Alternative Universe


What is this?


Letters was originally started by Quatre. He started writing about his and Trowa’s relationship, and the problems it brings. The othe rboys picked that habit up and wrote in their own diaries. I don’t think it was meant for anyone to read it… but we got ahold of it!!! Quatre and the other boys are normal kids, going to school every day – with one exception: They are incredibly smart.


The fics are in chronological order.

It is not the order in which they were written, so introductions might appear in the middle somewhere..



Him (Quatre) – Line                                                    Quatre meets the exchange student Trowa Barton.

Our Day – Trowa – Line                                             The first day Trowa spends with his lover.

Introducing Love (Quatre) – Line                                How to tell a stuck-up family that you’re gay.

First Time (Quatre; Lemon) – Line                              After a few months together, Trowa and Quatre move on in their relationship.

Second Time (Quatre, Lemon) – Line                         And it only takes them a day, to extend their new experiences.

Carrot of Love (Duo) – Clees                                     Duo finds he needs to help a tortured Heero – which reveals something about them.

School Trip (Quatre) – Line                                        Pretend not being a couple on whole-week school trip? Impossible!

Protection (Quatre) – Line                                          Ow… a big fight between Quatre and Trowa.
            Porcellan Namida (Heero) – Clees                              Duo suddenly has no time for Heero anymore. Their problems end in a desaster.

Is This Goodbye For Good? (Quatre) – Line               Trowa and Heero get transferred to another school. Slightly unrealistic.

Failure (Quatre) – Line                                                After a long sickness, Quatre keeps failing test. Mr. Winner is in rage.

Stay With Me (Trowa, Lemon) – Line                         Two stories in one: Trowa gains Mr. Winner’s favors. Trowa’s morning pasttime…

Steel and Spice (Quatre, Lemon) – Line                      A little sexual revenge à la Quatre Winner.

Doukeshi to the Rescue (Trowa) – Line                       Quatre-tenshi performs for Trowa’s circus.

Doukeshi meets Tenshi (Colonial Sunday Times) – Line                      …and the newspapers write about it.

Press and Publicity (Quatre, Trowa) – Line                 The media wants to know: What is there between Winner Jr. and Trowa Barton?


Way back in the past:

            Meiran (Wufei) – Line (?)                                Wufei meets the girl he is supposed to marry.

                        I honestly don’t remember writing this (though this is my and not Clees’ style), but I think it isn’t finished.