Welcome to Gundam Island!!!


*two cutey chibi Clees and chibi Line pop out of nowhere* And now, for the par- *their cut off by a moan* *chibi Clees disappears off screen and grunts along with thwacking noises are heard* * chibi Line stands there, holding the cute pose, and big cutesy smile* *chibi Clees reappears, dusting her hands off*

chibi Clees: What is the line again?

chibi Line: The part you have all been seduced for??? No..? Er....... *scratch head*

chibi-dragon-Wuffi-kins: *nosebleeds* *breaths fire in annoyance*

chibi Clees: Nep... urm... been held in delightful anticipation for? *blinks big multicolored eyes in thought*

chibi Line: *thinking really hard* And now for the... part... youíve all been...


chibi Clees & chibi Line: *grin* And now for the part youíve all been waiting for!

chibi-Duo-imitation: Yes, you did it!

chibi-Quatre-imitation: Ew...! Duo!

chibi-Heero-imitation: *smacks them both then wordlessly drags them off-screen*

chibi Line & chibi Clees: *BLINK*

chibi-dragon-Wuffi-kins: GET ON WITH IT, YOU MIDGET ONNAS!!!

chibi Line: *cute pose* The second part!!!!

chibi Clees: *pulls out an impressive mallet and chases after chibi-dragon-Wuffi-kins* KILLJOY!!!

chibi Line: Wait, I wanna hit him toooooo!!!!!!

Chibi-dragon-Wuffi-Kins: This is dishonorable and unjust! Iíll go to sleep! *gets away as quickly as possible*

All chibis around: *sweatdrop*

chibi Line: *disappointedly* ohhh! Well... then Ė Read the recorded transcript of the verbal interaction via the comlinks! *cutie-smile*



Another day another mission! The next day Ė the night hasnít been very relaxing for four of the five Gundam pilots Ė another well-guarded OZ building has been discovered. It is close to midnight and except for Wufei, every one has the strong urge to ... get back home to ... well, not really ... sleep.


Duo: ††††† Here Deathscythe... letís get this over quickly Ė I want to go back home!!! *smirks at the screen* Do you hear me, Heero?

Quatre: As if you hadnít hadenough audible interaction last night. *blush, blush*

Duo: ††††† Stop talking about yourself, Quatre!

Heero: I donít know about you, but I cannot wait to get back and get something inside me... *monotone, only a slight twitch at the corner of his mouth* *squirming in his seat, has been for sometime now*

Wufei: Me too, Iím hungry.

Heero: †† *SNICKER* .... roger that.

Quatre: Iím hungry, too... in a double-meaning sense...

Duo: ††††† I hate walls being so thin! I still canít believe that someone *slight glare at Nataku* can still be clueless after all...

Wufei:†††† *raises an eyebrow*

Trowa: †† Some people just sleep deeper than others, Duo...

Heero: †† And some can reach deeper, too. *smirk*Iím looking forward to it.

Wufei: ††† What??

Quatre: Sleep? What is that?! *spreading pure innocence*

Duo: ††††† Itís when you lay in your bed and enjoy... or did I confuse something here? What was your question again?

Quatre: *snort* I got the idea... *blush, blush* We have to turn east a little or weíll miss the target, guys.

Duo: ††††† WHAT did you say? *eyes widen intensely*

Quatre: DUO!!! I said GUYS, not what you think!

Heero: †† *still squirming in his seat* *mutters* Seatís uncomfortable....

Trowa: †† .....there are better things to sit on and in instead of the cockpit of a Gundam... but no matter, letís get this over with...

Duo: ††††† *mutters* Why do I get the feeling this guy wants to make me feel uncomfortable?

Quatre: Ew...! Trowa!

Trowa: †† *slight smile* You didnít complain last night....

Quatre: EW...! TROWA!!! --- I have the feeling something big is awaiting me today...

Trowa: †† Quite true...

Wufei: ††† *muttering* How can I turn off this damn comlink?

Heero: †† *still squirming in a most arousing fashion* Almost there.

Duo: ††††† Where exactly, Heero...? You wonít go off on your own, will you.

Quatre: Naughty, naughty...

Duo: ††††† I still have the feeling he wants to make me feel... uncomfortable, all alone in my Deathscythe...

Heero: †† *raises his eyebrows* *fake mocking tone* Want me to sit on your lap?

Wufei: †† Hahahaha, yes Duo, this is no place for the weak!!! *Note: Wufei misunderstands the joke...*

Duo: ††††† True, Wufei, very true.. *evilly snickering*

Quatre: *flatly* I long to say: ĎEw...! Duo and Heero...!í but Iíll keep it to myself for once.

Heero: †† Much appreciated, Winner.Closing in...

Trowa: *breathing deeply* Is it hotter in this area than the other ones? *Note: genuinely believes the AREA is whatís hotter...*

Duo: ††††† Hotter than what other area exactly? *corner of his mouth twitching wildly*

Quatre: I know a few hot spots...

Duo: ††††† Trowa, what happened to Quatre last night? He acts worse than before...

Trowa: *blush* Iíd rather keep it to myself...

Heero: †† Why are you so interested in area on Trowa now, Maxwell? *still squirming; from the seat or something unless, itís unknown*

Duo: ††††† I am particularly interested in how many degrees he has in Heavyarms... Canít be as hot as in here Ė not with the picture of you in your seat, Yuy!

Quatre: Donít worry, Heero, heíll have to pass Sandrock first to share that area with Trowa... *evil, evil wink*

Trowa: I am quite disconcerted.... *blush*

Heero: †† Roger that, Winner.Alright, weíre close to the entry.

Wufei: †† Looks a little small, weíll have to force our way through that little opening...

All Except Wufei: *snicker*

Duo: ††††† I think we are all pretty used to that...

Quatre: Ew...! Duo...! *launches first attack, leading to an explosion* Sorry, this guy was pretty much getting on my butt.

All except Wufei: *chuckle*

Quatre: What?!?!?!

Trowa: Nice aim there, Quatre... I would have made me furious to have my property damaged...

Wufei: †† But you donít own Sandrock!

Trowa: ... *slight smile*

Heero: †† Heads up, thereís more coming from the right.Press forward, we have to get inside. *eyes narrow in concentration, manages to stop squirming long enough to try and get a lock on some MS*

Quatre: Roger, Yuy. --- *short moment of total concentration* I think weíll make it. YET, Trowa, you donít own Sandrock!!!

Duo: †††† *several explosions* And Iím still saying it: Bye-bye-buddy!!!

Quatre: Um... Duo... be CAREFUL!!! *several thuds and explosions*

Duo:††††† Oooops... *static on the screen* Donít... worry...- *voice disappears*

Heero: *eyes widen considerably* Duo...?!DUO!

Wufei: †† Kíso, canít see a thing.... DIE!! *explosion*

Heero:†† *eyes darken and narrow* SHINAI!! *goes on a rampage, but looking insanely calm*

Trowa: *eyes widen and he jerks the controls* Heero, be careful!Kíso!! *explosion* Damn, their gaining on us! Quatre!

Quatre:Wufei, donít go wild or youíll hit Deathscythe. Theyíre closing in on him... Maxwell?! Do you hear me?

Duo:††††† *static* BAKA!!! ... I can hear- *voice disappears again*

Quatre:*concerned look* *explosions* I think weíll get him out of there...

Wufei:††† *snarling in concentration* Thereís too much debris, I canít make anything out...

Trowa:††† I can see you, Wufei, here.*noises*Connected.

Wufei: †† Good.Weíll go on ahead and deliver justice-!

Heero: Roger, weíll take out anything trying to get you from behind.*eyes lose their focus* Duo... *eyes focus again* *explosions of quite scary proportions*

Duo: †††† *finally back on the screen* You bloody bastard! Get off my ass! *sweat running down his face*

Quatre:Hey, buddy, are you alright over there?

Duo:††††† Guess, so... *works furiously inside the cockpit* Why are they all trying to hit me?

Heero:†† Disengage your scythe.The glow is what theyíre aiming on; the only thing they can see in all this debris, baka.*monotone* *relaxes somewhat*Winner, circle with me to the left, Maxwell follow Barton and Chang.Weíll be there in a moment.Chang....

Wufei:††† *nods* Ready.

Heero:†† Good.Letís go.*silence as fighting stops briefly*

Duo:††††† No way I am going to give up my scythe!!! *mutters* Iíve got a better idea...


Duo:††††† *large explosion, Deathscythe is slammed out of the circle of Mobile Suits and crashes right into Sandrock*.. Free! Sorry, Quatre. Iím alright.

Quatre:I donít long for physical contact with you, Maxwell. *visibly relieved*

Heero:†† Baka, donít pull a stunt without telling us.

Trowa:†† *somewhat worried* Quatre...?

Heero:††† Chang.

Wufei:††† *nods* *sliding noises heard* *Deathscythe is grabbed by the dragon-arm of Altron and pulled back* *Sandrock is pulled along as well, by being stuck somewhat to Deathscythe*

Heero:†† *eyes narrow in concentration* Targeting...Lock. *big-honkiní-explosion*

Quatre:Iím fine Trowa. If Duo would stop trying to hug me...

Duo:††††† *fumbling with the control* Iím trying. ... *eventually separated* See.

Quatre:Letís proceed then. As I said: I am hungry. *flat*

Trowa:†† *slight smile, blush* Hentai...

Wufei:††† *raises an eyebrow* What makes a hungry man perverted?

Quatre:Ew, my virgin ears!

Trowa:†† Virgin...? *rae*

Duo:††††† Thatís probably the only part really virgin on him...

Wufei:††† *disgusted* Why do you doubt the honor of Winner!How unjust!

Heero: *finally catches up to the other Gundams**squirming in his seat again* *mutters*Whatís unjust is Maxwellís insistence on trying without extra lubricant...

Trowa:†† What did you say?

Heero:†† *light blush* Nothing....

Duo:††††† *shrugs* I like it without lubricant. Makes it rougher!

Quatre:EW...! D-

All including Wufei: Shut up, Quatre!

Quatre:†† What?!

Trowa:†† Just kidding, I enjoy all the sounds that come out of your mouth...

Heero:†† *blushing some* Fine then Duo, weíll see how you enjoy it!Iím new to this, you should be gentle with me!Maybe you should be bottom, for once!!!

Duo:††††† Oh-oh... oops...!

Wufei:††† Wait... Duo, how does one not use lubricant?

All except Wufei: *slapping noises as jaws hit the floor*

Quatre: *recovers first* EW, WUFEI!

Wufei:††† WHAT!??Machines need lubricant tomove smoothly!!How do you keep your Gundam in top condition without oil??

Duo:††††† Weíre not talking about that Gundam. *snicker*

Quatre:Oh, Wufei, I had NO IDEA...

Duo:††††† Hm... three Mobile Suits guarding the way ahead of us. Iíll go for the left one.

Quatre:Alright... Iíll go for the middle, then.

Trowa:†† *absently, in a sing-song voice, but not quite singing* Slide some oil, to me...and let me lubricate my mind...

Wufei:††† *mutters* Iím fitting with a bunch of singing onnas...

Heero:†† *still flushed and squirming*Confirming target...

Duo:††††† *in outrage* He lied to me yesterday! Trowa can sing.

Quatre:Oh... Trowa...! *blush*

Duo:††††† *imitating* Oh...! Heeeeerooo! --- *through clenched teeth* Stop squirming around in your seat, youíre making me nuts!

Heero:†† *dangerous look* You arenít the key to world peace, so donít tempt me...*blushes some*As for that, I canít help it...

Trowa:†† *smiles slightly* Iíve got the right one.*machine gun noises followed by an explosion*

Duo:††††† Wow... *explosion* This guy is pretty explosive. I like that!

Heero:†† *absently* Duo, donít be gay.

Duo:††††† *snicker* Sorry, canít help it. Or do you want me to act straight?

Heero:†† *mutters something the equivalent of ďsmart assĒ in Japanese*

Trowa:†† Path cleared.

Wufei:††† What are you two going on about?

Heero:†† *ignores Wufei*Proceed.

Quatre:*explosion* Wait for me! I am coming!

Duo:††††† *raises an eyebrow* Ew... Quatre! *giggle*

Trowa:†† *looks deliberately at the comlink-screen* *imitates Heeroís lip-licking actions from yesterday*

Wufei:††† Youíre all mad.*explosions*

Heero:†† *squirming and muttering* *explosions*

Quatre:*defensively* I didnít mean it that way...

Trowa:†† What a pity...!

Duo:††††† Sure, Quatre.

Quatre:Mind me, Trowa, but Iíd rather have you come up with something of your own instead of imitating Heero. *wink, smile*

Trowa:†† Hmm... that is a good suggestion.I will work on it.

Quatre:Thatís good. I like your ideas...

Heero:†† *displays in full majesty his trademark lip-licking, including squirming* *looks away, eyes narrow*Targeting...

Duo: †††† HEERO! Stop it! I am serious!

Quatre:*giggles* I think it looks pretty nice Ė actually, on both of them!

Heero:†† *makes a valiant attempt to sit still and sighs heavily*Locked on... *explosion*

Wufei:††† *again tries to find a way to turn off the comlink, but not being able to, he just ignores them, scowling*

Duo:††††† Iím aiming with you, Heero. *explosions*

Quatre:*wildly using the controls* Hehe! Weíll proceed in no time because I still want to go home, and itís 0:30!

Heero:†† *after a few minutes of sitting still, stars squirming again*Kíso, deal with it Duo, I canít sit still, I donít know why.It doesnít work.

Trowa:†† *smirks lightly* I think I can guess why...*mad machine gun noises*Letís get this over with, I want to get back as soon as possible.Thereís a little something waiting there to be played with.

Quatre:*clears his throat* LITTLE?!

Trowa:†† *blush* Thatísnot what I was referring to...Thereís something ELSE I bought, I think youíll enjoy it...

Quatre:*eyes widen a few inches* Er... *smiles some* Letís hurry up then! I love surprises!!!

Duo:††††† Youíre making this unbearable, Yuy!

Heero:†† *glare*You think this is on purpose?

Wufei:††† Shut up and listen!

All except Wufei: *surprised, stays silent a moment*

Trowa:†† Whatís that whirring noise?*after a few minutes*

Heero:*narrows eyes* Hn...

Wufei:†††† There!

Trowa:†† Of course... a whole two more units headed our way...

Quatre:Hm... can we dodge them?

Duo:††††† Maybe, if we hurry some... but thatís not for sure.

Quatre:Mh... I prefer safety... *thoughtful*

Heero:†† We meet them head on.Our mission is to destroy this base.Targeting... Locked on.*huge chain-reaction explosions*

Wufei:††† YAAAAAAA!!! *more explosions*

Duo:††††† Kíso! I lost my rubber-band.

Heero:†† Rubber!?

Duo:††††† *hrmpfs* Rubber-band, you hentai!

Heero:†† *smirks*Good, I prefer no rubber-band anyway.

Duo:††††† Itís not good! I will have a whole bunch of hair in my eyes! *hrmpfs again* Can anybody understand my problem, here?!

Quatre:*annoyed* We are all suffering with you, Duo. --- Honestly, the idea of a rubber-band is tempting. *evil wink*

Trowa:†† Just put it back in a pony tail, Iíll keep them off to give you some time.*machine-gun-noises* *Note: Heaveyarms steps in front of Deathscythe*

Heero:†† *still smirking*Iíll watch your rear.Hurry.

Duo:††††† Thatís all because of your confusing squirming!!! *as he leans down to find the band, only his bum is displayed on the screen, mutters:* Ponytail! This is so gay! Donít look at me when Iíve got it on... *pulls his hair back in a ponytail and refuses to look at the screen*

Heero:†† *pointedly and purposely looks at him*Iíve seen your hair in worse messes before, Maxwell. *squirming still* *mutters* Damnit...

Trowa:†† Weíre almost done, their third-class dolls at best.OZ is slacking off...

Duo: †††† Letís get it over with. I am going nuts here.

Quatre:So am I. *sighs with a longing look at the screen* I proceed.

Heero:†† Target confirmed.*explosions*

Trowa:†† Hey Quatre...*slips a finger in between his lips and sucks at it*

Wufei:††† *luckily had stopped watching the screen a long while ago* Itís easing up now.*referring to the intensity of the battle*The end of this will come soon.

Heero:†† *snicker*Roger that, Chang.I canít see from here, but Iím sure it is.

Wufei:††† What?

Heero:†† Nothing.*squirm squirm squirm*

Quatre:*looks with even more longing* You wanna make me drool?!

Duo:††††† For the last time, Heero Yuy! STOP SQUIRMING!

Trowa:†† Sorry, just coming up with my own trademark.

Wufei:††† Trowa, grease shouldnít be ingested, itís not good for you.

All Except Wufei: *sweatdrop*

Heero:†† *annoyed*Kíso Duo, I tried, but it doesnít work!Thereís something wrong with me; I canít sit still, damn it!

Trowa:†† *smirking slightly and knowingly*

Quatre:*timidly* I really like it, Trowa, but not now...

Duo:††††† If you ask me, Heero, you are damn hor-

Quatre:*blushed intensely* Ew..! Duo... Donít say it!

Heero:†† *narrows eyes*I donít understand.I donít have horns.

Wufei:††† Horns?What the hell is Maxwell babbling about now?

Heero:†† I donít know.

Trowa:†† *winks*Interesting, really.Iíll use something other than my finger later, Quatre.

Wufei:††† I donít get it!!!!By Natakuís sword, youíre making no sense Barton!

Quatre:I feel dizzy, now.

Duo:††††† Then stop looking at the screen!

Quatre:*concerned look at Duoís face* Look whoís talking! You resemble a dog who has a smelly sausage dangling in front of itís nose, Maxwell!

Heero:†† I think I am as lost as Chang is...

Wufei:††† *grumpily*At least Iím not the only one.

Trowa:†† *slight smile*A thousand pardons Quatre, but I adore that look on your face, I couldnít resist...

Duo:††††† Donít tell me you are, Heero. Iíd be disappointed.

Quatre:*blushes* I hate this mission... *several explosions* Weíre close

Duo:††††† *almost drooling, sending an angry glare to Wing Zero* Yeah, to different things!

Heero:*manages to look pleased with himself*Good, then it will teach you a lesson.*squirming still, and starting to sweat*Kíso, what the f-

Trowa:†† Almost one and a half of the two units is destroyed...

Duo:††††† Iíll teach you a lesson today, Yuy. You still have A LOT to learn. It isnít always only good, you know. *evilest of evil smirks*

Quatre:*several explosions* *clenched teeth, fighting in his best form*

Duo:††††† I like your style, Quatre.

Quatre:Donít get me wrong, I want to get out of here!

Trowa:†† I second that.

Heero:†† *narrows eyes suspiciously*Hn.*still squirming, only now more of writhing, just to get revenge beforehand on Duo*

Duo:††††† *angrily* You will have one of the worst nightís of your life!

Quatre:I will be all nice and lovely today, except when Iím on the battlefield. *innocent grin*

Duo:††††† One minute to the center, I assume. *several explosions in a row* And I will get there!

Heero:†† *licks lips sensually*Yes, good boy, get deep into the center of the base.

Trowa:†† *blushes*Oh dear...

Wufei:††† I think thereís something wrong with Yuy.

Duo:††††† I know, something is wrong with him!

Quatre:Naughty. --- I love naughty stuff.

Duo:††††† Nice youíre still alive, though, Wufei. Got an urge to concentrate your forces on Treizeís little friend...s...?

Heero:†† *smirk*Treize is pretty fierce, I wouldnít be so quick to call him little.... right Chang?

Wufei:††† What?Yes, I must admit he is a rather strong foe who requires large amounts of concentration and effort upon.

All Except Wufei: *snicker*

Quatre:*blush* My ... er... *looks around questioningly* ..virgin ears?

Duo:††††† We dismissed that subject already, Quatre.

Quatre:Am I not the innocent little Arabian? *lovely smile*

All except Wufei: NO!

Quatre:*lovely smile vanishes* Well.. okay.

Trowa:†† *smile*Youíre still innocent to me, Quatre.

Heero:†† How profoundly strange... considering...

Trowa:†† *smirk*

Heero:†† Itís almost over.

Duo:††††† I hope so. Believe me, Heero Ė I am pissed! And youíll have to suffer on that.

Quatre:Oh-oh... Thanks, Trowa. So are you to me.

Duo:††††† Wait... you didnít...?!

Quatre:†† *blush*

Trowa:†† *blush*

Heero:†† Hm... *parts his lips and imitates moaning, but doesnít really make the noise* *breathy* I look forward to it, Duo-sensei... *his voice ends in him slightly moaning out the word ďsenseiĒ*

Wufei:††† *mutters*Yuy must be insane.

Duo:††††† *closes his eyes for a second* Oh my... he is insane.

Quatre:*in shock*

Duo:††††† But back to the more interesting topic! *plays the TV-show-moderator* Quatre Raberba Winner and Trowa Barton, Iím surprised to hear you refer to each other as Ďinnocentí. Does that mean that you Ėso far- havenít...

Quatre:*blushes intensely* Donít be ridiculous, Duo...

Wufei:††† Havenít what??!

Heero:†† *back to ďnormalĒ, only still squirming and annoyed by it*Exchanged stories.

Wufei:††† Oh...last eight.

Quatre:*major explosion* Wriong, Wufei! Last six!

Duo:††††† Wrong, Quatre! *explosion* Only five... Yeah!

Quatre:Soon, weíll be home... and, *sings* ... just slip me on, Iíll be your blanket, wherever, whatever, Iíll be your coat!!!

Duo:††††† Heís doiní it again! Rock it, Quatre. *mutters* Whatís that song, anyway?

Wufei:††† Donít act like an onna! *absently, scowling*Four.

Trowa:†† *mutters quietly*Oh Iíll slip you on, alright...*louder* Beautiful Quatre.Three.

Heero:†† Targeting.Target confirmed.*explosions*0.Mission complete.Dropping bombs.

Trowa:†† Mine too.

Wufei:††† Justice is going to be served! *evil laughter* Natakuís bombs are deployed!

Duo:††††† Bombs set.

Quatre:I second that, Maxwell.

Duo: †††† How about searching a way out?

Quatre:You know where I am headed... *smile* *singing* Follow me, everythingís alright... Iíll be the one to tuck you in at night.

Duo:††††† Quatre, stop it.

Wufei:††† Yes, I agree with Maxwell, that is rather annoying.

Trowa:†† I love to hear you sing Quatre, donít be upset.*slight smile*

Heero:†† This way.*whoosh noise as Wing Zero takes off*

Wufei:††† *blushing scarlet*... I have business to attend to, I will catch up with you all later tonight. *whoosh as Altron takes off in a different direction than Wing Zero* *after a few minutes, comlink is severed from being so far away*

Heero:†† Hn. *snicker*

Duo:††††† *snicker* Have fun with Treize, Wu-man... *Deathscythe follows Wing* Here comes the shinigami --- and youíll better be prepare Yuy. *evil laughter*

Quatre:As I said, Trowa Ė Follow me! *follows the other two pilots, singing quietly* ...and if you want to leave I can guarantee you wonít find nobody else like me!

Trowa:†† *smile**follows*Sweet.

Heero:†† *covered in sweat* *wipes his brows off on his tank top* *squirming still, even worse*Kíso...!What the fuck?! *too annoyed with himself to give any attention to Duo*

Duo:††††† *to himself* Donít worry... weíll take care of that problem.

Quatre:Three minutes to our home...! *anticipation*

Heero:††† *rae*

Trowa:†† Finally.

Heero:†† *smirk* Hey Duo, I could go for some bananas and fudge-cicles right now.

Duo:††††† What? *almost falls off his seat* No way! Get into bed. Now!

Quatre:Iím scared! Trowa, promise youíll be nicer than any of those two. *blush*

Duo:††††† *mutters* Bananas and fudge over me? I canít believe that. *covers eyes with his hand*

Heero:†† *snicker**licks lips audibly, smacking them to emphasis so Duo will know what heís doing even if he canít see him* *sexily* Be happy to oblige.

Trowa:†† Of course.But, Duo, I think youíve created a monster... *snickers*

Heero:†† *snicker*

Duo:††††† I fear I did. *sticks his tongue out at the screen* But, Trowa, believe me, heíll beg for me being lovely the next time. I swear. *raises the corner of his mouth* Oh yes, heíll be talking differently tonight. Itís risky to talk like that when you donít know what else there can be...

Quatre:Ew...! Duo...!

Duo:††††† ... just to warn you Yuy: This is not gonna be fun.

Quatre:Trowa, protect me!!!

Trowa:††† *Note: Heavyarms moves to be between Sandrock and the other two Gundams*

Heero:†† Donít be so sure, Maxwell.I have a high constitution for pain... *smirk*You may just end up giving me more pleasure than your intended pain.

Duo:††††† Weíll see that...

Quatre:I am hoping for a nice surprise tonight -didnít forget what you told me. And ew... I am shaking with wild anticipation. *smile*

All (except Wufei, of course): Ew...! Quatre...!


--------End Transmission----------