Welcome to Gundam Island!!!

And now the part youíve all been waiting for.... *chibi Clees and chibi Line pop out of nowhere, wearing clothing that strikingly resembles a certain Spark and Neese...* *two tied up figures squeal, but chibi Clees kicks them out of the screen again, still grinning innocently*THE SECOND PART!!!*a mini-Wufei dragon breathes fire* Ha-ha!



After a loooong night *mini-Wufei gets a nosebleed and flies away* the five Gundam Pilots finally received the mission to go against the OZ base in their Gundams together . Amazingly, Heero had missed going on his own in the morningÖ


Now read the recorded transcript of the verbal interaction via the comlinks!


Heero: †† Right, all proceed.You know the plan.Attack, and destroy.

Quatre: *giggling a little too happily* Whew, I hope he doesnít think thatís positive reinforcement!!

Trowa: †† Hmm... reinforced... but would it dull any of the feeling?

Duo: ††††† What in nine hells? Hey, Heero I amÖ er Ö tired. But neíer mind!

Wufei: ††† I donít get it?!

Quatre: *giggles* Neíer mind, WufeiÖ

Trowa: †† Quatre, your coming too, right? *Note: Quatre was giggling too much to keep up with the others*

Quatre: Geeeeeeez! Of course I am... *blushes intensely over the screen* But not yet, Trowa!!!

Duo: ††††† Wait, Trowa, Quatre Ė did I MISS something???

Wufei: ††† What, in name of Nataku, are you all babbling about??

Heero: †† Duo, pay attention, thereís an Ariesí headed straight for your rear.

Duo: ††††† Heero, I would never without you...


Duo: ††††† Got it, thanks, pal!

Quatre: WAIT! Can I ask you the same Question, Duo???

Heero: †† *snickers* Glad to hear it, Duo.

Trowa: †† Target coming and fast... ammunition ready to shoot out.Systems check... all go.Iím going to use my thrusters to get into the outer defense wall deeper...

Quatre: Someone mind if I switch my screen off???

Duo: ††††† No way pal, I like to see that blushed face!!! ... ARGH! Heero donít get in my way, or Iíll shoot you!

Heero: †† *corner of one mouth quirks* Exactly where, Duo?

Wufei: ††† *mutters something that had something to with the rest of his team being morons*

Quatre: No, wait. Duo, Heero Ė let me get this straight here...

Duo: †††† *snicker....*

Trowa: †† Straight how and where, Quatre? *smiles slightly*

Heero: †† Target approaching... weíll reach it in approximately five minutes..

Quatre: Stop making me blush, Trowa!!! Ö Okay, Duo and Iíll fly a bow and come from the other side, then. Er... miss you already, Trowa.

Duo: ††††† Now isnít that sweet? Will you miss me, too, Heero??? *blink, blink*

Trowa: †† The same... rendezvous at the appointed place.Heero, Iíll cover your behind when things start to get too hot and heavy.

Heero: †† Alright.And Duo, only if you make it up to me later... *snicker snicker*

Wufei: ††† I still donít get it, what is everyone laughing about!? How unjust!

Trowa: †† Itís nothing Wufei... Iíll cover your behind as well, when things heat up...

Heero: †† *snicker*

Duo: ††††† Why for godís sake do I have such a dirty mind??? As for your request, Heero: Duo Maxwell delivers promptly!!!

Quatre: Ew!! Duo!!

Heero: †† Sounds yummy. *monotonous*

Quatre: Ew!! Heero!!

Trowa: †† *snicker*

Wufei: ††† Did Heero just say the word ďyummyĒ?

Duo: ††††† Okay, Quatre, now just imagine you have to get through the army base to get to Trowa!!!! I tell you, Quatre will be over there in no time!

Quatre: Iím cooooooooming! *wink*

Trowa: †† *blush, blush*

Wufei: ††† Now Iím really confused.....

Heero: †† Alright, enough, weíre on enemy lines.Quatre, Duo, go ahead off to the other side.Me, Trowa, and Wufei will meet you at the tower.

Trowa: †† Affirmative.Iíll be thinking of what you just said the entire time, Quatre. *wink*

Wufei: ††† *mouth hanging open* Did Trowa just WINK!?

Duo: †††† Címon Heero, Iíd NEVER cross to the other side!!! However, Affirmative.

Quatre:†† Affirmative. I agree with Duo,... completely!

Duo: ††††† Thanks. I sort of believe that. Can I hear more of this later???


Heero: †† Target confirmed, locked on....

Trowa: †† Theyíre coming fast...

Wufei: ††† I still donít get it.....

Heero: †† Firing.... *large explosions* Hear that one, Duo?I thinking of you the entire time.Hmm... *radar beeping* Trowa, behind you.

Trowa: †† Yes, I read them... *machine gun noises*

Duo: ††††† Quatre, go over to the left. *explosion* Well, that WAS a Mobile Suit. See, Heero Ė Iím thinking of you, too! *grin*

Quatre: Alrighty. Be careful and donít let them come between us!

Duo: ††††† What? Why between US???

Heero: †† Hmm... *explosion* Is there something extra happening on your side of the battlefield, Winner? *tiniest of tiny smirks*

Wufei: ††† DIE!! *large explosion*

Trowa: †† Thanks, you saved my ass Wufei... *eye wide, breathing a bit heavily* *mutters* Got a little careless there...

Quatre: Good! That oneís still needed!!!

Duo: ††††† Hey, Yuy, a lot of things are going on over here *several small explosions* Things, you wouldnít know *smirk*

Heero: †† *licks his lips slowly, smirking obviously*

Wufei: ††† What the hell is wrong with all of you today!?!?!

Trowa: †† *flushed* Well, I am a bit sore... *explosion*

Quatre: Oooopppps.... *small explosion*

Duo: ††††† Can you stop all that dirty talk please? By the way, Heero, would you mind not distracting me too much. Thereís something between usÖ like twenty Mobile Suits...

Heero: †† *customary blank face*What are you talking about?I just had something on lips still, was all... *smirks slightly*Something a bit salty and yummy...

Wufei: ††† Did Heero Yuy just say YUMMY again!? *explosions*

Quatre: What? Only Mobile Suits, Duo? I am a little disappointed now.

Duo: ††††† *growl* You wanna set my Deathscythe on fire then? *several loud explosions* YAAAYYY!!!

Trowa: †† Things are already hot and bothering over here... *rounds of machine guns*

Wufei: ††† Can you all stop being so damn weird and just fight honorably!

Heero: †† Changís right; disengage yourselves from each other and continue fighting with your full concentration on the battle... *explosion* *com screen is covered in static for a moment before Heero is heard/seen again* Damn, too close... *explosion*

Duo: ††††† Alrighty. I lost my concentration yesterday but never mind. *thud* Heero, you need to draw back, or youíll be in trouble. Seriously!

Quatre: Duo, move aside or you will be in trouble. *boom* And, Barton, if you keep on shooting like that, youíll run out of bullets!

Wufei: ††† Finally, talk I can understand. *buzzing noises followed by a resounding boom*

Trowa: †† Hmm... I have missiles left, itíll be fine...I can still fire just as hard as before.

Heero: †† Roger that.

Quatre: As hard, duh? Arigatou...

Duo: ††††† Trowa! See the base down on your left? Fire that and Iíll join you. We should be able to get rid of it.

Trowa: †† Affirmative.

*Rustling Explosion*

Duo: ††††† Yay! Works great!

Quatre: Miss! Damnit!

Heero: †† BEHIND YOU! *his screen and voice disappears behind static* *large explosion*

Duo: ††††† HEERO! *eyes grow wide* What happened over there?!

Wufei: ††† Damn! *brows pushed together in an angry frown*

Trowa: †† Wufei...??

Duo: ††††† Damn you bunch of jerks!! *several explosions*

Quatre: Donít be stupid, Duo! Stay back! *another explosion* I canít save your crazy bum if you go ahead with this.

Duo: ††††† Iíll kill them all! *face narrowed*

Quatre: Whereís Heero? Someone needs to stop Duo.

Wufei: ††† Why Heero?

Heero: †† *comlinks re-established* Duo, I need your crazy bum for my own personal use Ė listen to Winner.

Trowa: †† What happened?

Heero: †† Got a little too close...An MS tried to take Wufei from behind.Wing Zero is fine.*explosions*

Duo: ††††† Roger that. *muttered:* Oh man, this boy has ALWAYS made me nuts!

Quatre: Come back you crazy jerk!

Heero: †† *somewhat thoughtfully* I like nuts... *explosions*

Duo: ††††† *sticks tongue out*

Quatre: And I hate Mobile Suits trying to lay Sandrock! *Quatre is shaking in his seat from a nearby explosion*

Trowa: †† *eyes narrow* Be careful Quatre... *mutters* Only I can lay Sandrock... *massive explosions*I love my missiles...

Heero: †† *snicker* Donít tempt me.*looks over at something* Hm, more dolls headed for us Chang, Barton.

Wufei: ††† Good.I enjoy delivering justice to Treizeís dominions!They shall feel the piercing blaze of Nataku fill and destroy them from inside!! *laughs evilly*

Heero: †† *mutters* Maybe heíd like to fill Treize with something other than justice...

Trowa: †† *chuckle*His rod of justice...

Wufei: ††† What??

Trowa: †† Nothing...

Quatre: Weíre almost through! *gentle, lovely. innocent smile, wink* I can see you, Trowa!!!

Duo: ††††† This is much too sweet for my taste! I prefer the rough play.

Trowa: I see you, too Quatre... *smiles slightly*

Heero: †† Two minutes until we reach the tower...Be careful, it may be heavily guarded... but I believe weíll find a way to achieve penetration....

All except Wufei: *snicker chuckle*

Wufei: ††† What the hell are you all giggling at!?

Duo: ††††† Nothing, Wu-man...

Wufei: ††† *grumpily* Donít call me that....

Quatre: *sings* I wanna be with you, I wanna be with you, baby!

Wufei: ††† Quatre, donít act like an onna!!

Trowa: †† *ignores Wufei* Very nice, mizu me.

Duo: ††††† Rock it, Quatre!!!

Quatre: Thank you, Trowa. *smile*

*Mass explosion*

Quatre: This guy doesnít like me!

Duo: ††††† Why that?

Quatre: Dunno *most innocent, lovely, sweet smile*

Duo: ††††† Why isnít anybody singing anymore? *thud* hey... Trowa, why donít you give it a try?! *another explosion* Gotcha! uh... bye-bye-buddy!

Wufei: ††† *eyes widen in horror* Duo, if you start singing that insidious pop song, I will tear you to pieces with my bare hands!!!

Trowa: †† *slight blush* I canít sing... but Iím sorry Duo, I have to agree with Wufei...

Heero: †† Me too.One minute...

Duo: †††† Well, you are a nice audience, really.

Quatre: Maybe itís just not your kind of art, Duo!

Duo: ††††† Oh, maybe. I have my qualities with some other... artsy ... stuff *smirk, wink*

Trowa: †† *slight blush* Oh dear....I donít wish to know....

Heero: †† *smirk* Twenty seconds remaining till penetration...

All except Wufei: *snicker*

Wufei: ††† Damn all of you.... *grumpily harumphs*

Duo: ††††† Donít worry pal. Just be happy you slept last night...

All except Wufei: *snicker*

Quatre: Duo and I are ready.

Duo: ††††† For ANYTHING...

Quatre: Ew..! Duo!

Heero: †† Weíre there.

Trowa: I came, Quatre..

Quatre: Thatís unjust! I wasnít there! *disappointed*

Wufei: †† *eyes narrow dangerously* What is that supposed to mean, Quatre?

Heero: †† Roger that.... Spread it, um, out and prepare for attack.Duo and Trowa, you two rig the tower for destruction.Me, Chang and Winner will hold off OZ.

Duo: ††††† Alrighty!

Quatre: Roger, Yuy.

Heero: †† And Duo, donít be sloppy... I donít want to have to clean up one of your messes... again....

Quatre: One of the yummy ones?

All except Wufei: *snicker*

Duo: ††††† Did QUATRE say that???

Trowa: †† Youíd be surprised at some of the other things that have come out of his mouth....

Quatre: Ew...! Trowa...!!

Wufei: ††† This is disturbing......

*Grand explosion*

Duo: ††††† Hold on guys, weíve almost done it.

Heero: †† Are you finished rigging the tower yet?

Trowa: †† *smile* What, embarrassed?

Wufei: †† Did I just see Trowa smile??

Heero: †† Now that, Chang, is disturbing....

Wufei: ††† *grumpily* *mutters* Not as disturbing as hearing you say yummy...

Heero: †† Hurry, we need to get out of here....

Duo: ††††† Yepp!


Duo: ††††† Get away from here, we did it!!!

Heero: †† *smirk*

Trowa: Affirmative.Come on Quatre....

Wufei: ††† This canít be good....looks like we have to fight our way out of here...

Trowa: †† *eyebrow raises slightly* That certainly is a lot of mobile dolls.....

Quatre: I would love to.. er.. come, Trowa but we should hurry a little or weíll all blow up.

Duo: ††††† Was therea double meaning in this?

Quatre: *innocently* No....!

Trowa: †† *smiling slightly* Youíve got a point...Heero?

Heero: †† Roger.*large explosion*Path clear for now.

Wufei: †† *still bad tempered* Thank Nataku this mission is over.....

*Final major-super-explosion*

All INCLUDING Wufei: Mission Accomplished.

Duo: ††††† Canít wait for the next...

*On the way back*

Heero: †† Me neither it certainly helped me harden into a battle ready soldier... *smirk*

Trowa: †† *coughs* *sweatdrop* That was really in poor taste.....

Duo: ††††† Heero... youíve still got A LOT to learn *smirk...*

Heero: †† *licks his lips again* Anytime, Duo-sensei....

Quatre: Er.. I got a mission for you, Trowa.

Duo: ††††† What could that be?

Trowa: †† *ignores Duo* Yes, Quatre?

Wufei: ††† Thatís it.... theyíve all gone crazy...

Quatre: *smirks* Secret Mission, sorryyyy!

Duo: ††††† Neíer mind, Wu-man... youíd just get a nose bleedÖ

All except Wufei: *snicker*

Heero: †† But he is right, Duo... weíre all crazy... with the need to... well, come intomore missions...

Wufei: ††† I donít get it..... !? What the hell is that supposed to mean!?!

Heero: †† *smirk* Nothing in particular.

Trowa: †† *BLINK*

Duo: ††††† As far as I see there will be a mission for Trowa, and Quatre will possibly accompany him...

Quatre: DEFINITELY! Mission Accepted...

Duo: ††††† I got a mission assigned with Heero... Mission Accepted.

Heero: †† Ninmu ryoukai.

Wufei: †† Wait, how could you all possibly be getting assigned mission all at once like this?Why donít I have one as well?This is unjust!!

Trowa: †† Donít become upset Wufei, Iím sure you will soon be assigned to penetrate a base owned by Treize from behind, so to speak....

All Except Wufei: *snicker*


----------End Transmission-------------