interviews, with those boring photo-shootings, autpographing, etc. This moment here was the greatest fun of all, this moment was music and fun all in one.


Duo usually forgot the order of the songs, but the others were a great help on that… They were a perfect team! Quatre reluctantly grabbed the mike (“Why is it always me speaking first?” he kept complaining when the program was set, but Trowa kept assuring him that he was the cutest).

“Hi, Minna-saaaaaan!” came Quatre’s sweet voice over the boxes.

“Hi, Qua-tre!” --- amazing that that still worked, when there were about five thousand people in the room, but the words were understandable.

“You guys are great,” he assured them, “but now let’s start with a song you all know! Duo’s gonna rock the house!” Trowa threw Quatre a look… he was so not himself, when he was on stage and his first nervousness had flown away. Wufei started the beat, having the absolute feeling for the right rhythm and a few moments later, Heero joined with his ultimate metallic blue e-guitar, Trowa entered with the base and Quatre stood on the keyboard, smiling as always. There was no question they’d sing their band song first, and Duo started happily, jumping over the guitar-cable.


Mune ni kakushita tsubasa de

Ouzora e mai agereba

Wasure kaketa kinou no

Jubun ni aeru!


He loved it! Every moment of it, jumping over the stage like the energetic bouncy ball he was, singing the lines, blooming at all the smiling faces down there who were lip-synching with him, or singing.


Wild Wing Boys densetsu no tsubasa de sora okakeru” --- and he could hear four other voices joining him over their micros.


Wild Wing Boys moeagaru sora to umk no karata e

Wild Wing Boys kieteyuku hoshikuzu misumenagera

Wild Wing Boys ashita e no atsui omoi knajite – Take off!


Such great fun! Such a great audience! He was home again. And the cheering and yelling when the song ended was more than a reward.

“Sank yuuuuu! You guys are so great. And as always I’ve forgotten what’s up next!” Duo stuck his tongue out. Heero poked him.

“Oh right! You wanna hear Heero???”


“I can’t hear you! I ask you, wanna see a sexy-lovely-spandex-wearing bishounen with a killer instinct singing like only he can?”

“Yeahh! Heero!”

Duo took the guitar from Heero and gave him the mike. That was the most chilling part! Hearing Heero sing was a bliss every time again, no matter whether he was going for the fast beat or the slow songs. Too bad, that they had been forbidden to make their relation public, like Trowa and Quatre were allowed to. But they had to keep the hopes of the girls raised, the manager said, and Duo was naturally flirtateous, so he should not mind.

Arikitati no Hiiro nante, mappirasa ore niwa niawanai – tamaranai!

Ahhh! He was so cute! And he always seemed so lost on stage (made the fans even more flipped, especially as he hopped down in front of the stage and brushed their hands!).


Cry for the dream!

Yea, yea, yea!!!” Duo sang with the others.

Kokoro de… Cry for the dream!

Yea, yea, yea!” Aww! Heero was such a hot thing, absolutely. If the girls just knew… And the audience just flipped as the song ended and Heero bowed in front of a high stool which had been brought on stage with two others. That reminded Duo on what was up next. With each of them playing different instruments, it was very entertaining for them and the fans. It was Duo’s turn on the base now, but that was the extend of his musical skills, and he only could do it for the next song, otherwise he sucked on this instrument. Quatre took the guitar and sat down on the left stool, Duo on the right, Trowa in the middle with the mike. Heero was on the drums and Wufei on the keyboard. Quatre blushed faintly, they all knew he just loved “Doukeshi”. The guitar on his lap, he made ready, not forgetting to brush Trowa’s back before, just because. None of the fans could see it, but Duo did, and it was sooo cute! Heero counted in, the light was dimmed to blue and red, and the ‘doukeshi’ began singing his song… oh so sweet. Fans unpacked their lighters and swung them in the rhythm, making Duo’s eyes sparkle blissfully. So heart-throbbing… yikes!

After the song, Quatre did something he had never done before – he kissed Trowa on the cheek! Trowa was quite startled, his eyes grew big, but Quatre just grinned and the fans cheered and laughed about the surprised singer.

“How cuuuute…” Duo said into the microphone. “I’m so sorry girls, those two are definitely taken! … Oh no wait, I’m not sorry, now you are all mine!!!”

The audience yelled and screamed, and Duo so enjoyed that. But what was that!? There was a whole group of girls screaming quite loudly: “WUFEI!” and they were holding up a banner.

“Hey, Wufei, come here!” Duo said, holding a hand over his eyes to not be blinded by the light. Wufei came next to him to the front of the stage.


“Look there, you see that?” He pointed into the crowd. “It says: ‘Wufei we all love you! Grasp the truth!’” Duo giggled.

“I think that is a request!” Trowa helped out.

“Hn… Should we bother about it?”

“I don’t know. I don’t think they really are so eager to hear Wufei sing.” (Loud yelling from the fans!)

“Right, let’s have Quatre sing ‘I’ll be your friend’… That’s much better,” Duo stuck his tongue out at Wufei as the Quatre-fans cheered, and the Wufei-fans protested.

“Wait a second,” Quatre interfered, adjusting the mike on the keyboard, “I think we should throw Duo off the stage and let him sing ‘Kitto, okay’, just to see whether he can keep it up.”

“Hn,” Trowa smirked, “Good Luck and Good-bye, Duo…”

“Throwing me off the stage is not in the program!!!” Duo casually retreated from the rim of the stage, but Trowa and Wufei were already at his side, lifting him into the air. Duo clenched his microphone.

“Ah!!! Iie!!! Girls will eat me, fans will eat me… Oh, that actually sounds good… heh!” Trowa and Wufei carried him back to the end of the stage.

“No, wait!” Duo said, “Let Wu-man sing! Let him! Just leave me up here! I love you guys, really.”

“Hear that? He called me Wu-man…!” The two swung Duo as if really wanting to throw him into the audience.

“Wufei-sama! Wufei-san! Wufei-superman, pleeeeaaaaase!”

Duo was dropped hard on the stage and then dragged to the guitar by the braid. “Yeah, ouch, itai, fine! Fine…! That will – ow! – have consequences.”




Duo blinked his eyes open. “Hai?”

“Stop dreaming and wake up, you’ve got a mission.”

“Eh? Heero? … Oi?! I dreamed we were a rockband!!!” the shinigami smiled broadly.

“Yeah, and I dreamed, Deathscythe started rusting.”

“And I dreamed we were a couple.”

“Duo, we are a couple.” Heero grabbed his braid, slung it around his hand and yanked him up.

“Itai! Of that I dreamed, too!”